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Smart and Creative Things to Do With Your Phone’s Camera Roll

creative ways to deal with your phone's packed camera roll
Lara Antal
January 8, 2021

Raise your hand if your phone’s camera roll has pics from 2012. Yep, us too. It’s time to organize all those beautiful memories. We’re talking folders, prints, and apps. 

And on the not-so down-low, freeing up physical space on your phone can also greatly free up mental space. No more feeling bogged down with the 100 snaps you took of your most recent foray into sourdough baking. A bajillion photos of your pet? or two will do just fine. On your mark, get set, organize.

memory box that transforms your old family videos and photos into digital versions

A safe and easy way to digitize all your old family videos and photos…

It’s simpler than you think. Just follow the step-by-step instructions, and send in your original videos, photos, and negatives. In six to eight weeks, you’ll receive those originals back, plus a new digital version via thumb drive, DVD, or as a download from the cloud. Get the tissues ready because you’re about to binge all those baby videos. ($53.99+, Legacy Box)

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heart-shaped photo collage print

A heart-shaped print to fill with all your favorite memories…

To start, pick 30 of your best photos to fill this sweet print. Minted will do the rest. You’ll get a heart-shaped collage of them to hang in your home. Psst...Valentine’s Day isn’t thattt far away. We’re just giving you some ideas… ($29+, Minted)

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a photo album that can lay flat on a coffee table

A photo album that can lay flat on a coffee table…

So you can showcase different milestones. Like a wedding, honeymoon, or birth. The pages are ultra thick, so you get high quality prints that’ll last you a lifetime. Pause for awwws. ($149+, Artifact Uprising)

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google photos storage app you can download on your phone

A photo storage app that can free up space on your cell…

Because you have to scroll and scroll (and scroll) to get all the way to the top of your camera roll. It works via your Gmail account. Your first 15 GB of storage are free. Once stored, your photos are safe and private to you. Within the app you can search based on people, places, and things in them (no need to tag). Oh, and you can edit within the app, too. Score. (Free to download from the App Store)

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personalized fridge photo magnets

A set of photo magnets to place on your fridge…

Consider these a convenient way to add photos around your home without having to hang a frame. TBH, another hole in your wall may not fly if you’re renting, so better stay away from the nails and hammer. ($7.25+, Shutterfly)

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customized photo desk calendar

A wooden clipboard calendar that’ll zhuzh up your desk decor…

Fully customize this calendar with 12 of your most sentimental pics. It’s 2021 and it’s time to invest in your work from home station. ($25, Artifact Uprising)

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amazon prime photos storage app available for those with a prime membership

A photo storage option for Amazon Prime members…

Included with a Prime membership, users get unlimited photo storage with 5 GB of video storage. You can download the Amazon Photos app to your phone to easily share and print images, too. Once your photos are saved to the Amazon Photos bank, you can delete them off your device. And we love the sound of that. (Free with an Amazon Prime membership)

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personalized photo puzzle

A personalized puzzle that’ll fit up to five photos…

More time in quarantine = more puzzles. And this one-of-a-kind puzzle will make your fave winter activity that much better. Just try not to lose a piece. ($19.79+, Shutterfly)

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string lights with photo clips

A set of string lights with photo clips…

Dreamy string lights in your bedroom? Check. Hanging some of your best pics? Also check. No need to spend a ton of time figuring out a gallery wall. This is the perfect option for those who want a quick solution. And they’ll look super cute with polaroid prints. ($14.98, Amazon)

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flickr photo storage app for your phone

A Flickr account so you can create tons of albums…

Whether on your desktop or on your phone, Flickr (remember those days) is still one of the biggest photo-storage applications around. You can edit and share with ease, plus get access to the Flickr community. Browse trending photos, explore the profiles of other users, or upload privately to keep your most precious prints secure. (Free to download from the App Store)

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square framed photos for an easily made gallery wall

A set of photo tiles that’ll make creating a gallery wall wayyy easier…

We know, we know. Figuring out what photos to hang and how  big to size them can be overwhelming. Mixtiles can simplify the process. Each tile is 8 inches by 8 inches, removable, reusable, and will leave no marks. Plus, shipping is free. Always. ($11/per tile, Mixtiles)

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tabletop frames for printed photos

A colorful tabletop frame to add to a bedside table or dresser…

Sometimes you just gotta keep it simple. And by simple, we mean adding some beautiful and colorful frames to your bedroom and living room. Worth it? Totally. ($34+, Anthropologie)

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