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15 Smart Bedroom Upgrades That Are Actually Worth It

products to help you get a healthy sleep schedule
October 23, 2020

Getting a good night’s sleep can be easier than it sounds. Which is why making sure your bedroom is in the best shape possible is important. How old is your mattress? *scratches head in uncertainty* 

Now, you might not need every item on this list (we know, things can get expensive). But investing in sound sleep is investing in your health. And these things will help soothe you, keep you cool, and block out unwanted noise. Sweet dreams, coming right up.

PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. Thanks.

sunrise alarm clock to help with a smoother wake up experience

A sunrise alarm clock to make waking up a more enjoyable experience…

Or, just to make waking up...tolerable. The alarm clock mimics a sunrise, so the light will gradually get brighter and brighter. It can also mimic a sunset to help lull you to sleep. Goodbye, blaring radar siren sound. You will not be missed. ($39.98, Amazon)

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thuma bed frame for better mattress support

A platform bed frame that’ll upgrade you from the mattress-on-the-floor college days…

Because you’re an adult now. And that calls for a quality, eco-friendly platform bed. You’ll get storage underneath and assembly only takes five(ish) minutes.’s been thoroughly tested so, yes, it’s sturdy. And it’ll ship to your door for free.* ($695+, Thuma)

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memory foam mattress for better sleep

A memory foam mattress for all-night support…

The top layer is made of breathable, soft foam. While the base provides stability for every sleeping position imaginable. It’ll mold to your body and has an 100-night trial for those who are hesitant to commit. It’s time to rest easy. ($699+, Leesa)

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tiny and portable white noise machine for sound sleeping

A portable white noise machine to block out noisy neighbors…

It has a tiny fan inside that makes white noise. But you adjust the tone and volume. And it can be controlled via an app, so you don’t even have to get out of bed. Dogs barking? Random late-night dance parties? Hmmmm...can’t hear ya. ($79.99, Snooz)

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air purifier to clean the air and help with pollen, dust, and pet hair

An air purifier to rid of pet hair, pollen, dust, mold spores, and bad odors…

So you can breath easily when you snooze. No more sneezing or coughing. It’s got three fan speeds, a timer feature, and an indicator light so you know when the filter needs to be changed. Inhale, exhale. ($89.99, Amazon)

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weighted blanket that is cozy and soft

A weighted blanket to help you achieve a more restful sleep…

Because tossing and turning = bad zzzz’s. Evenly distributed weight can produce a deeper sleep, with more serotonin and less cortisol. Aka, more relaxing vibes and less stress. Also, it’s made from very soft cotton, so it’s a must-have. ($249+, Bearaby)

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boxer shorts that are comfy to sleep and lounge in with pockets

A pair of shorts that’ll become your go-to pajamas…

Introducing Jambys: pjs + boxers. They’re breathable, incredibly soft, and have pockets. They’re literally the perfect lounge short. And they’re thick enough to wear around people or out to the mailbox. Add to cart. ($35, Jambys)

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blackout curtains to help keep your room dark for better sleep

A pair of blackout curtains so your room will stay dark…

Because sometimes you don’t wanna wake up when the sun rises. Sometimes you just wanna sleep till noon. ($31.49+. JCPenney)

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cozy pillows with adjustable density, can use extra filling or take out filling

An adjustable pillow so you can get the perfect softness…

That’s right – you can add or remove fill to achieve the right density. No more sore necks or tense shoulders. Just an aligned spine. ($59.99, Coop Home Goods)

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cool side pillowcase that stays cool when you snooze

A cool-side pillowcase for hot sleepers that just want some relief…

Designed to stay cool throughout the night, this pillowcase will transform any old pillow that’s already on your bed. It can prevent annoying hair sweats, too. So no, you won’t need to sleep with your hair in a tight top knot. ($39.99+, Coop Home Goods)

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double-sided quilt

A new quilt set for when you’ve been watching too much HGTV…

Sometimes your bedroom just needs a refresher. This quilt is double-sided, comes with two matching shams, and is made from 100% cotton. Toss on some colorful pillows and bam – the makeover is complete. ($110+, Jungalow)

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essential oil diffuser

An essential oil diffuser to fill your bedroom with the smell of lavender…

Consider it a part of your pre-bed routine. This diffuser can run up to 12 hours straight or be set via a timer. It has 14 LED colors for mood lighting. So it can double as a night light. Feeling chill in… ($65, Urban Outfitters)

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lightweight duvet insert for all-year use

A duvet insert that’ll be cozy no matter the season…

Summer included. It’s lightweight, but still warm enough to last the winter. You can insert it into a duvet cover, or use it by itself. It’s time to snuggle. ($95+, Allswell)

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storage baskets for bedroom clutter

A storage basket for random things that clutter your bedroom floor…

A clean space is a happy space. And less clutter in your bedroom can create a more relaxing environment. So you can focus on sleep. ($89, Goodee)

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aloe plant

An aloe plant to bring some greenery (and clean air) to your space…

Aloe plants call for direct sun and low watering. Tbh, it’s pretty low maintenance. And in return, it’ll help purify the air. Such a good plant. ($83, Ansel & Ivy)

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