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Our Official Review of the Branch Daily Chair

our official review of the branch daily chair
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Branch
May 12, 2022

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The assignment…

To see if the Branch Daily chair is a home-office addition worth the price tag (more on this below).

Straight A’s in…

  • Seat support and comfort. We love the light lumbar support that Branch’s Daily chair provides. The seat cushion has a bit of give (it’s rated as medium-firm), allowing you to slightly sink in. The nylon-mesh back helps you to sit upright — hello, better posture — and we found it unnatural to slouch while sitting. Important to note: We didn’t feel any lower-back pain while testing the chair. 

  • Style. It’s sleek and modern, which is a huge win in the style department. It doesn’t look like your typical desk chair (which is a good thing). It easily fits in with any decor, and with a blanket draped over the back, doesn’t look utilitarian at all. Honestly — it’s pretty chic. 

  • Durability. The chair feels sturdy underneath you. After sitting in it for months, turning, spinning, etc., it feels just as good as it did on day one. It’s not rickety and can handle up to 225 pounds.

  • Price tag. It’s not cheap. But lots of quality ergonomic desk chairs are not — and we believe given the chair’s features noted above, it’s priced reasonably for the at-home worker who really needs a supportive seat. Other options tend to skew even pricier, so in comparison the Branch Daily's price tag should not be dealbreaker.

Room for growth…

  • Armrest padding. The armrest height is adjustable up to 3 inches, which is a huge benefit, but we found the lack of padding to be a bit bothersome. There were times when our elbows felt a little uncomfortable against the smooth polymer frame. A lil’ cushion would have been perfect.

  • Number of color options. Probably not a huge deterrent for many, but there are limited colorways. The slate, sky blue, and linden green are easy on the eyes, but IOHO (in our humble opinions), classic white or black options for the Daily chair would be ideal.

branch daily chair

Plays well with…

  • Those who are very tired of sitting on an uncomfortable kitchen chair or a too-soft couch.

  • Anyone who wants a desk chair that isn’t a total eyesore. Many options focus solely on functionality and ignore design. If you’ve got a home aesthetic you’re trying to uphold, this desk chair fits the bill. 

  • Someone who’s now totally remote and wants to invest in their home office.

Gets extra credit for…

  • Being made with 70%+ recycled materials.

  • A five-year parts and components warranty.

  • Having a quiz available if you’re unsure which chair is the right fit for you. You can see Branch's other options here.

branch daily chair

How we did our homework…

  • One Skimm HQ editor tested the Branch Daily chair over the course of three months. She put the chair together in under an hour by herself, and appreciated the fact that Branch provided an assembly guide. Once the chair was ready, she used it Monday–Friday while working from home, sitting in the chair for hours at a time. She paid special attention to comfort and support, taking note of not only how she felt by the end of the day, but also how her neck, shoulders, and back felt while sitting. She sat in different positions, tested different heights, and adjusted (and readjusted) the chair to find her perfect fit. She noted durability, how easy the chair was to maneuver, if the casters marked up her floor, and if continued use made her body feel better or worse.


  • $249

  • Comes in three seat colors.

  • Best for people under 6 feet tall (the editor who tested this chair is 5’4”). 

  • Branch also has desks and office accessories available.

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