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Incredibly Useful Items That’ll Make Parenting Little Kids Easier

products that'll help parents take care of their kids
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November 2, 2023

This post was originally published in May 2021 and has been updated.

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If you’re a parent, you’re well aware that taking care of another life is no small feat. (Understatement of the year.) Especially when you’re dealing with a squealing baby, crawling tyke, or loud toddler who’s super picky about what they like and don’t like. You’re constantly thinking about how to keep them healthy, well-fed, and entertained.  

We understand just how challenging the days can be. So, we rounded up useful products to help simplify everyday tasks as you navigate parenthood. We’ve got food delivery plans, activities and books, and a very handy diaper backpack that’ll never leave your sight. Keep calm and parent on.

Crib sheets
Rookie Humans

Bedsheets that'll have you 'oohing' and 'ahhing'...

We're not sure we've ever seen cuter bedsheets for kids. These come ready for all the stages of your little one's life — from crib to queen — all made with soft 100% lab-tested cotton. Grab a bundle like this safari-themed one to outfit your little one's bed in one fell swoop, then shop more accessories and decor on the site to tie the whole room together. ($140, Rookie Humans)

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A stroller that'll grow with the family...

Another baby on the way? No problem. This single-to-double stroller expands to a two-seater to accommodate your growing squad with the brand's second seat kit. It can fold up with just one hand — seat or no seat attached — and has a bottom basket that can hold up to 25 pounds of stuff (hello, grocery run). Snag the riding board so the bigger kids don't feel left out and get ready to hit the road. ($450, Mockingbird)

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A door lock that’ll keep their wandering hands at bay…

Now you won’t have to worry about your little ones going where they’re not supposed to. These door locks are compatible with all standard door lever handles and have an easy peel-and-stick installation. ($12.99, 2-pack/Amazon

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tear-free shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath for kids

A tear-free bubble formula that also acts as a body wash and shampoo…

So they won’t complain about stinging eyes (it’s nontoxic and sourced from plant-based ingredients). Thanks to the tangy citrus smell, they’ll come out of bath time smelling fresh. If you couldn’t lure them into the tub before, you won’t have any problem now. No one can resist some quality bubble time — and that adorable packaging. ($20, Amazon)

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A phone you can feel confident giving your kid…

Here’s the perfect solution for keeping in touch with your kid, without giving them access to the internet or social media. The Bark phone lets you customize your parental controls — giving them full access, or no access — so they can grow with their device. You can set time limits, turn off internet access remotely, track their GPS, monitor texts and calls, and so much more to give you peace of mind. ($29+, Bark)

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A game that’ll bring the whole family closer…

Because the more you know about your kid, the easier it’ll be to parent them. These conversation cards present fun prompts and hilarious challenges. It’s good for ages eight and up, is super easy to learn, and can be played by up to eight people at a time. Wholesome family memories, coming right up. ($24.99, Amazon)

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toddler meal plan that delivers food to your doorstep
Little Spoon

A meal plan perfect for their tiny palettes…

With tons of different options available, LIttle Spoon sends baby food, toddler-appropriate, and big-kid meals right to your door. You can even add clinically researched vitamins, probiotics, and all-natural remedies to your selected meals. Little Spoon focuses on providing your kids with nutritious foods at a low cost. The new line of toddler and kids meals starts at just $5 per meal. You begin by picking your plan, then choosing which dishes your kids would like most. There’s a rotating menu, so your little one will never get bored. (Plans start at $2.96+/blend and $5.83+/meal, Little Spoon)

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science and art project crates delivered monthly to your doorstep

Science and art projects delivered to your door…

Tailored for specific age ranges, each crate comes packed with STEAM-based activities that’ll spark creativity, imagination, problem-solving, and more. Each month a new crate will arrive with all the materials needed for the projects, an instruction booklet, a magazine, and some online DIYs. Psst...everything you receive has been designed by experts and tested by kids. Your children will literally be waiting at the door for their next box. (Plans start at $16.95/crate, KiwiCo)

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monthly book delivery of diverse children's books

And a book subscription that’ll keep your little one reading…

What’s special about these stories? They all feature diverse characters and families. It’s important to introduce your child to those who look and act differently than them, and what better way to do so than through books? You can choose the age range and whether you want to receive one book or three per box. Let storytelling time commence. (Plans start at $14.99/12 months, Cratejoy)

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cabinet locks

Cabinet locks if you’ve got a toddler who’s a bit too curious…

Better to keep them locked out. These don’t require any tools for installation — adhesive strips will do the trick. When you need to open one, you can pinch and squeeze the safety latch. ($7.96/4-pack, Amazon)

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mesh baby carrier that can hold your baby in four different positions

A baby carrier that’s both functional and comfortable…

Ideal for those between 12 and 45 pounds, this carrier can hold your baby four different ways. You can front carry facing inwards, front carry facing outwards, hip carry, and back carry. The shoulder straps are cushioned, and the lower-back strap is wide for extra support. ($119, Ergobaby

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soft fabric sleep sack for babies with an adorable yellow banana pattern

A sleep sack that’ll keep your baby cozy while they snooze…

It’s made from a silky-soft bamboo jersey fabric, so it’s breathable and gentle on skin. The zipper opens from the bottom and top, so it’s perfect for quick nighttime diaper changes. If you’re new to the world of wearable blankets, then welcome. You’ve just found the one. ($54, MiliMili)

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faucet extenders so your kids can reach the stream of water

A faucet extender so your little one can reach the sink…

Giving them some independence and teaching them proper hygiene is important. This extender will slip over your faucet head, so you won’t need any tools for installation. It’ll help bring the flow of water closer to them, so they can fill their own cups without a helping hand. A small step for you, a big step for them. ($11.49/2-pack, Amazon)

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toddler slip-ons with grippy bottoms for balance

Lightweight toddler slippers with grippy bottoms for full mobility…

If your child is on the move, listen up. These slip-ons have a cushioned memory-foam insole and a rubber bottom. The grips will help them keep their balance as they wobble around the house. If you’re taking them to the park, these work too. They’re meant for both indoor and outdoor wear. ($16.99, Amazon)

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neoprene diaper bag in gray with changing mat and dirty diaper bag
Dagne Dover

A diaper backpack that’ll hold all your necessities…

It comes with a changing mat, stroller clips, a washable zipper bag for dirty diapers, and a small pouch for pacifiers. It’s made from a durable neoprene material, which is water-resistant and easy to clean. So go ahead and load up on extra diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, snacks, and more. The various pockets will house tiny objects, while the roomy inside is perfect for larger things. Psst...through November 20, use code THESKIMM15 to get 15% off any full-price item on the site. ($165+, Dagne Dover)

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wooden kitchen stool with safety bar for kids

A kitchen step stool so your kids can get cooking…

One little helper, coming right up. This stool has a safety bar, anti-slip feet, and rounded edges to help avoid any bumps and bruises. Having your child at your height means you can better teach them basic cooking skills. You’ll be able to get hands-on with them, guiding them through mixing and cutting. ($99.99, Amazon)

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colorful block set with different shapes and sizes

A block set to build spatial, language, and problem-solving skills…

It’s got 70 pieces your kids will love putting together. They can even use the storage box as a base for cars, buildings, and more. The different shapes will teach young ones how to categorize and sort. There’s really no limit on what can be built, from tall towers to bridges. The floor is their oyster. ($90, Lovevery)

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indoor security cameras that detect motion and sound

Indoor security cameras so you can keep an eye on your kiddos…

Ideal for bedrooms or playrooms, these cameras will let you watch your kids when you’re not in the room. So you can make sure they’re safe at all times. The cameras have infrared night vision and two-way audio, and can be fully controlled by the Blink phone app. Alerts will be sent to your phone when motion is detected. Safe and sound. ($39.98/3-pack, Amazon)

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