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Tech Gifts for the One Who Always Has the Latest Gadgets

the best tech gifts for the holiday season
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November 1, 2021

We’ve all got that person in our lives who is obsessed with all things tech. Maybe they’re always tinkering with the latest smartphone release. Or constantly reading up on what’s dropping soon. Either way — gifting them with the perfect tech-related gadget seems like a no-brainer. When it comes to browsing, though, there’s so much out there to sort through. That’s why we did the hard work for you and rounded up the coolest accessories, gizmos, and gadgets that’ll take their love for tech to new heights. Holiday shopping just got easier. 

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An all-in-one charger

An all-in-one charger for the person who always forgets to power up… 

You know that sinking feeling when you wake up and your device is at 5% battery? Thanks to this clever charging station, your giftee will never know that dread. The sleek dock charges up to three devices — like their AirPods, Apple Watch, and smartphone — all at once. And because it’s wireless, they won’t need to fumble with any fraying cables. Phew. ($125, Case-Mate)

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A tracking device

A tracking device that’ll help them avoid the daily frantic search for their keys… 

Stop the madness with this Apple AirTag. It simply attaches to any item (backpacks, wallets, etc.) and — via a one-tap setup — syncs with an iPhone or iPad. When something goes missing, the AirTag can play a sound to help them locate their valuables. The future is here, and it’s about to make their life easier. ($29, Amazon

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safety bracelet

A safety-first accessory that also happens to look really cute…

This tech bracelet can trigger fake phone calls and text friends your GPS location. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who’s ever asked you to send that check-in text when they’re on a date (which has been all of us, tbh). Or just for anyone wanting to take extra safety precautions. Psst...the bracelet can also be used to contact 911 — without touching your phone. It’s easy and incredibly discreet. Trust us, they’ll get so many compliments on the chic band (whether they go for the metal cuff, beaded bangle or newly launched leather style), they’ll forget they’re wearing a gadget. ($129, Flare)*

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A UV phone sanitizer

A UV phone sanitizer and charger that’ll do the dirty work for them… 

Cleaning a phone isn’t easy. The solution: This small case. It emits a 360-degree UV light that kills 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses on their phone, keys, or wallet. They can even charge their phone while it works its magic (it takes about 10 minutes total). Sigh of relief sold separately. ($79.95, PhoneSoap)

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A puffy laptop sleeve

A puffy laptop sleeve to protect precious cargo… 

As they travel from place to place, it’s important that they protect their laptop from spills, drops, and knicks. This 13-inch padded case will ensure nothing bad happens while flying, road-tripping, or simply tackling their daily commute. It comes in 12 fun prints and — huge bonus — is machine-washable. ($28, Baggu)

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Droplette device

​​Revolutionary skincare tech for amping up their routine...

The person who’s all about healthy skin and never forgets the sunscreen? This award-winning device is for them. It uses physics-powered tech to get derm-approved micro-mist serums 20x deeper than traditional skincare. Aka past the skin barrier. So the ingredients (think: collagen and retinol) can actually be absorbed. Oh, and it’s backed by NASA. Nbd. Plus Skimm’rs get $100 off new devices with code SKIMM100 when they shop now. ($199, Droplette)*

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A mini percussive massager

A mini percussive massager with some serious kneading power… 

A Swedish massage doesn’t have a thing on this sore-muscle soother. This mini massage gun sends out an impressive 2,400 percussions-per-minute on its highest setting to work out knots and relieve aches and pains. And because it’s only 6 inches tall and extremely lightweight, it can get the job done anywhere. Oh, it also comes with a convenient carrying case. Worth it? Totally. ($199, Therabody)

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A tech repair tool kit

A tech repair tool kit so they can avoid a trip to the Genius Bar… 

Chances are your dad has a basic home tool kit stashed in his closet, but does he have one with tools tiny enough to fix his most precious devices? This tiny kit includes everything he could possibly need to repair his smartphone — prying tools, steel bits, and more. ($69.99, Amazon)

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A watch band

A watch band that adds a bit of style to their favorite piece of tech… 

This adorable floral pattern will instantly upgrade their Apple Watch, taking it from a boring tool to a must-have fashion accessory. The band is also water- and sweat-resistant, which means it’s plenty durable as your recipient goes about their day. ($52, Casetify)

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A cord pouch

A cord pouch that corrals their wires into a single, organized place… 

This small pouch, made from durable, recycled materials, keeps chargers, adapters, and other cables close at hand. It’s also a convenient place to stash other essentials, like lip balm, earbuds, or even a small bottle of hand sanitizer. So while they’re on the go, they’ll have all their charging accessories together. ($29, Day Owl)

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A smart plug

A smart plug that turns just about anything into an Alexa-enabled device… 

Bring voice control to any device: a coffee maker, fan, or lamp. When they need to turn something on, it’ll be as simple as calling Alexa’s name. They can even control devices while they’re away thanks to the downloadable Alexa app. ($24.99, Amazon)

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An alarm clock

An alarm clock that makes waking up a whole lot easier… 

No matter how early they have to rise, this two-phased alarm clock takes a gentler approach. The first alarm gently stirs, while the second gets them out of bed. Both are meant to be soothing, not annoying. They’ll also be able to schedule different alarms for various days of the week, play white noise, practice breath work, and listen to stories. Now they’ll be able to actually put down their cell before bed. It’s a whole new routine. ($149, Loftie)

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A selfie lens

A selfie lens for the friend who’s always ready for their close-up… 

Whether they’ve just launched a new ‘gram series or simply want to get the group shot without relying on an outdated selfie stick, this little lens can help. It clips right over the camera on their smartphone to take wide-angle snapshots and close-ups. It even comes with a clip-on light to help them put their best face forward. Hello, flashing lights. ($44.99, Amazon)

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Cleaning putty

Cleaning putty to help get them out of a crummy situation… 

This taffy is pretty sweet, but not in the way you may think. The sticky substance contains boric acid and picks up any stubborn dirt and grime (plus kills bacteria) from hard-to-reach crevices of keyboards, speakers, and more. It even works in places like car vents. Ah, as good as new. ($12.99, The Container Store)

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A fourth-generation Echo Dot

A fourth-generation Echo Dot that’ll help them tackle their to-do list...

When you can’t physically lend them a helping hand, gift them a gadget that can do just that. This palm-sized smart speaker can assist with everything from making grocery lists to setting timers to playing their favorite tunes. It can also give them daily news or weather briefings, or even tell them a joke when they’re bored. It’s like their own personal assistant. ($34.99, Amazon)

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A power bank

A power bank that’s as cute as it is functional…

This little power bank does more than just juice their device — it doubles as a hand warmer on days that are beyond freezing. No more frozen fingers that are struggling to text ‘omw.’ It’s got enough power to take you from 0% to full battery. And we adore that it’s shaped like a suitcase. ($45, Multitasky)

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Airpods case

A stylish case to spiff up their Airpods… 

With 19 different colors and patterns, there’s no shortage of ways to help them style a plain old Airpods case. The silicone material helps prevent case scratches, plus it’s easy to clean at the end of the day. They can attach it to a purse handle and out the door they go. ($8.99, Amazon)

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A GoPro camera

A GoPro camera to help them document all of their greatest adventures… 

Made with a built-in stabilizer, this GoPro shoots in stunning 5K video that makes rewatching footage almost as enjoyable as witnessing it firsthand. It also has a built-in webcam, so they can live stream in 1080 pixels. Getting the perfect shot is easy too. The waterproof camera (functional up to an impressive 33 feet) has both front and rear touch screens. It’s the ideal gift for those who are safely returning to traveling and wanna share their trip with friends and family. ($329.99, Amazon)

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A retro-looking record player

A retro-looking record player that operates like a modern sound system… 

This vintage-inspired turntable spins vinyl records without fuss, plus is Bluetooth-compatible so they can stream music from their phones too. It even has a built-in headphone jack for solo listening if they’ve got a roommate or two. Time to jam out. ($99, Urban Outfitters)

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