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The Home Edit on Their Smartest Purchases and Organization Hacks

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The Home Edit
June 22, 2023

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Skimm Her Life is in its dynamic duo era. We’re back this week with The Home Edit’s Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer. These two are about to go on tour for the summer, so be sure to grab tickets. PS: Want more Clea & Joanna? Get organization advice delivered directly to your inbox each week by signing up for their weekly newsletter here. Until then, Clea and Joanna, share your magic…

Smartest purchase you’ve made recently?

Joanna: A weighted blanket. It is like a reminder for a deep breath every single night. 

Clea: A travel pill organizer for all my daily medications. It makes it so simple to keep track when I’m on the road.

What are you most excited about on your upcoming tour? What can attendees and longtime THE fans expect?

Clea: Between COVID and cancer, it’s been a long few years, and we’re looking forward to being back with our community in person. The last time we were out on the road was for our book tour right before the pandemic. 

Joanna: Attendees can expect a dynamic live experience where we’ll share a behind-the-scenes look at our lives and business, organizing tips and tricks, and lots of laughs.

Your favorite organization products from any of your lines?

Joanna: Our baby bins. I love organizing spaces like drawers, and these make it easy to divide your items into categories so every item has a home. 

Clea: I love our all-purpose bins because they can be used literally anywhere — closet, pantry, playroom, you name it.

Tips on how to get more organized for those who don’t know where to start?

Clea: We always say start small. Organizing can get overwhelming, so set yourself up for success by tackling a small space first, like a drawer or under the sink. 

Joanna: Also, be sure to edit. Ask yourself if you really use it, need it, or love it — and if not, it's got to go

Your favorite organization hack?

  1. When in doubt, ROYGBIV it out. Not only is the rainbow aesthetically pleasing, it’s a great guide for kids and adults alike so everyone in the home knows where things go.

  2. Take advantage of vertical space. There is often so much valuable space that goes to waste, so be sure to use stackable bins to take advantage of vertical space in places like your pantry, garage, or closet.

  3. Remove all packaging. To maximize space, it helps to remove items from their original packaging and store them within drawer inserts, bins or canisters. This also helps you know when you’re running low on things.

What three items do you always have when you’re about to tackle an organization project?

Clea: A measuring tape because you should always measure the space before shopping for products, my phone to jot down measurements and for photos after, and comfy shoes. 

Joanna: Clea used to show up for projects in espadrilles back in the early days. She learned quickly that sneakers were a much better option.

Something you always have in your bag?

Clea: A backup phone charger and low-carb tortillas.

Joanna: A packable jacket. I’m always cold.

Best splurge purchase that was totally worth it?

Clea: Handbags. They’re always a good investment. They can elevate any look.

Joanna: Handbags and jewelry for me. I justify it by knowing I will wear these time and time again.

Best thing you’ve been influenced to buy from TikTok?

Clea: An air fryer. And then I made Joanna buy one.

Joanna: I was secondhand influenced.

Best piece of advice for women entrepreneurs?

Clea: There’s no such thing as balance. All you can do is just try to do your best when it comes to juggling a career and a family.

Joanna: Always bet on yourself.

Favorite surprisingly useful item under $25?

Joanna: A headband. It instantly elevates an outfit and makes any ponytail a happier one.

Clea: A car trunk organizer. The trunk is basically the car equivalent to a giant closet. An organizer keeps all your items contained and in place so you know exactly where to find things.

Which celeb that you’ve worked with is the most obsessed with being organized? Or who’s home was one of your favorites to work on?

Khloé Kardashian might be the one person on the planet who is even more organized than us. She could have taken our jobs, for sure.

Psst: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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