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Sex Toys for Every Person and Preference

the best sex toys
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October 27, 2023

This post was originally published in June 2021 and has been updated.

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Talking about how you spend your time between the sheets can feel private — we get it. What happens there is your business. We’re here to say that the experience can be enhanced. So let’s talk sex toys.

To help you explore your partner’s body and your own, we rounded up vibrators that can be used by anyone and everyone. We also threw in some items that’ll make the experience that much more enjoyable. Lights off. 

Vibes Only

An updated version of your trusted rabbit…

The rabbit vibe we all know and love just got a little better. This new toy from Vibes Only offers both internal and external stimulation, and each part has six vibration levels so you can customize the experience exactly how you like it. It's made of soft, squishy silicone that's flexible and comfortable. It's also water-resistant for easy cleaning (or taking in the shower with you). Connect it to your Vibes Only app for a totally immersive experience. ($159, Vibes Only)

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Good Vibes

A vulva pump for a little extra sensitivity…

You can use this one hands-free thanks to its automatic vibration and suction settings (that can be used at the same time). It’s got a transparent cup, so you and your partner can watch as the magic happens. Be sure to apply some water-based lubricant to the rim for easy and safe removal. ($115, Good Vibes

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Prostate Vibrator
Fun Factory

A beginner-friendly vibrator perfect for G-spot or prostate play…

This one’s battery-operated, so you won’t have to wait for a charge, and waterproof, so you can take it in the shower with you. It’s anal-safe, and has six speeds and six patterns to choose from. Plus, it’s small and easily packable. Pleasure unlocked. ($34.99, Fun Factory)

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Subscription sex box
Steamy Lit

A subscription box full of gifts to help set the mood…

Snag yourself a one-time (or recurring) gift that’ll get you and your partner ready for love. You’ll get a steamy adult novel, paired with the perfect self-care and NSFW items to unlock your next level of intimacy. If you can’t wait for your monthly delivery, browse the shop page for more books, sex toys, and other merch. ($59, Steamy Lit)

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cock ring

A hands-free ring he can wear during sex…

It’s remote-controlled and incredibly quiet. Like quieter-than-a-ticking-clock quiet. It’s got 25 different pulsating patterns and may even help extend your time in bed. Game on. ($74, hers)

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arc vibrator with a squishy head

A flexible vibrator that’s waterproof and made for exploration…

The squishy, flatter head of the vibe is designed for the vulva or clitoris. But the arc of the handle is designed to help stimulate internally. And because of the slight curve, it won’t cause you to twist your wrist in uncomfortable positions. Reviewers rave about the different speed and pattern settings, along with the softness of the durable silicone. It can be used with a partner, but is also the perfect toy for some alone-time fun. ($99, Dame)

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vibrator you can wear on your fingers

A vibrator you can wear on your fingers to intensify your touch…

If you’re looking to spice up foreplay, this one’s for you. It can sit between your middle and pointer fingers, and has a little band so it won’t slide off. You can use it on a partner or yourself. It’s extremely versatile, and can boost sensation on hips and inner thighs.’s not just for vulvas, either — try it against your partner’s shaft too. ($65, Dame)

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prostate vibrator for men

A waterproof prostate massager for men…

It's got a tapered body with eight vibration settings, so it’s perfect for solo play or time spent between the sheets with another. It has rave reviews, with customers saying it’s a great size for first-timers. ($149, Lelo)

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two-tipped rabbit vibrator

A rabbit vibrator that offers both internal and external stimulation…

The front tip (for internal pleasure) is broad and thick. The back tip (for external play) is flexible. When inserted, the back tip rests right on the clitoris for wow-inducing orgasms. Everything is made from body-safe silicone and silky to the touch. You can use it on your partner and vice versa — with 12 vibration settings, you’ll never get bored. ($183, Lelo)

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hands-free couples vibrator for internal and external stimulation

A vibrator that’ll help couples up their game…

One arm of the vibrator can be inserted into you, while the other arm rests outside to massage the clitoris. All that power will be transferred to your partner during sex. To make sure you’re not distracted, the vibrator is remote-controlled. You’ll both stay hands-free and focused on each other. PS: We rounded up some more sex toys that are great for partner play. ($143.65, Lelo)

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A vibrating toy with wings that’ll encircle your man’s goods…

An easy way to upgrade oral sex? Add this toy into the mix. The ridged wings can send a powerful sensation through his shaft, making anything you do that much more pleasurable. ($144.99, Babeland)

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flutter-tip vibrator

A flutter-tip vibe that’s discreet but powerful…

If you’re traveling, this vibrator will be your go-to on-the-road buddy. It’s got three speeds, is waterproof, and comes with a handy canvas pouch for storage. We love how efficient it is, along with its small design. ($49, Maude)

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Nipple clamps

Nipple clamps that are both fun and functional…

We can’t get enough of these little pom poms, and neither will your partner. They’ve got rubber tips and adjustable clamps to account for sensitivity, but you can always opt for these ties if you’re worried about the pressure. ($22, Lovers

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Fetish Candle
Good Vibes

Fetish candles with a low melting temp…

These sensual accessories are the perfect way to introduce sensation play to the bedroom. Light them, melt them, and drip them all along your partner's body thanks to the low melting point — just be sure to hold the candle two to three inches away when you do. ($16.99, Good Vibes)

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Natural salve

An organic salve that rejuvenates…

This gentle balm made with coconut oil, jojoba oil, goldenseal, and more is designed to relieve itchiness, dryness, and post-sex irritation. Its certified organic ingredients can help soothe discomfort in your vulvar area, and customers say they’ve found serious relief, even after struggling with symptoms of BV and yeast infections for long periods of time. ($37, Momotaro)

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A pack of ultra-thin condoms that are triple-tested for safety…

It doesn’t stop there. These condoms are spermicide-free, fragrance-free, and body safe. They’re FDA-approved, vegan, and come in easy-to-open packaging. So you don’t have to second-guess which side is up. ($15+, Lovability)

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An aloe- and water-based lubricant that won’t feel sticky…

It’s hydrating and free from parabens or glycerin. You can use the lubricant with toys and condoms, and it’s latex-friendly. Once you’re done, it’ll wash away with just a bit of water. No mess left behind. ($10+, Maude)

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Harness briefs that won’t cause discomfort…

When you’re in bed with your partner, you definitely don’t want any annoying chafing going on. Aka there are no straps or buckles that’ll squeeze or pinch. These feel like underwear and are made of a lightweight, breathable fabric that's also water-resistant. ($109.95, Babeland)

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sex journal for couples
Uncommon Goods

A journal to help you and your partner talk more openly…

Making sure you’re both having the best sexual experience possible is important. But sometimes actually sharing intimate details about what you like and don’t like is hard. Have no fear. This journal is meant for reflection. It’s got tips on how to communicate in the bedroom, along with intention-setting exercises to help the two of you share more. Open, honest communication is the first step to better sex. So write in it together to get the convo started. ($26, Uncommon Goods)

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