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14 Products That’ll Help Relieve Some Stress

products that'll help relieve stress
Daniel Fishel
August 21, 2020

Living a stress-free life is...probably not possible. But there are things you can do to help daily stressors feel less, well, stressful. Check out our guide on how to handle and manage what you’re feeling.

We also rounded up some products that can help you deal, too. Because a little bit of relief can go a long way.

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swear word coloring book

For when you’re looking to get out some pent-up frustration…

Color it out. PSA: this book contains swear words. And just the right amount of insults to help you release whatever is bubbling inside. Yes, sometimes screaming at the top of your lungs helps...but have you ever tried intense coloring? ($5.98, Bookshop)

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rainbow shaped stress ball

For when you gotta direct your energy toward something else…

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. But no matter how much pressure you apply, this rainbow ball will return to its natural shape. So really go wild. Let it out. ($8,

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tea mix

For when you need to disconnect from the news before bed…

Sip on tea. Put your phone down and allow for some relaxation. This mix of holy basil, gotu kola, lemon balm, peppermint, and chamomile flower can help you reach a calmer place before drifting off to sleep. Sweet dreams. ($12, Golden Flourish)

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wellness subscription box shipped to you monthly

For when the pandemic has you feeling anxious and overwhelmed…

Treat yourself. Each month you’ll receive a shipment with four to six curated products that’ll provide info, tools, and activities to better understand your mental health. Like guided workbooks, journals, and meditation cards. You time is important time. ($49.99/month, Cratejoy)

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shower aromatherapy steamer

For when you need a hot shower to wash off the day…

Add a scent. And create your own spa-like experience. Made with a lavender and eucalyptus essential oil blend, it’ll turn your bathroom into a mini paradise. To activate, place the steamer toward the back of the shower. Relaxation in ($10, Angel’s Essence)

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workout app for your phone

For when your morning workout helps release bad vibes…

Keep it interesting. This app gives you access to workout videos, personalized plans, and celebrity trainers. And you can change up your sweat session, with classes ranging from HIIT to pilates. Oh, you can also take a class led by Gabrielle Union or Jonathan Van Ness. Sign us up. (Free to download from the App store)

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thought journal

For when you’ve got thoughts swirling around in your mind…

Write them down. Because no one is perfect. And sometimes you just gotta slow down and release what is worrying you. This journal will help cut through the noise to what really matters, reminding you that nervous thoughts are just that. ($13.79, Bookshop)

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wellness supplement

For when you’ve got a lot on your to-do list and need a clear mind…

Let Rae help. These capsules contain L-Tyrosine (improves cognition), Rhodiola rosea root (fights mental and physical fatigue), and GABA (supports mood). They’re vegan, contain no artificial preservatives, and no added sugars. So you can stay focused when life keeps handing you more. And more. And more.* ($14.99, Rae Wellness)

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beauty face mask for skin

For when daily stressors turn into weekly breakouts…

Do a face mask. With a mix of plant extracts, algae, and charcoal, this mask will help detox your skin and soothe pores. It’s suitable for all skin types, has no parabens, and can be left on your face for up to 20 minutes. Skincare is selfcare. ($4, Pacifica)

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essential oil stick

For when you need a few seconds to steady yourself...

Deep breath. You can apply this aromatherapy stick to your temples, chest, and wrists. The tarragon and frankincense help to calm and ground you. Plus the blend has been clinically tested and sustainably made. Get ready to carry it everywhere. ($36, True Botanicals)

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paint with water board

For when you wanna channel your energy…

Paint it out. With water. As you draw, the water will evaporate, leaving you with a clean canvas for a new creation. Aka, there’s zero cleanup. Time to get creative. ($34.95, Amazon)

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yoga mat

For when half moon pose helps keep you centered…

Take out your mat. And go through your flow. This one is lightweight and comes with a carrying strap. Next up, downward dog. ($33.15, Society6)

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handheld back massager

For when stress has your shoulders in literal knots…

Massage them. With six nodes and six speeds, it’ll be like you’re seeing a real masseuse. The handheld massager is cord-free with a rechargeable battery that can last up to two hours. Just a little to the left... ($39.99, Amazon)

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meditation app for your phone

For when you need a bit of help calming yourself…

Guided meditation to the rescue. This app features a library of 500+ guided meditations on topics ranging from anxiety to focus. They even have a section entirely dedicated to sleep. You can also get snippets to listen to while on the go if you’ve got a busier day. (Free to download from the App store)

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