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21 Products That’ll Help You Drink Smarter This Summer

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July 10, 2023

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This post was originally published in May 2021 and has been updated.

Fact: Summer happy hours are the best. Temperatures are warmer, the sun is shining, and everyone just feels a bit more relaxed. Whether you’re in a park, a backyard, or having a gathering indoors, we’ve got you covered.

We rounded up our favorite picks to help you drink smarter. From nonalcoholic options to items that’ll transport your drinks to a wine filter that may help with hangovers. It’s time to responsibly get your sip on.

Cycling Frog

Ruby grapefruit flavored seltzer with THC…

Each can has 5mg of THC and 10mg of CBD so you can feel loose without having to consume any booze. It’s sweet and tart, a combo that’ll feel refreshing. Say goodbye to bloat or hangovers. We love to see it. ($19.99/6 pack, Cycling Frog)

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A water pitcher with a filter…

Hosting just got a whole lot easier with this handy pitcher. It can filter water in about a minute and is made of BPA-free plastic. Add your favorite citrus and cucumber and you’ll have fancy spa water to serve to guests in no time. ($32, Hydros)

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wine filter that may help reduce hangover symptoms

A tiny filter that may help you avoid some classic hangover symptoms…

Just run the wand through your wine before drinking. It removes histamines and sulfites. Aka the things that can cause reactions like congestion, red cheeks, and headaches. And no, it won’t affect the taste. Simple solutions, we see you. ($11.99/3 pack, Amazon)

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liquor alternatives to use in mocktails, zero proof alcohol
Ritual Zero Proof

A variety pack of spirit alternatives if you’re looking to go alcohol-free…

Have fun mixing and playing with flavors. The Bar Cart Bundle includes a gin alternative, whiskey alternative, tequila alternative, and rum alternative, plus a cute tote to carry it all in. Everything is zero-proof, but still smells and tastes like traditional liquors. Mocktails, coming right up. ($131.99, Ritual Zero Proof)

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non-alcoholic drink mixers

Three more nonalcoholic options that can be combined with tonic…

Seedlip’s Spice 94 has hints of allspice, oak, and lemon. Garden 108 is herbal, with peas, spearmint, and hay giving it a delicate flavor. Grove 42 includes three different types of orange, so consider it your citrus go-to. Psst...they’re not meant to drink straight-up, so get mixing. ($89.99, Amazon)

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mocktail subscription club
Mocktail Club

A mocktail subscription box so you can get regular deliveries…

Each box includes four bottles, plus no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives are used. Ingredients include organic lime juice, cardamom, clove, decaffeinated teas, and natural mint flavors. You can serve them straight-up, or mix them with other beverages. There’s also no added sugar. (Price varies, Mocktail Club)

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ventilated drink covers to protect your drink from bugs

A ventilated drink cover to keep your glass free from bugs...

No more tiny flies floating in your cocktail. These covers will keep your drink clean from pollen and dust too. Plus, they can double as coasters. But don’t worry — they’ll still let your wine breathe. ($24.99/4 pack, Amazon)

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insulated wine tote

A wine tote for easy transport…

The merino wool provides insulation to two regular-sized bottles of wine as you go from home to the park to a friend’s backyard. It’s also stain-resistant and chic. You really can’t go wrong. ($44, Goodee)

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one gallon water bottle with time markers to keep you on track during the way

A 1 gallon time-marker water bottle to keep you hydrated...

Whenever you’re drinking alcohol, it’s important to stay hydrated. This bottle has a carrying strap and leakproof lid with a locking feature so you can avoid that dehydration headache that can sometimes accompany a night of wine. The time markers will keep you motivated throughout the day, so by the time evening rolls around, you’ll be ready to go. ($25.99+, Amazon)

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portable wine glass with a cover

A portable wineglass that’ll travel around the backyard with you…

No more spills here. This glass is wrapped in a protective silicone cover, is dishwasher-safe, and has a lid with a sliding tab. It can hold up to 15 ounces with a stain-resistant inside, so feel free to pour (and repour) your favorite wine. Customers love that it keeps their wine chilled without any condensation. ($25, W&P)

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six pack beer caddy with bottle opener

A beer caddy for your next meet-up with friends...

This one holds a six-pack and features a convenient bottle opener with an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. You can also remove the inner dividers to make room for bigger bottles. It’s like the adult version of a lunch box. Carry responsibly. ($32.10+, Amazon)

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non-alcoholic beer delivery

And a selection of nonalcoholic beer you can choose from…

Shop using the many helpful filters to find the perfect bottle for you. Then get it delivered in under 60 minutes. Drizly partners with local retailers, so when you place your order, local liquor stores can get you what you want in a fraction of the time. (Prices vary, Drizly)

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beer foaming stones
Uncommon Goods

A gadget that’ll give you that fresh-from-the-tap foam…

Drop one of these stones into your beer to watch the carbonation reaction take place. You’ll get a stronger-tasting flavor with less acidity. And a nice amount of foam. Pro tip: keep them in the fridge until you need ’em. ($28/2 pack, Uncommon Goods)

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whiskey stones that'll chill your drink

Whiskey stones to chill your next glass…

Keep them in your freezer, and when you’re ready to start sipping, add one to your cocktail. Customers love the packaging they come in and say it’s the perfect gift for whiskey enthusiasts. ($6.99/9 pack, Amazon)

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wine glass markers

Glass markers so you can keep track of which drink is yours…

These little felt doughnut-shaped markers come in 12 different bright colors so guests know which drink is theirs. Because no one wants to accidentally sip from someone else’s glass. They’re also stain-resistant and absorbent. ($19, Goodee)

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electric wine opener that can also vacuum seal

An electric wine opener that can also vacuum seal bottles…

Upgrade your happy hour with this opener that can uncork 80 bottles in a single charge, and recharges quickly so it’s ready for another go. And no — it won’t break corks in the process. If you don’t finish your bottle, just use the vacuum sealer option to preserve freshness and flavor. Customers love that it cuts and stores the cork foil as well. ($40, Wayfair)

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spicy margarita mix you can use at home

A skinny spicy margarita mix you can easily make at home…

Just place the bag in a glass, add two shots of water, and let it sit for about three minutes. Then finish with a shot of your favorite tequila and ice. The tiny bag has all the other ingredients needed to make your margarita. ($24/8 pack, Steep’t)

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pint glasses with conversation starters on them
Uncommon Goods

Pint glasses that’ll steer the conversation as you sip…

Follow the line markers and watch the topics range from birthdays to jobs to apartments and more. Swap stories (good, bad, and funny), and feel the stress melt away — no awkward conversation starters required. ($30/2 pack, Uncommon Goods)

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wine online marketplace
Wine Access

An online marketplace that’ll grant you access to wine from around the world…

Shop by variety, region, or collection. You can check out bottles from Tuscany or read recs from sommeliers and Michelin-star restaurants. Along with bottle descriptions you’ll get info about serving temperature, aeration time, and food pairings. You’ll also be able to read the history behind a bottle. Time to wine down. (Prices vary, Wine Access)

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A nonalcoholic aperitif that’s just as good as the real thing…

Trust us, we’ve tried it. This aperitif has tons of flavor that’ll evoke summer sidewalk dinners in the city or sipping a spritz in the Italian countryside, but contains zero alcohol. It tastes like rose, bitter orange, and cloves, and is perfect when enjoyed over ice. There are even recipes on the brand’s website to help you make an incredible mocktail. We’re in. ($43, Figlia)

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A pack of plastic champagne glasses…

Who wants to be hand-washing a bunch of glasses the day after? No one. These plastic stemless glasses are super sturdy and won’t crack in your guest’s hand. They’re BPA-free and even dishwasher-safe if you do want to reuse them. Customers love that they look like glass. ($23.99/24 pack, Amazon)

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