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The Brand That Makes Every Single Skincare Product I Swear By

Dieux Skin
Design: theSkimm | Photos: Dieux
March 27, 2024

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Welcome to Skimm Tested, where we put products to the test and then give them a report card. (Check out all of our tried-and-tested faves here.)

The assignment…

To see if Dieux’s streamlined, cool-girl skincare products actually improve my skin, streamline my routine, and are worth the endless social media hype.

What I tested…

  • Forever Eye Masks: Reusable silicone eye masks that hold gels, serums, and creams close to the skin. ($25)

  • Auracle Eye Serum: A lightweight gel-cream eye serum. It can be worn on its own or used as a base for the Forever Eye Masks. ($44)

  • Instant Angel: The brand’s hero product. A thick, lipid-rich moisturizer meant to soothe a compromised skin barrier and dehydrated skin. ($45)

  • Air Angel: A hydrating gel-cream mainly for those with acne-prone or oily skin. ($44)

  • Deliverance: A does-it-all serum that helps with fine lines, redness, uneven skin tone, and any irritation. Psst…get 20% off Deliverance through the end of the month with code SKIMM20. ($69)

Forever Eye Masks ($25)

Forever Eye Masks
Design: theSkimm | Photos: Dieux

Straight A's in...

  • Absorption of product. I don’t know what the magic is here. Whenever I use these, the product I place underneath always absorbs super fast, making my under eyes feel and appear plump and hydrated.

  • Lack of slippage. I’ve used the brand’s eye serum (more on that later), regular serums, and my go-to eye creams. No matter which products I’ve used with them, these eye masks have stayed in place, never sliding around like traditional, single-use eye masks.

  • Minimal waste. Because these can be reused until fully worn out (which many have reported takes a few years until actual wear and tear), you’re cutting back on waste, which feels great.

Room for growth...

  • Comfort. Because these are heavy-duty and don’t slip around, the lubrication is minimal. I find that these aren’t as comfortable as single-use eye masks. Plus, even if I keep them in the fridge, they aren’t cooling. I’d say these are best for product absorption over depuffing and cooling.

Auracle Eye Serum ($44)

Auracle Eye Serum
Design: theSkimm | Photos: Dieux

Straight A’s in…

  • Texture. It’s a gel-cream, which means it’ll be great for normal-to-oily skin types. I also love how lightweight it feels. It’s made with glycerin, which draws water to the skin, and a plethora of algae complexes to smooth and brighten.

  • Buildability. This absorbed into my normal-to-dry skin type quickly. So if you’re drier under your eyes, you can layer it with other creams without feeling heavy or clogging the pores around your eyes.

  • Gentleness. I have to be careful about what products I use around my eyes because my eyes can be sensitive and reactive. I had no issues with this serum.

Room for growth...

  • No notes. This product is solid all around and because a little goes a long way, this product is worth the price.

Instant Angel ($45)

Instant Angel Moisturizer
Design: theSkimm | Photos: Dieux

Straight A’s in…

  • Texture. If you have normal-to-dry skin, this is everything you could want in a moisturizer. It’s fluffy and not too thick. Plus, it provides some serious glazed donut energy. It’s made of glycerin, urea, and squalane, plus so many more good-for-you ingredients to keep your skin happy and hydrated. I personally love to build it up in the wintertime as needed, or even slather a heavy amount before bed (almost like an overnight mask). I find that for daytime, I need a little larger than a pea size for my face and neck.

  • Hydration. This is deeply hydrating. If I apply this at night, I wake up with skin so plump, I don’t even need to rehydrate it in the morning.

Room for growth…

  • Packaging. I love Dieux’s use of aluminum packaging as a way to cut back on plastics. The downside of this tube is that when you open it, the product can spill out and in turn be wasted. That said, the brand has recently fixed this by making adjustments to their packaging. PS: With every Instant Angel purchase, you’ll get a squeeze key to help you get out every drop.

  • Seasonality. Even for my normal-to-dry (sometimes combination) skin, this moisturizer is too heavy for me in warmer months. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something to consider if you’re making the investment. For me, this is a seasonal purchase.

Air Angel ($44)

Air Angel Moisturizer

Straight A’s in…

  • Versatility. Hot take: If you’re looking to buy one moisturizer from this brand, buy this one. Air Angel is the brand’s gel-cream and little sister to Instant Angel. It’s my go-to because it’s hydrating, ultra-buildable, sits perfectly underneath makeup, and can be treated as a serum, too. Some nights, I use it as my serum step and top with another moisturizer. Some nights, I wear it on its own. It’s also great for those prone to acne, clogged pores, or oiliness.

  • Luminosity. My skin looks and feels hydrated, but with a slight matte finish. On most days, I don’t want my skin to look overly dewy and the finish of Air Angel provides that happy medium.

  • Packaging. Dieux, if you’re listening: please use this packaging for Instant Angel! The aluminum bottle has a strong pump with a secure lid, all while managing to be ultra-compact. I never leave my soapbox that I travel a ton, and this is the most travel-friendly moisturizer I’ve ever used. I’ve never dealt with mess or spillage.

Room for growth…

  • No notes. Though if you have ultra-dry skin, you might want to go with Instant Angel.

Deliverance ($69)

Deliverance Serum
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Dieux

Straight A’s in…

  • Versatility. This serum actually does it all…so much so that it’s made my nighttime skincare routine ultra-streamlined, which is ideal since by EOD I’m exhausted. It targets fine lines, uneven skin tone, and irritation. For my skin, it’s helped to hydrate, plump, reduce redness, and even out texture. I now understand why it’s sold out multiple times.

  • Effectiveness, while remaining gentle. I have sensitive, eczema-prone skin that can become reactive with the wrong product. I've repurchased this several times, and I'm consistently shocked by how much better my skin looks and feels when I use it, without a stitch of reactiveness or sensitivity.It’s made of a blend of Dieux’s own proprietary complex, along with water lily, niacinamide, and peptides to soothe, support barrier function, and improve the skin overall.

  • Texture. It can do all of the above while somehow being the most lightweight serum that absorbs in seconds. Shook. Psst…get 20% Deliverance through the end of the month with code SKIMM20.

Room for growth…

  • Price. It’s definitely worth the investment, but it’s an investment nonetheless. I’ve found that using two pumps of the product daily lasts me about six months, which is pretty good as far as usage goes. I wish this product were cheaper, but I appreciate the brand’s pricing transparency (more on that later).

More about the brand…

Works best for…

  • Those new to skincare, but want simple, yet effective products to build a routine.

  • Any skincare junkies looking to try something new.

  • Those wanting to support brands that have a strong social impact.

Gets extra credit for…

  • Brand transparency. On every product page of Dieux’s site, customers get both a pricing and sustainability breakdown for the product they’re shopping for. You’ll get to see the waste impact and carbon emissions of said product, and why you’re paying what you’re paying — all the way down to the formula and packaging cost. It seems like a minor thing, but it’s actually incredibly important and something I wish all brands did.

  • Social impact. As if this brand couldn’t get any better, $1 from each product purchased goes to a cause. Causes vary from those supporting reproductive rights, the climate crisis, and more.

How I did my homework…

  • I’ve thoroughly tested Dieux’s suite of products and have used them in my routine consistently, every day, for the last two years. I’ve gone through two tubes of Instant Angel, two bottles of Air Angel, three bottles of Deliverance Serum, and one Auracle Eye Serum.


  • Shop Dieux products at,, and select Sephora locations.

  • Forever Eye Masks, $25.

  • Auracle Eye Serum, $44.

  • Instant Angel, $45.

  • Air Angel, $44.

  • Deliverance, $69. Use code SKIMM20 for 20% off the serum through the end of the month.

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