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Our Favorite Jewelry Pieces Made With Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds
Design: theSkimm | Image: Or & Elle, Matilde
March 24, 2023

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Lab-Grown vs Natural Diamonds 

Perhaps you’ve heard murmurings about lab-grown diamonds and are wondering how, exactly, they differ from traditional diamonds. As it turns out, the lab-grown variety is just as real as the mined one — but they’re easier on the environment. Both natural and lab-grown diamonds have shape, size, color, and clarity grades and are made of the same physical and chemical properties. The differences? Lab-grown diamonds don’t perpetuate the environmental harm that mining creates (some are even carbon neutral), and since they’re not as rare, their value doesn’t appreciate as much as their natural counterparts. 

So if you’re looking for a new treat-yourself addition to your jewelry box that keeps sustainability in mind (or want to drop a not-so-subtle hint to loved ones shopping for a gift for you), we’ve rounded up some pieces and retailers specializing in lab-grown diamonds you might want to consider. 

Lab-grown diamond earrings

Everyday gold hoops made from 100% sustainable materials…

These lab-grown diamonds aren’t the only eco-friendly feature of these earrings. This brand uses recycled gold that gets refined, melted down, and molded into new creations. This set is made with 14-karat recycled gold and has 20 colorless, brilliant-cut diamonds in all. Major plus: The brand plants one tree with each order placed, so you can feel even better about your purchase. ($1,497, Matilde)

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lab-grown diamond stud earrings
Blue Nile

A pair of stud earrings that’ll become your new go-tos…

These classic diamond studs have round lab-grown diamonds that can be sized up to 2.5 carats and are set in a four-pronged 14-karat white gold base. They’re also rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing and deliver a bright silvery finish for years to come. ($280+, Blue Nile)

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lab-grown tennis bracelet
Clean Origin

A classic tennis bracelet with petite lab-grown diamonds…

Hello, the classiest new addition to your jewelry collection. This bracelet has a total of 102 diamonds and is available in either 14-karat white gold or 14-karat yellow gold. Customers rave about the quality of the diamonds and say the clasp is secure and easy to use. We’re not saying you should leave this page up on your significant other’s computer screen if they’re looking for the perfect gift for you…but we’re not not saying that either. ($720+, Clean Origin)

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Emerald lab grown diamond ring
Grown Brilliance

An emerald-cut eternity band you can customize…

Choose from four different metals (all rhodium plated), three carat weights, and inner engraving for you or your special someone. Wear it as the base for your ring stack or as a solo showstopper. ($930+, Grown Brilliance)

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Emerald lab grown diamond pendant
Grown Brilliance

An emerald-cut pendant with a modern design…

This one has an east-west design — which means that the diamond is suspended sideways on the neck — for a modern twist. You can choose from three different metals, four carat weights, and two diamond qualities. It comes with an 18-inch cable chain and customers say it’s not too flashy for everyday wear. ($625+, Grown Brilliance)

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Lab-grown diamond
Lightbox Jewelry

A loose lab-grown diamond you can set yourself…

If you’ve got a family jeweler or have a place in mind to get your gems set, this is a great option for those who know exactly what they want. This lab-grown diamond comes in three colors — pink, blue, and white — and weighs in at up to 1 carat. You can also choose between the brand’s two quality standards if you’re looking for a specific clarity or color. ($400+, Lightbox Jewelry

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Lab grown diamond link earrings
Or & Elle

Dangling earrings that’ll make a statement…

You won’t want to take these off, and honestly, who says you have to? The linked design is understated enough to work with everyday wear but elegant enough to pair with your dressiest outfit for a night out. They’re made with over 10 grams of 18-karat gold and 1.15 carats of lab-grown diamonds. Choose from 18-karat white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold, and pair ’em with the matching gold bangle. ($4,300, Or & Elle)

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Lab grown diamond ring

A simple gold ring with a little pizazz…

If understated is your aesthetic, we can’t recommend this one enough. It’s made from 100% recycled 14-karat gold and has a classic design. The five diamonds in the center range in size, perfect for stacking with another low-key or statement ring. ($655, Matilde)

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Gold lab grown diamond pendant

A studded gold pendant perfect for layering…

Designed with inspiration from the iconic Portuguese tiles with which it shares its name, this azulejo pendant is a celebration of culture. It has 10 colorless round lab-grown diamonds of the highest grade and has been made with the brand’s signature 100% recycled gold. ($942, Matilde)

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Ear lab grown diamond

An ear climber that looks like a tiny constellation…

These lab-grown diamonds are made using converted greenhouse gas emissions in the brand’s zero-emission foundry. This ear climber features four diamonds of varying cuts and sizes linked together in a minimal 14-karat gold setting that curves up your ear. Note that it’s sold as a single earring for either the right or left lobe, as well as a pair if you want to wear these as a set. ($495+, VraiI)

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