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December 20, 2021

Ho ho hey. 

‘Tis officially the season...where you have no idea where all your time and money went. So we teamed up with Walmart+ to make this week’s newsletter a Very Special Edition that’s all about saving both during the holiday season. Walmart+ can help with that (you’ll see) — and so can the rest of our recs. Plus, Cynthia Erivo is here to Skimm Her Life.

So read on, keep calm, carry on, etc. And remember...to us, you are perfect. Here we go.

Last-Minute Lifesaver

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We know it’s only December 9. But this year, that means we’re already in crunch time thanks to those supply chain issues you’ve definitely heard all about. Enter: (surprise) a Walmart+ membership. It can help you get everything you need. When you need it. Phew.

Because members get free shipping on last-minute gifts. Without worrying about hitting an order minimum.† Aka it’s nbd if you have to keep ordering more because your cousins keep changing their RSVP status for the fam festivities. Aaaand breathe out.

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