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Nyakio Grieco on Her Favorite Budget-Friendly Beauty Tool (That’s Under $25)

Plus, the Thirteen Lune and Relevant: Your Skin Seen founder shares her go-to beauty stash.
Nyakio Grieco
January 16, 2024

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Today, one of our favorite founders, Nyakio Grieco is here to Skimm Her Life. Grieco is the cofounder of Thirteen Lune, one of our go-to retailers for all things beauty. Plus, she’s sharing her newer skincare line, Relevant: Your Skin Seen. Nyakio, take it away…

Smartest purchase you’ve made recently?

Caraway’s Food Storage Set. They are ceramic and glass, très chic and practical.

Something you always have in your bag?

I always have my Relevant: Your Skin Seen One & Done Everyday Cream with SPF 40 with me to hydrate and protect my skin. I always have a lot of lip products, including CTZN Cosmetics Nudiversal Lip Duo, Sara Happ’s Dream Slip No. 2 Lip Treatment, and my Relevant: Your Skin Seen Rele-Kiss Moisture Wrap Lip Gloss. I also keep the Relevant: Your Skin Seen 13 Stems rollerball on hand. It’s a fresh, clean, and earthy scent of green pepper, violet leaf, and mimosa.

What’s on your nightstand?

I use a Canopy humidifier every night. And if I get to bed early enough, I like to treat myself with the DMH Aesthetics Light Shield mask, which cycles through three light phases that help to minimize hyperpigmentation and breakouts, while promoting collagen production for elasticity.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

To find and follow my passion. The best piece of advice I like to give is to find your passion, and allow it to align with your purpose. How can you do what you love, and better help to serve the collective at the same time?

Favorite surprisingly useful item under $25?

Sundree’s Cooling Facial Globe. I like to keep mine in the refrigerator. I use it every morning under my eyes and all over my face to decrease inflammation. It’s a genius and affordable tool.

Your current favorite book and/or podcast to listen to?

I've really committed to finding joy in my down moments. The world can feel so heavy sometimes, so a good laugh is mandatory. I’ve been listening to the “I’ve Had it“ podcast with Jennifer Welch and Angie Sullivan.

Your favorite products from Thirteen Lune and Relevant: Your Skin Seen?

It is so difficult to choose a favorite, but I will always have a soft spot for the One & Done Everyday Cream SPF 40, our first Relevant: Your Skin Seen product. It truly has everything that you need for daily care since it’s a 4-in-1 lightweight cream that can replace your daily moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, and primer. I also love the Ami Colé Lash Amplifying Mascara. It is the most luxe mascara that gives you oodles of length and definition. I’m also a huge fan of Pattern for my hair, Harlem Candle Company's stunning candles, and anything Joanna Vargas creates.

For our readers that are new to Thirteen Lune and Relevant: Your Skin Seen, what would you like them to know and what products should they start with?

Thirteen Lune is a first-of-its-kind inclusive beauty destination designed to inspire the discovery of beauty brands created by BIPOC founders that resonate with people of all colors. This is all in effort to further our mission in supporting our BIPOC founders to scale and create generational wealth through the lens of beauty. The Glow Head-to-Toe Discovery Set is the perfect place to start, featuring 14 generously sized samples of Thirteen Lune favorites.

Relevant: Your Skin Seen is a clean, science-led skincare brand that works for all skin tones and types. My vision for Relevant is to take my two decades of experience as a beauty founder to find ways to better serve all people.

Do you have an unconventional or hacky way to use any specific Thirteen Lune or Relevant: Your Skin Seen products?

I love to use Dr. Madh Skin Solutions' Cryo Facial Set when applying my Relevant Sunburst C+ Superfruit Serum. It’s the perfect way to achieve the benefits of vitamin C, while also giving myself a face massage. I also love to use Serum Doctor’s Flawless Foot File to remove dry skin on my feet, then apply their serum. It’s literally a miracle treatment you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Psst: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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