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14 Products You'll Wanna Use During the Spring Season

spring essentials to help you get outside this season
Lindsay Lange
April 8, 2021

Spring has sprung. And with the temperatures rising, you may be itching to get outside. But before you start spending plenty of time outdoors, we wanna make sure you’re fully prepared for the season of rain showers (and soon-to-be May flowers).

So we rounded up springtime essentials to make your outdoor time even better. We’ve got chic rain boots, an everyday sunscreen, and a must-have portable grill. Fresh air never felt, or smelled, so good.

gardening stool with storage bag and five gardening tools

A gardening kit to help you grow some fruits and veggies…

Time to get your hands dirty. This kit has a gardening seat, a storage tote, and five tools. So you won’t have to sit directly on wet grass. And you’ll have everything you need within arm’s reach. The tote can hold seeds, gloves, and an extra rain poncho. Let the digging commence. ($82, Food52)

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clear globe string lights on a white wire for an outdoor patio, terrace, or deck

Globe string lights to upgrade your patio…

You can’t sit outside and enjoy a meal in the dark. So light up your patio (or tiny apartment terrace) with these. They’re 25 feet long and have 25 globes total. A dreamy night spent under the stars? Check. ($29.99, Wayfair)

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portable charcoal mini grill for camping or small backyards with biodegradable pods

A portable charcoal grill if you’re tight on space...

Think small, but mighty. It’s a perfect size for park dates, camping, or backyard gatherings. And it works via eco-friendly, biodegradable charcoal pods that heat up quickly and will provide up to one hour of cook time. Once you’re done, you can recycle the pods and pack the grate away. Simple as that. ($99.99, Target)

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portable recyclable fire pit that burns without smoke or ash

And a tiny fire pit perfect for your first camping trip of the season…

This one will burn for hours without creating a ton of smoke or an ashy mess. You can light it with just a match, and put it out by placing the cover back on. It can burn for up to five hours straight and is made from recycled sox wax and paper. So you’ll have an ember-free campfire. If you don’t wanna use it up in one shot, no worries. You can pack it back up and save it for a second trip. Someone pass the marshmallows. ($28, Uncommon Goods)

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light blue suede roller skates with dark blue laces and sparkly wheels

Roller skates that’ll get you up and moving…

Beginners included. These skates are suede with colored laces. So even if you may not be thattt great at skating, you’ll definitely be a knockout in the style department. Yes, it’s time to give into the TikTok fad. The closest parking lot is waiting. ($109, Urban Outfitters)

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compact watercolor set with 42 colors and brushes that dispense water

A watercolor set to inspire your next landscape portrait…

Set your easel up outside with this travel kit featuring 42 colors. It’s compact, but folds out to 180 degrees so you can see everything at once. It also comes with three water-dispensing brushes so you don’t need to pack a water cup. And if you’re in need of a watercolor pad, look no further. We’ve got you covered. ($14.99, Amazon)

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lightweight blue portable folding chair to bring to the park or beach

A foldable chair to bring on your next picnic…

Sitting pretzel-style on the ground for hours? No thanks. This little chair has a cupholder and a drawstring bag for carrying. It weighs less than 10 pounds, so it's something you can put over your shoulder before heading out the door. Time to (safely) see some friends. ($49.99+, Amazon)

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chelsea-style ankle-height black waterproof rain boots

Chelsea-style rain boots for whatever weather is ahead…

Enter the classic saying we all know and repeat this time of year. Be fully prepared for the season with these waterproof boots that marry style with functionality. They’re easy to slip on and they have cotton lining to keep your toes dry. Psst...past customers who needed lots of arch support suggest sizing up and getting insoles. ($39.97, Nordstrom Rack)

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corduroy spring jacket with pockets in a gingerbread color

A utility jacket with lots of pockets…

Temperature during the spring months can fluctuate. A lot. So having a solid jacket to layer with is ideal. This one has three exterior pockets, with one inside pocket for valuables. It’s made from corduroy so it’s not too heavy. Customers really love the style, color, and high-quality construction. ($129, Faherty)

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tinted everyday mineral sunscreen for all skin types and shades SPF 30

An everyday SPF 30 sunscreen because you should always be protected…

The sun takes no days off. And wearing sunscreen shouldn’t just be a summer thing. This tinted formula is meant for all skin types and shades, has a smooth finish, and doesn’t leave a white residue behind. You only need a dime-sized amount to get the job done, but make sure you apply to clean skin. Many reviewers love that the sunscreen doesn’t feel greasy when on, and that it can be worn under makeup. ($15.99, Unsun)

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small suction tool that can help heal bug bites by sucking out the irritant that causes itchiness

A tool that’ll make bug bites feel wayyy less itchy…

We’re serious. This suction tool works to remove the irritants that get injected underneath your skin by a bite. So by sucking out the ‘bad stuff,’ the area won’t be as swollen, red, or itchy. No cream or medicine needed. Just your arm and the tool. Thank us later. ($9.95, Amazon)

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jumbo wooden dominoes for backyard playing

A set of jumbo dominoes to play in the backyard...

Or to bring to the beach once the season starts. Since they’re big you won’t have to worry about losing one in the grass. And they’ve got their own carrying bag too. They’re the perfect game to play once family time rolls around. Aka something relaxing that won’t cause too much sibling rivalry. ($60, Uncommon Goods)

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inflatable kiddie pool for backyard fun, comes in different colors and patterns

A kiddie pool to splash around in…

Adults included. You may find yourself spending all your time in here once the weather really warms up. If you don’t have a ton of backyard room, then say hello to your new space-saving BFF. The pool comes in a few different colors and patterns so good luck choosing one (they’re all cute). ($100+, Food52)

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plant-based allergy supplements for both indoor and outdoor allergies

A plant-based allergy supplement to help with all that annoying sneezing and coughing…

Pollen, we meet again. If you’re one of those people whose allergies tend to go crazy around this time of year, look no further. Hilma supplements are made with ingredients thought to strengthen the immune system, like nettles, tinospora, butterbur, and spirulina. The herbal blend is created by doctors and backed by clinical research. So you can breathe easy. Goodbye, stuffy nose. ($28, Hilma)

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