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Creative Gift Ideas for Party Hosts (That No One Else Will Bring)

November 18, 2019

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The Story

Slow clap for the friend who stepped up to host this year’s potluck or ugly sweater party. It takes time and effort to plan a shindig, so you can’t show up empty handed. 

Yeah, I’ll bring some wine.

Wine’s good. Or you could try something different. Here are some creative host gifts that say ‘Thanks for the invite. And I’ll definitely use a coaster.’ 

Something to impress the best cook you know…

Brightland Alive Olive Oil

The real deal

$37.Brightland Alive Olive Oil

Why it’s smart: Lots of extra-virgin olive oils actually aren't. This one is made with heirloom olives from a family farm in California that's committed to traceability. (Read: you know where it's from and exactly what's in it.) Great on salads, or even on your skin.

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Something to mix it up…

FiveTwo WoodenSpoons

Spoons you’ll swoon over

$25-$99.Five Two Wooden Spoons

Why it’s smart: This company asked thousands of home cooks for opinions on what makes the perfect spoon, and then designed these. They're made from the same kind of water-resistant hardwood used to make outdoor furniture, so they're durable and made to last.

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Something for the friend who actually drinks 8 glasses of water every day…


A non-alcoholic botanical spirit


Why it’s smart: Plain seltzer doesn’t really say ‘hey, it’s a special occasion.’ This non-alcoholic spirit is great for making interesting cocktail-like cocktails, without the booze or sugar.

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Something to brighten things up…

Urban Stems Pippin

A better bouquet

$75.UrbanStems The Pippin

Why it’s smart: When you order an arrangement from this online florist, what you see is actually what you get. (Which is not always the case.) Each bouquet was created by in-house floral designers and the flowers come fresh from farms that treat their workers well. No buds about it.

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Something for when dinner turns into a dance party…

Amazon MixtapePotluck

A book of recipes and records

$17.99.Amazon Mixtape Potluck Cookbook

Why it’s smart: You can hire Questlove to plan your dinner party. Sort of. A cookbook about food, music, and throwing a really good party. Consider this one your host’s secret weapon.

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Something that makes party cleanup more sustainable…


Scraps to soil

$199.Living Composter

Why it’s smart: For when you’re going in on a group gift. Composting gets a bad rap as being messy or smelly. This one is neither. This odorless composter keeps food waste out of landfills and transforms it into rich soil. 

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Something to ward off wine rings...

Pepper Home Cocktail Napkins 2

Proper cocktail napkins

$22.Pepper Home Warby Cocktail Napkins

Why it's smart: Because every fun party is also sustainable. These cocktail napkins are machine washable. They’re also just a bit fancier than paper napkins if that’s what you’re going for. 

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Something for when things need to get spiced up...

W&P Moscow Mule

A Moscow Mule mixer


Why it’s smart: With this syrup and a little vodka, you have yourself a perfect Moscow Mule made in one hot minute. And you just became the most popular person at the party.

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Something for when things are heating up...

Swell Teakwood Ice Bucket

A holiday bar essential

$50.S’well Teakwood Ice Bucket + Tongs

Why it’s smart: This bucket does double duty (and looks great doing it). Keeps ice cold and chills that champagne bottle. Cheers.

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Something to set the mood...

Otherland OldFashioned

A clean candle


Why it’s smart: Scented candles can be indoor air polluters. This one is paraben-free and the brandy Old Fashioned-inspired fragrance is made with safe ingredients. It burns clean and smells great.  

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Something for when everyone is too full from dinner to move...

W P Primary

A game of colors

$12.W&P Primary

Why it’s smart: After everyone’s third plate of food, doesn’t look like that dance party is going to happen. Lucky for your host, you brought a game that doesn’t require movement. Hopefully everyone else brought their own stretchy pants.

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Something for the person who loves hosting…

GrafLantz WineOs

Know your Wine-O

$19.Graf Lantz

Why it’s smart: Color coded wine markers put an end to the endless ‘is this my drink?’ situation. Phew. 

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