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Our Official Review of the Loftie Alarm Clock

loftie alarm clock
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Loftie
March 14, 2023

This post was originally published in April 2022 and has been updated.

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The assignment…

To see if Loftie ($149), a multiuse smart alarm clock designed to help you put down your phone and get more sleep, should become your new bedroom must-have.

Straight A’s in…

  • Multiple useful features. We love how versatile Loftie is. Between the soft glow of the night-light to the storm sounds available via the sound machine to the Bluetooth speaker. You can listen to your own playlist before bed, or work through an included guided meditation. The night-light brightness can be adjusted, along with the volume of the sound machine.

  • Two-phase alarm options. Each alarm is easy to set, plus the sound options are not jarring. There are various options to choose from, but we preferred the wake-up tone of “waves” and the get-up tone of “percussive.” You can set more than one alarm per day or week. You’ll also be able to adjust volume, and if you’re away from your home, you can control the alarms from your phone. 

  • Aesthetic and ease of use. Loftie is minimal in style and looks chic on a nightstand. We found it rather quick and easy to set up. Plus, using the clock is intuitive: Toggling around and exploring the different features is simple. IOHO (in our humble opinion), Loftie is very user-friendly.

Room for growth…

  • Need for wires. Loftie needs to be plugged in, which calls for a wire and the need for a power source. There’s a rechargeable backup battery in the device should the power go out, but realistically the clock should always be plugged in. 

  • Software updates. Loftie will require software updates when new features and content are released. You’ll receive an email alerting you to this, which means you’ll have to restart the device when this happens.

  • Phone app. There is a compatible phone app required for Loftie’s initial setup. While we didn’t find this to be a deterrent, it is another app that you’ll need to download to your device.

loftie alarm clock

Plays well with…

  • Those who don’t want to use their phones as an alarm clock. If you’re looking to improve your sleep hygiene, Loftie allows you to leave your phone outside of your bedroom. 

  • Anyone who doesn’t want to sleep in total silence or needs some type of noise to block out street sounds, annoying neighbors, etc.

  • Someone who is trying to simplify their wakeup and bedtime routine. The two-phase alarm isn’t intrusive, you’re lulled awake by more serene sounds. At night, you can work through a guided meditation or play soothing nature soundscapes as you unwind for bed.

Gets extra credit for…

  • Having a blackout mode. The screen’s brightness can be adjusted, and if you’re super sensitive to light in your bedroom, you can turn off the display completely.

loftie alarm clock

How we did our homework… 

  • One Skimm HQ editor tested the Loftie alarm clock over the course of two months. She used it Monday through Friday as her morning alarm, replacing her iPhone alarm entirely. She also tested all features including the night-light, sound machine, Bluetooth speaker, and wellness content (breathwork and guided meditations). She downloaded the compatible app to set it up and tested setting alarms from the app and clock itself. She also set alarms of different tones and volumes, noting the effect of a two-phase alarm that is meant to gently stir you awake. Were the alarms loud enough? Was the white noise machine effective? When the alarm clock needed a software update, she made sure to fully complete the process, noting how quick the alarm was to restart.


  • $149

  • USB-C cable and power adapter included

  • Wi-Fi connection required

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