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Hygge Style: Shop the Not So Basic SmarterPack

Smarter Pack Hero October
September 25, 2019

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The Story

This month, the forecast calls for hygge with a chance of sweaters. Because fall and cozy nights in go together like pumpkin spice and you-know-what. 

I’ve had it up to here with pumpkin spice.

We get it. But you can take the PSL out of the season and still enjoy it. Case in point...our round-up of essential fall products to help you live your best cozy life. Think: things that pull double duty so you never have to leave your couch. (Except to get the delivery.)

Something to make your hair as soft as your blanket…


A silky situation

now $40.Noto

Why it’s smart: NOTO’s Agender Oil uses natural ingredients (hemp seed, lavender, and vetiver) to make the hair you have everywhere really, really, really, ridiculously soft. Bonus: 100% of sales profits go toward LGBTQIA, environmental, and civil causes. Smooth move.

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Something for when you’re ‘too young’ to have achy joints but here we are… 


Pain, pain go away

now $14.Amazon

Why it’s smart: This Epsom salt alternative uses magnesium flakes to fight joint pain, relieve muscle cramps, and ease stress. Pour it into your bathtub and say ahh. Wine glass sold separately.

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Something for multitasking while binge-watching…


Topcoat for a cause

now $18.Restore _____

Why it’s smart: This female-founded company sends vegan and cruelty-free polish to you every month for a different cause. For October, the polish is purple with money going toward supporting people affected by domestic abuse (reminder: October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month).

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Something for when you actually have to leave your cozy quarters...

Marc Fisher Boot

Boots you'll wear on rotation

now $249.Marc Fisher LTD

Why it’s smart: The hiking-inspired Izzie Lugsole Ankle Boots are part of Marc Fisher LTD’s seven fall/winter shoes. They’re part casual, part luxe and have a layer of when you are forced to go outside, your feet think they’re wrapped in a blanket.

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Something to keep your mulled wine warm...

eggshell mug

A cup o’ cozy

now $36.East Fork

Why it’s smart: Ceramics, so hot right now. This handmade mug is from pottery brand East Fork, the brainchild of Henri Matisse’s great-grandson (oui, really). It’s sturdy, no-frills, and pairs well with hot chocolate. (The instant kind because we’re taking it easy.) 

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Something for when stress has your fuzzy socks in a bunch...


Chicken soup for the brain

now $15.Bando

Why it’s smart: Puzzles aren’t just child's play. They're actually good for your brain (hint: they reinforce existing connections between your brain cells). This one comes together as the ultimate bowl of cozy. In a word, ramen.

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Something to rival your cozy sweater…

Lively bra

PJs for your boobs

now $35.Lively

Why it’s smart: A bralette designed to support DDs and up. What. A. Concept. The ‘Busy Bralette’ is no-wire, but structured and designed for staying power. As in, you won’t feel like you need to peel it off as soon as you get home.

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Something for when the in-between weather is messing with your skin…


An ex-zit strategy

now $29.Urban Outfitters

Why it’s smart: Popaholics, meet your match – er, patch. ZitSticka digs deep (literally), using teeny tiny spikes that dissolve under your skin to destroy early-stage pimples.

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Something to help remove your Halloween makeup…

makeup wipes

A magic mitt

now $15.Amazon

Why it’s smart: Put down the single-use makeup wipes. This knitted micro-fiber cloth is better for the environment and only needs warm water to spook the zombie, vampire, scarecrow, or precise cat-eye off your face.

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Something for the calm before the holiday storm...

oil diffuser

Apple of your essential oil

now $119.Amazon

Why it’s smart: Looks like a vase, actually an aromatherapy diffuser. And does a lot more for your space than that cinnamon-scented candle. The Stone Diffuser releases two fluid ounces of water per hour, making it a good humidifier, too.

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Something for sunsetting summer… 

sunrise-sunset lamp

A smart sundial

now $46.Amazon

Why it’s smart: Alexa, make the sunset. This alarm clock helps end your night au naturel. It mimics a colored sunset (or sunrise) by gradually changing color and brightness over your preset time period. Hi, right side of the bed. 

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