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This Colorful Electric Toothbrush Practically Made Me a Morning Person

Quip Skimm Tested
Design: theSkimm | Images: Quip, Alessandra Rey
April 8, 2024

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Welcome to Skimm Tested, where we put products to the test and then give them a report card. (Check out all of our tried-and-tested faves here.)

The assignment…

To see if Quip’s Sonic Electric Toothbrush ($48.99) is more effective than my trusty analog toothbrush, and if it’s easy enough to use that it permanently replaces it. Specifically, I tested the brand’s newest colorway, “Sunset,” made exclusively for Target.

Straight A’s in…

  • Ease of use. One of the reasons I held off on buying an electric toothbrush is because brushing your teeth should be incredibly simple. This one honors that, with just one “on/off” button to press. The package includes tips and an instruction manual, but overall, it’s just as easy to use as a manual brush.

  • Built-in timer. This is one of my favorite features. Once you press “on,” the brush immediately starts buzzing, and continues to do so for two minutes. However, I do like to think that my boyfriend will miss my *gorgeous* renditions of “Happy Birthday” as I brushed to keep track of my timing. 

  • Adjustable holder. Another star quality. Each brush comes with a holder that can stand alone or adhere to a wall. Either way you use it, it takes up minimal counter space.

  • Design. As you can see from the pictures, I’m a huge fan of these colors. The eye-catching gradient actually makes me proud to show it off on my sink. And the sleek, thin design makes the entire brush lightweight and easy to hold. 

Quip Skimm Tested
Design: theSkimm | Images: Alessandra Rey

Room for growth…

  • Start button. While it’s easy to find, I do sometimes wonder if I’m pushing too hard or not hard enough to get the brush going. A switch or a button that protrudes from the groove would solve this. So far I’ve pressed until it whirrs and pray for the best. 

  • 30-second pulses. There are short pauses in the vibration to indicate when you’re 25%, 50%, and 75% done. This might just be me, but I find the pulses to be a little distracting. While I do like the concept of a progress indicator, I don’t think there necessarily needs to be three of them.  

Works best for…

  • Anyone who’s looking to trade in their regular-shmegular toothbrush for an electric one that still feels accessible, try an electric one for the very first time, or get better at brushing for the recommended two minutes.  

Quip Skimm Tested
Design: theSkimm | Images: Alessandra Rey, Quip

Gets extra credit for…

  • Sustainability. I love that I can replace the brush head, because I’ll never have to deal with the excessive plastic packaging of traditional toothbrushes ever again. (Special shoutout to Quip’s 100% recyclable packaging.) I’m also a little too attached to my colorway, so the fact that I can get a replacement head delivered to my doorstep every three months is a huge plus. 

  • Long battery life. A replaceable AAA battery that lasts three whole months? Yes, please. I love that you don’t need to purchase a specific Quip-branded battery, making this brush that much easier to integrate into your routine. Plus there are no ugly, annoying wires to deal with.

  • Travel case. The slim, standalone (but also mountable) cover transforms into a travel case by simply flipping it upside down. As someone who’s used to traveling with her toothbrush wrapped in tissue paper, this is a major pro. 

  • Water-resistance. If you get water absolutely everywhere (guilty), this is a great electric brush. It’s also completely shower-safe — even though personally, I find that to be a rogue move. But who am I to judge? 

How I did my homework…

  • I tested Quip’s bestselling electric toothbrush in their brand-new colorways designed exclusively for Target. I used the toothbrush for two weeks, morning and night, before throwing away my old toothbrush for good. 


  • Quip’s Sonic Electric Toothbrush ($48.99).

  • Sunset, Marine, and Sage colorways now available exclusively at Target. 

  • AAA battery and an adjustable stand/travel cover included.

  • American Dental Association-accepted.

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