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21 of Our Favorite Socks for Every Situation

Baggu socks, Anthropologie socks
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February 21, 2023

This post was originally published in February 2022 and has been updated.

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We’ve got 99 problems and finding the right sock for our every move is one of them. Because there’s nothing worse than trying to squeeze the thick, cozy socks you were wearing on a lazy day into a chic going-out boot. Or realizing your new ‘no-show’ socks are actually always sliding off the back of your ankle. With every occasion to wear socks comes lots of different kinds for all your needs. Like fuzzy socks for lounging, compression socks for flights, and dress socks for a fancy night out — to name a few. So we polled Skimm HQ’rs and rounded up their faves for every sitch. *Oprah voice* you get a sock, you get a sock, and you get a sock.

Basic everyday socks

Outdoor Voices socks
Outdoor Voices

For when you want a fun pair of colorful crew socks to wear daily…

These Outdoor Voices ones can literally do it all, perfect for lounging at home, wearing during yoga or under your favorite boots. They’re not too thick and not too thin — they’re juuuust right. And also feel super supportive without giving you that custom orthotics feel. Plus, the bright colors and logo add a fresh, modern look to any outfit. ($28/3 pack, Outdoor Voices)

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Bombas socks

For when simple, solid neutrals are your vibe…

Bombas socks are known (and loved by many HQ’rs) for their quality and comfort. Aka you’ll feel like you’re walking on air. These lightweight ones are bulk-free and are made with a soft, breathable fiber that should hold up over time. Plus, the seams are super smooth so you won’t have those annoying bumps that can irritate your skin. Psst: Bombas donates a pair of socks every time you buy a pair. Do good, feel good. ($53.20/4 pack, Bombas)

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Hanes socks

For when you want something that’ll take you from day to night…

AM workout, day at the office, and then happy hour on the agenda? No stress. These are the ideal transitional piece to add to your wardrobe. They look cool and feel comfy, and there’s a reason they’ve got over 30K reviews. These OGs from Hanes have full-sole cushioning for comfort, and a reinforced heel and toe so they’ll hold up in the wash. The soft cotton knit will feel great on your skin too. One HQ’r rocks these over leggings for workouts and then on social occasions with a bootcut or cropped jean with sneakers. You’ve got tons of options — just make sure your roomie doesn’t steal them come laundry time. ($10.97/10 pack, Amazon)

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No-show socks

Adidas no-show socks

For when your feet tend to get hot…

These ultra thin no-shows to the rescue. If you hate the feeling of heavy, thick socks then say ‘hey’ to these. They’re super lightweight (so maybe don’t rock them during a snowstorm) and will give your toes a ton of flexibility and space to move around. There’s nothing suffocating or constricting about them. In the colder months, one HQ’r loves to wear them with slippers since they’re thin enough to keep you from overheating. And in the warmer months, you can wear ’em with just about everything. ($14+/6 pack, Amazon)

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No-show socks

For when you don’t want your socks to show while rocking Vans or low-top Converse…

These one-size-fits-all, non-slip ones have a silicone, rubber design that’ll keep them from falling off the back of your foot and sliding around toward the bottom of your shoe (which we hate). These should solidly stay in place while you’re on the go. Plus, they’re designed with a technology to keep your feet dry and cool. ($11.99/6 pack, Amazon)

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Thick, cozy socks for lounging

Cozy Earth

For when you want something you can run errands in and then come home to chill…

A quick run to the store in the AM? Check. A lazy lounge sesh at home in the PM? Also check. This super-cozy option is a great transitional staple that’ll keep your feet comfy no matter what’s on your to-do list. They’re made from a breathable and moisture-wicking viscose (from bamboo). So they’re a bit cooler than traditional cotton. Since they’re constructed with a certain weave, they’re safe to machine wash and won’t pill. Time to stock up. Psst…read up on our full review for more details. ($38.40/3 pack, Cozy Earth)

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Cozy, wool socks

For when the only thing on your to-do list is to sit on your couch…

Enter: these irresistibly soft cuties to the mix. They’ve got a ton of colors to pick from and are made with wool, cotton, and polyester. Plus, if you decide to press pause on the couch-potato lifestyle, the vintage look works great with jeans and an outfit to head outside in too. ($15.99/5 pack, Amazon)

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Brother Vellies cloud socks
Brother Vellies

For when you’re trying to pull off a ‘fuzzy socks over leggings’ fit…

Let’s be real: It takes a lot of work to execute the ‘effortless’ look. But with these heavenly cloud socks (trust us, they feel like actual heaven), it’s made a lil’ easier. These are one-size-fits-all, and you’ve got more than 15 colors to pick from. Order one for yourself and everyone in your life. You won’t regret these cult faves. Promise. ($35, Brother Vellies)

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For when your floors are freezing in the AM…

Slide these Barefoot Dreams beauties on and say ‘buh-bye’ to chilly tiles. These babes hit right at the calf and are so soft. Plus, they’re made from the brand’s thick cult-fave knit so they basically feel like slipper socks. Wear them with your go-to pair of Uggs for the ultimate cozy vibe. ($15, Nordstrom)

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Sporty socks

Pilates socks

For when you need something with grips for your Pilates class…

No accidental tumbles here. These non-slip socks with straps are also great for barre, yoga, or any sort of related-fitness session. These anti-skid, ballet-inspired silhouettes will give you enough space to move your toes naturally and will help mitigate any instability you may face. So you can get your Downward-Facing Dog and namaste on with peace of mind. ($19.99/3 pack, Amazon)

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Running socks

For when you desperately need a running sock that won’t make you sweaty…

Finding the perfect mix of supportive and breathable is tricky. And that’s why we love these. They have a tab at the heel to give your Achilles some added protection. And have extra cushioning along the sole to aid with impact absorption and comfort. Other bonuses? They work to prevent friction so you can avoid uncomfortable blisters. Plus, the breathable mesh and moisture-wicking material work to keep your feet ventilated — so they’ll feel dry, cool, and, most importantly, odor-free. Sweat sesh starting in 3, 2, 1… ($17.99/6 pack, Amazon)

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Comrad compression socks

For when you’ve got a long flight ahead of you…

Compression socks have entered the group chat. Pros of wearing these include all-day comfort and support, increased circulation, improved leg and foot comfort, decreased lactic acid buildup, and reduced swelling and inflammation. No blood clots here, phew. ($28, Comrad)

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Hiking sock

For when you need something odor-proof for your next hike…

These trail socks are designed with maximum comfort and long days in mind. They’ve got a ton of enticing features, like Achilles support, a reinforced heel and toe for strength, instep support for stability, seamless toe closure to prevent blisters, a breathe zone to keep your foot ventilated, and more. Psst: One Skimm HQ’r likes to wear these on non-hiking activities too. So even if you’re not the most athletic, they’re great to rock under a Chelsea boot. ($26, Icebreaker)

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Dress socks for your night out

Falke dress socks

For when you have an all-black ‘going out’ outfit ready…

No white tube socks allowed, thank you very much. These flat-seamed silk ones are machine washable (a major plus after a wild night). The silk-rich material is knit with cotton so they’re as durable as they are soft. All you need now is the perfect boot and some plans with your crew. ($38, Nordstrom)

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Skims hoisery sock

For when you want something that goes up past your ankles but you don’t want to wear tights…

We feel you. Enter: these hosiery socks from Skims. They come in four nude shades and are made with a premium, rip-resistant fabric. (Because we’ve all been there trying to put on a delicate sock or tights, and oops — rip city.) These will hit past the ankle and have a ribbed knit cuff to help them stay up on your leg. Plus, they’re machine washable. They’re skimpossible to beat. ($10, Skims)

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Le Bon sparkle socks

For when you want something that isn’t your average dress sock…

POV: You just binged “Euphoria” and are looking for a glitzy but functional sock for your next night out. Choose from a purple and white set or a sparkly black and gold pack. They’re made of nylon (with a shimmer dusting) that’ll jazz up any look. Insta fit-check meets comfort, coming right up. ($24/2 pack, Anthropologie)

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Socks for guys

Happy socks
Happy Socks

For when you want to give your guy nice socks with a twist…

Just because you want to brighten things up doesn’t mean you should have to skimp on quality. These bold-printed ones from Happy Socks are made of a stretchy cotton blend and come in a perfectly packaged gift box. Whether you just want to say ‘ily, here’s a little something’ or you’re trying to be a bit more subtle about helping him upgrade his wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with these. ($64/4 pack, Happy Socks)

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Food-themed socks for guys

For when you want to add a splash of fun to your man’s everyday outfits…

Let him live a little. This four-pack of food-themed socks will brighten up your guy’s drawer (and their day) — whether they’re a foodie or just love a good taco Tuesday now and then. You can also choose from other themed designs, like animals and sports. Sock yeah. ($11.99/4 pack, Amazon)

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Graphic socks

Girlfriend Collective 'please recycle' socks
Girlfriend Collective

For when you want your wardrobe to have a message…

Caring about the earth is cool, and telling the world how much you care is even cooler. These quarter crew socks from one of our fave eco-friendly brands are made from recycled water bottles. They’ve got a compressive stitch that can help with circulation and swelling too. Do good, feel good, look good. The magic trifecta. ($14, Girlfriend Collective)

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Mother socks
Mother Denim

For when you want to give your BFF a little gift…

Maybe it’s a ‘congrats on that amazing thing you just did’ or maybe they just love quirky accessories. These fun socks have major old-school appeal and cheeky phrases on ’em. Choose from several options and let their outfit do the rest. OOTD pics, coming right up. ($28, Revolve)

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Baggu socks

For when you miss your high school’s ‘crazy sock’ day…

Maximalism for the win. We’ve got these brightly colored, happy little babes from one of our fave brands chilling in our carts. They’re made with a bamboo rayon, so they’ll be breathable, and are machine washable too. Buy one at a time or scoop up a pack of three if you wanna match with your crew. Do it, do it. ($12, Baggu)

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