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I’m a Shopping Editor Who Gets Countless Pitches a Week — Here Are the Latest Launches I’ve Bookmarked in My Inbox

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Design: theSkimm | Photos: Vacation, Kulfi, Lululemon
April 9, 2024

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As a shopping editor, I get infinite emails touting all the latest and greatest product launches about to hit the market. And sometimes, products are so unique and niche that we don’t have room to fit them in a “themed” piece of content. One of my favorite parts of writing and producing our shopping newsletter, Skimm Your Life, is that I can create fun little “grab bag” sections with a mix of everything. Think of this roundup as the written version of a pick-and-mix. Take some notes and let’s get online shopping…


An eyebrow gel that sold out on Sephora within two weeks…

PSA: Kulfi, a female-, AAPI-founded beauty brand, is all the rage right now. My best friends were raving about their eyeliners in our group chat and I knew that I had to give the brand a try myself. Shortly thereafter, I received a pitch in my inbox and the rest was history. I ended up trying their bestselling eyebrow gel, which has a blend of vitamin E and sunflower oil to condition your brows and give them a laminated look. I was mostly impressed by the fact that my brows looked and felt conditioned throughout the day. They never ended up pill-y or crusty (which can sometimes happen with a clear brow gel). ($26, Kulfi)

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Lightweight cashmere from Quince…

This time of the year is always a struggle when it comes to figuring out what to wear. Usually by the afternoon, my clothes are clinging to me and I’m lightly sweating in a way that’s flat out annoying. I’m intrigued by this latest drop from Quince, which consists of thin, lightweight cashmere pieces. I think their racerback tank would be the most noteworthy “investment” in that you can layer it under a light jacket and it’ll provide some base-layer warmth, without feeling too constrictive by the end of the day. ($49.90, Quince)

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Algae Cooking Club

A neutral cooking oil that’s better for the planet…

Breaking news: Algae cooking oil is the latest food trend and TBH, I’m here for it. Algae Cooking Club’s cooking oil is a chef-grade oil that is light and a tad buttery. It’ll amplify whatever dish you’re cooking and is pretty versatile. It has a higher smoke point than other oils, which means there’s even more you can do with it. Use it for stir-fries, dips, dressings, marinades – or anything else you’d use a neutral cooking oil for. The best part? Because it’s made of algae, it takes less time and planet-expending resources to produce. ($24.99, Algae Cooking Club)

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An unassuming toiletry bag and tote that I am deeply obsessed with…

State, mainly known as an accessories brand for kids, recently came out with a line of products for adults (hooray!). I tested out their Hart Toiletry Kit and their Wellington Tote on a recent trip and I was floored. Both products are minimal and unassuming, so I didn’t think they’d be anything special. I was so wrong. The toiletry bag was deceivingly spacious and the four different compartments kept me compactly organized. The tote received immediate attention and compliments from seatmates on my flight and I was overwhelmed by how much I could fit (with room to spare!). Plus, its trolley pass-through doubles as a pocket. If you’re looking to invest and upgrade your travel gear, these are so worth the $78 and $155 price tag.

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Uwila Warrior

An underwear brand that is equally cute as it is comfy…

I feel a calling to share this brand because it is never the “wrong time” to buy yourself some new underwear. Uwila Warrior is a female-founded brand with sizing up to 3X. Their underwear is silky soft, stretchy, and invisible under clothing. My pick: their Soft Silk Underwear brief. I personally love lace lining. These have seams on the side and are moisture-wicking. ($45, Uwila Warrior)

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Our Place

The bakeware set I’m currently eyeing…

I’m T-minus two months out from a move. While I shouldn’t be obtaining more stuff, I definitely have my eyes on Our Place’s latest bakeware launch. This Ultimate Bakeware Set comes with two griddles of varying sizes, two loaf-esque pans, a casserole dish, a wire cooling rack, and two reusable baking mats. While the griddles are made of aluminum, the baking pans are made of a chip-resistant stoneware with a ceramic, nostick glaze. What has me eyeing this set is its versatility. You can use all of these pieces for more than just baking — I’m picturing these pieces for roasting veggies, chicken, or any baked pasta dishes. Which means at $250, this is definitely something I can get behind. And that green color? Gorgeous. ($250/set of 8, Our Place)

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A sunscreen relaunch from Vacation…

Sunscreen season is just around the corner (though some would argue it’s all year round). Vacation, the nostalgic sunscreen brand, just re-released the iconic Orange Gelée sunscreen. It’s a balm-to-oil formula that after massaging into the skin has a clear, glowy finish. This one has SPF 30 and is scented. And because the brand spent two years re-formulating, it’s perfect for the fragrance-obsessed. It has notes of patchouli, sandalwood, clove, saffron, and bergamot, meaning you’ll be getting a luxe fragrance experience all while protecting your skin — which is a win in my book. I’m mainly interested in this product for its texture and finish, and I’m thinking it’d be most ideal for days spent at the park or running errands. ($23, Vacation)

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Clevr Blends

A chai latte mix loved by Oprah…

Chai lattes + Oprah = a dream combination. When this pitch ended up in my inbox, I smiled. Because there’s nothing I love more than an emotional support chai and Oprah Winfrey. Clevr Blends is a brand backed by both Oprah and Meghan Markle (aka two powerful women). And their Chill Chai SuperLatte is caffeine-free and packed with reishi, L-theanine, and ashwagandha to keep you calm. I’m excited about this because I’m personally sensitive to caffeine, but I still want a latte moment without the random jitters. Seems like the perfect solution, no? ($28, Clevr Blends)

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New matching sets from Lululemon…

Once again, I’m about to move and there’s nothing that makes traveling and/or endless chores easier than a matching set. You don’t have to think about your outfit, you can feel comfortable doing all kinds of physical activity, and you can even go straight into a workout. Lululemon recently dropped a plethora of pieces in their “Glaze Pink” shade, which is true Barbiecore. They’ve got Scuba Hoodies, Align Bike Shorts, Align Leggings, and Align Tanks galore. Point being, if you have yet to try the Align line in general, take this as your sign. The fabric is buttery soft, stretchy, yet supportive — perfect for all-day wear. (Price varies, Lululemon)

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Affordable luggage that’s actually cute…

No more having to spend a fortune for functional luggage that isn’t an eyesore. Bagsmart recently dropped new rolling luggage in pastel pinks and purples, plus a cream with brown detailing. They have 360-degree spinning wheels, durable polycarbonate shells, and TSA-approved locks. So if you’re looking for an alternative to those other brands (IYKYK), check these out. I’ll be taking the cream, please. ($149.90, Bagsmart)

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Glamnetic / @browngirlhands

A confection-inspired launch from Glamnetic…

Nothing makes me happier than high quality press-on nails. And today, there are more brands than you think doing it right. Glamnetic is one of those brands — and their latest launch “Sweet Treats” comes in a range of finishes, including glossy, velvet, glazed, and chrome. If you’re looking to dip your tips into the latest nail trends, but don’t want to spend a ton on an expensive gel manicure (or you’re taking a break from gel in general), these are a fantastic option. Just prep your nails, apply the glue, and press for 10-15 seconds. ($19.99, Glamnetic)

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A 3-in-1 leave-in conditioner from Divi…

Scalp care is all the rage right now and Divi is another hair care brand I’ve been recently intrigued by. The founder created the line after navigating her own hair loss journey, and the brand’s best-selling scalp serum has gone viral. I’m itching to try their leave-in conditioner, which launched in March. It’s a lightweight spray packed with amino acids and antioxidants to detangle, protect hair from heat up to 450 degrees, and provide hydration without weighing your hair down. It’s perfect for those with finer hair (👋). ($26, Divi)

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