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Our Fave Wellness Products From Black-Owned Brands

wellness products from Black-owned brands
Lindsay Lange
February 12, 2021

Self-care comes in many forms. It can be via your skin-care routine, meal prepping, moving your body, or organizing your to-do list. What matters most is taking some time just for you.

Today, we’re highlighting brands who can help you nail the whole self-care thing. So you can spend a little time treating yourself, while also supporting businesses you should shop from all year long.

To help get you started, we rounded up Black-owned wellness brands that focus on all parts of the body. From the hair on your head, to the skin on your feet. Literally.

period friendly underwear that are very absorbent and can be worn without pads or tampons

A pair of period-friendly underwear that can replace pads or tampons…

They’re 100% leak-proof undies that will stretch and move with you. So you won’t need to carry an extra tampon when you’re getting close to that time of the month. You can wear them with liners (if it makes you feel more comfortable), but the underwear is made from 100% absorbent cotton and dri-tech mesh to keep you comfy and protected all day long. ($19.99, Ruby Love)

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brightening vitamin c serum for dark spots, acne scars, and sun spots

A brightening vitamin C serum that can help fight dark spots…

Maybe you’ve got some acne scars, or maybe you’re trying to fade some sun spots. This mixture of vitamin C and vitamin E can smooth fine lines and rough texture, all while fighting hyperpigmentation. It can even help prevent future breakouts. Just make sure your face is clean before applying (and use it either morning or night). Once you’re done, finish off with a moisturizer. Voilà. ($36, Hyper Skin on Urban Outfitters)

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cocoa and jojoba body cream that's light and hydrating

A cocoa and jojoba body soufflé packed with hydrating oils…

It’s light, fluffy, and smells...amazing. It can reduce the appearance of scars, soothe common skin rashes, and help dehydrated skin. The chocolatey scent isn’t heavy, so it won’t smell perfumey once it’s applied to the skin. You can use it post shower or before bed. ($32, The London Grant Co.)

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exfoliating pads that can help keep freshly shaven skin clean and free of razor bumps and ingrown hairs

A pack of exfoliating pads that can help with ingrown hairs…

We recommend using them on your bikini line, but they work equally well for guys looking to get a smooth face shave (sans bumps). They work to reduce oil build-up, which can help with ingrown hairs and breakouts. So add them to your routine once you’re shaven and the skin is clean. ($11.99, Bevel on Target)

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vegan chocolate chip cookies that are also gluten-free

A vegan chocolate chip cookie to snack on…

Sometimes self-care is just pouring yourself a glass of milk and eating a few cookies as an afternoon snack. And these are low on sugar and use gluten-free flours. They’re also made without eggs, nuts, soy, or dairy, so they’re the perfect option for those with certain allergies. Munch away. ($4.99, Partake on Target)

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postpartum kit for new mothers that have just given birth

A postpartum kit to use on the road to recovery after giving birth…

Included is a nipple balm, perineal balm, massage oil, sitz bath, and organic mother’s milk tea. Every product is designed to help the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of postpartum. From sore, cracked nipples to hemorrhoids. And everything is made from USDA certified-organic ingredients and packaged in glass jars for zero waste. Because healing takes time. And isn’t a solo process. ($70, Coddle)

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shea butter body cream

A shea butter body cream for dry, cracked hands and feet…

Ah, winter weather. Gotta love that flakey, itchy skin. Which is where this shea butter comes in. It’s best when used post shower. And can penetrate deep into skin to soothe roughness. ($12, Beurre)

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herbal bath salt mix

A bath salt blend of Himalyan pink salt, dead sea salt, and epsom salt…

We can’t think of a better way to unwind at the end of a long day than with a warm bath. This blend is designed to pull toxins from the body, so prepare to soak. We also suggest hanging a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door. Alone time in… ($30, Urban Serenité on Radical Girl Gang)

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green tea matcha powder mix for smoothies

A pure matcha green tea powder to mix into smoothies…

This superfood is high in antioxidants, provides a caffeine boost, and may help protect the liver and heart. You can add it to lattes or your morning oats. also gets its green color from chlorophyll, a detoxifier that's good for your skin and can help boost your immune system. ($42, Golde)

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face mist to help cool and refreshen skin during the day

A petal face mist to prevent skin from feeling tight throughout the day…

It works well on sunburn and sensitive skin. And you can refrigerate it for a cooling pick-me-up during a work day. It has aloe vera and Bulgrian rose water to help smooth skin texture and even tone. ($22, Aba Love Apothecary)

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facial roller that can help increase blood flow and drain lymph nodes

A rose quartz facial roller that’ll gently massage your face...

If you haven’t tried a facial roller is your chance. They feel wonderful, especially when chilled. They can also help with lymph node drainage, blood flow, and pressure headaches. Pro tip: always massage upward and outward, so start at your nose and roll out toward your cheek. ($65, The Cristalline)

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2021 annual planner

A 2021 annual planner so you can outline the year ahead…

Yes, planning is self-care for some. And getting yourself organized for the year ahead can calm some anxiety. This planner has goal-planning sheets for each quarter with monthly, weekly, and daily breakdowns. There are also habit-tracking sheets, finance planner sheets, and monthly calendar spreads. Get to it. ($25, Alter Planning Co.)

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bikini sheet mask to help with razor burn and ingrown hairs

A bikini sheet mask to soothe razor burn post shave…

We all know that stinging, prickly feeling that comes along with shaving or waxing. These masks are made with honey extract and witch hazel to soothe the skin and help with ingrown hairs. They’re also biodegradable, so you can discard with peace of mind. ($38, Oui the People)

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