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We Tested the Air Purifier That Looks Like a Piece of Expensive Furniture

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Design: theSkimm | Images: Mila
May 16, 2024

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Welcome to Skimm Tested, a series where we put viral products to the test and give you our honest, unfiltered reviews.

What We Tested...

  • Mila Air Purifier ($349+)

Why Caroline Tested...

skimm tested

Test Results…

  • We still experienced pretty major sneezing and coughing throughout the season, so this definitely didn’t help alleviate our seasonal allergies. Important to note, though: Neither of us have ever experienced a sensitivity to dogs. We might simply be better candidates for one of the filters that targets environmental allergens, rather than pet fur and dander.   

  • Top marks for design. Between the organic shape, perforated white cover, and natural wood legs, this is so much more elegant-looking than I was expecting. It tucks nicely into the corner of the living room and doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of my apartment.

  • The machine itself was a breeze to set up, but I had some trouble connecting to the app. I wanted to get in touch with customer service to walk me through it, but the only option was email. I wish there was a chatbot for instant help.

  • It’s mostly quiet, but when it cranks up it can get quite loud. It’s definitely interrupted my focus at work and my wind-down time at night.

Why Abby Tested...

skimm tested mila

Test Results…

  • This air filter works. I didn’t need to start taking meds until later in the season, when I started opening windows and spending more time outdoors. It worked to clear other air pollutants, too. For example, everytime I ran my hair dryer the AQI (air quality index) would spike, and the Mila would start working overtime to clean the air again.

  • The app is super informative. I love getting real-time updates when I have it open. I also really like that it measures humidity and temperature, and explains the role humidity plays in allergens. I would’ve loved it if the app showed seasonal allergens in its reports, though (which it currently doesn’t).

  • It was easy to set up and use. I put it on auto mode so I wouldn’t need to worry about it. 

  • It can get crazy loud. There were a couple of times when it startled me, or I needed to shut it off to hear people on a call or so I could sleep.

Why Rachel Tested...

skimm tested mila

Test Results...

  • This seems to work well. It recognizes a deterioration in room air quality when the windows are open and outdoor air quality is poor. Although there were a few times when an alert seemed questionable and we couldn't figure out what was setting it off. I like that it also tracks humidity levels, especially since we’re using this in the nursery.

  • The app is intuitive and easy to use. It taught us about other things that impact air quality, like when I used my blow dryer (down the hall!). Being able to monitor air quality when we’re not at home is also a plus, especially with a baby. 

  • At times it did get too loud for a child’s room, so we ended up having to move it out. 

  • I wish it came with a bit more information to help decipher the main screen. Sometimes we didn’t know what the information it was giving us meant.

Why Claudia Tested...

skimm tested mila

Test Results...

  • I don't know if I would've paid full price for this purifier since we don't have any breathing issues, and it feels a bit expensive. Having it is like a bonus for me — not a necessity. 

  • I found setup to be a breeze, and the auto feature makes it easy and stress-free to use. Sort of "set it and forget it." It does all the work for you.

  • Mila is a bit sassy. I love the messaging on the screen when it's on. Mila says things like "love is in the air" or "it's boring in here" when the air quality is great and she's got little work to do. Same for when she is working hard. 

  • The app is very easy to use, and I like that they use simple terms to explain what each reading means and why it's important. However, I kind of hate having to download yet another app.

  • It's hard to know what's impacting the AQI when it does all of a sudden shoot up. Sometimes, it's the AC, other times it's because we left the room door open. So this works best when the door is shut.


  • Mila offers seven different filters: the Basic Breather (a universal filter for cleaner air overall), the Big Sneeze (for environmental allergens), the Rookie Parents (for babies and toddlers), the Critter Cuddler (for pets), the Home Wrecker (for alleviating new home odors, like paint and new carpets), the Mama-to-Be (for pregnant parents), and the Overreactor (a top-of-the-line, does-it-all filter).

  • All filters are equipped with a HEPA filter, and some also have carbon filters to help capture odors and VOCs (aka volatile organic compounds).

  • Filter prices range from $59 for the Basic Breather up to $99 for the Overreactor. 

The Fine Details…

  • Mila Air Purifier ($349+)

  • Pairs with an app that measures indoor and outdoor AQIs, monitors environmental factors like humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide, lets you customize settings, and more

  • You can buy one, two, or three Milas at a time, depending on your needs and square footage

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