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Skimm Faves: Your Absolute Favorite Kitchen Products of the Year

the best selling kitchen products of the year
December 18, 2020

2020 has been a year. And throughout it, we shared our best product recs with you. To help you shop smarter and save money. And because spending your hard-earned cash on stuff that doesn’t live up to expectations is the worst.

So we took a deep dive into what Skimm’rs (hi, you) loved the most this year. Introducing: Skimm Faves. We looked at what sold best, what products were the most popular, and what we were obsessed with over here at Skimm HQ. So consider these the best in show. The crème de la crème.

This list is all about the kitchen. And things to cook with and drink from. Not to mention gadgets that are very useful.

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veggie chopper

A veggie chopper since you’ve spent too much time trying to slice a mushroom…

Put the knife down. This multi-chopper has five different size blades. So you’ll be able to dice tomatoes, onions, and peppers like a pro. The kit also includes a peeler, cleaning brush, and bin so your ingredients won’t be all over your kitchen countertop. Sigh of relief sold separately. ($18.77, Amazon)

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mini gerb garden

A herb garden kit so you can grow your own…

Your own basil, parsley, garlic chives, oregano, dill, cilantro, thyme, and sage. You’ll get garden stakes and planting instructions, too. So those with a brown thumb won’t be left out in the dark. Let it grow, let it grow. ($25, Food52)

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electric wine opener

An electric wine opener that can also vacuum seal bottles…

Upgrade your happy hour with this opener that can uncork 80 bottles in a single charge. And no — it won’t break corks in the process. If you don’t finish your bottle, just use the vacuum sealer option to preserve freshness and flavor. Cheers to that. ($39.95, Wayfair)

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vegan pancake and waffle mix

A vegan and dairy-free pancake and waffle mix that’s light and fluffy…

No preservatives or artificial colors. To make ‘em dairy-free, just replace the milk with soy, almond, or coconut milk. And to make ‘em vegan, replace the eggs with yogurt or applesauce. Chef’s kiss. ($4.99, Vicky Cakes)

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stackable shelves for spices

A handy shelf for when your kitchen cabinet seems to swallow spice bottles…

It’s time to stack. This shelf lines the edges of your cabinet so you can actually see everything at once. It can also be arranged in different ways to fit your exact space. Talk about a makeover. ($21.99, Bed Bath & Beyond)

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barbecue grill chips for smoking provides ton of flavor

A set of smoking chips for the ultimate barbecue experience...

Each piece of wood provides a unique flavor. Pair cedar with salmon. And hickory with beef. It’ll be like a whole new word of grilling spices. Seriously. ($25, Food52)

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gadget so you can toast flour tortillas

A set of taco toasters to turn your soft quesadilla into a crunchy dream…

All you need is a toaster. And a bit of patience. Get ready, your next Taco Tuesday is about to be full of deliciousness. ($20, Uncommon Goods)

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tablets that can help clear dishwasher grime buildup

A set of dishwasher tablets if your glassware comes out looking spotty...

Aka clear the icky gunk that can form inside from lots of use. Drop in a tablet to power away leftover detergent and mineral build-up. Your next wash will have your dishes and glasses looking streak-free. ($5.99, Amazon)

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A bottle of wine from Cosmopolitan’s collection of delish flavors…

Taste-tested and carefully curated by Cosmo editors, these wines are sure to hit the spot. You can purchase bottles separately (chardonnay, rosé, pinot noir, or cabernet sauvignon), or you can get the tasting kit. It’s the perfect thing to gift a friend, or enjoy yourself. ($14.99+,

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funny mug

A mug that accurately describes how you feel toward 2020…

Because your morning cup of coffee (or tea) will probably taste better in a mug that represents how you feel. Probably. ($12, My Swanky Designs)

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a organization tool for all those leftover container lids you have

A storage piece for all those food container lids you own…

Simple solution: just stand them up. The bottoms of your containers nestle, but the lids never do. This holder fits square and round ones. And has adjustable dividers so you can pack ‘em all in. Call it magic. ($12.99+, Amazon)

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vejo portable blender

A portable blender with different flavor pods to try…

The little pods are mixes that you can use to create smoothies. So think green smoothies, banana almond, and berry. Once your blender is charged, fill it with water, and then pop in a pod. To blend, close and twist the lid. It’ll blend in 30 seconds for you to enjoy. It’s perfect for on-the-go meals. ($130, Vejo)

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ice pop mold

An ice pop mold for refreshing after-dinner treats…

Stick to the basics, or make them boozy. It’s entirely up to you. You can make up to six at a time, and the design is compact enough to fit on the inside of your freezer door. We love practical items. ($12.99, Bed Bath & Beyond)

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cocktail glasses

A set of beautiful glasses for all your cocktail creations…

They’ll catch the light justtt right. And make you feel a bit classy when it comes to happy hour. Not to mention, they’ll look great on a bar cart. ($28, Karen Jai Home)

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egg cooker

An egg cooker because you always seem to overcook your soft-boiled eggs…

Give yourself a break and take out the guesswork. Choose your preferred style (hard-boiled, poached, scrambled, or omelette) and set the timer. Then jump in the shower while your breakfast is cooking. The device will switch off when it’s all done. Eggcellent. ($15.99, Amazon)

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