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17 Things You Need if You Really, Really Love Wine

wine-themed shoes
August 21, 2020

Calling all wine lovers. Do we have a gift for you...and by gift we mean a roundup of products to take your wine time to the next level. Because sometimes sip happens... 

Check your watch because it’s wine o’clock somewhere.

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portable table for backyard

For when you wanna take happy hour to the backyard…

Hello travel table. This one collapses for easy storage, has two slots for wine glasses, and one hole for a full bottle. Plus it has just enough room left over to hold a plate of your favorite snacks. All you’ve got to do is plant the spike into the ground. Add to cart. ($58, Uncommon Goods)

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wine filters

For when you’re looking to avoid some classic hangover symptoms…

Filter your wine. This tool removes histamines and sulfites. Aka, the things that can cause reactions like congestion, red cheeks, and headaches. And no, it won’t affect the taste. Simple solutions, we see you. ($19.95+, The Grommet)

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glass markers

For when you wanna keep track of which glass is yours…

Mark it. So you’re not playing mix and match. Safe not silly. ($19/set of 12, Goodee)

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wine sweatshirt

For when you’re a wine lover and you’re proud…

Wear it. Beyoncé wore kale. You wear wine. ($64, Sub_Urban Riot)

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wine-themed loafers

For when you’re looking to accessorize…

Slip on these. You know what they say...rosé all day. And with these adorable espadrilles, you’ll never want to take them off. Good thing they feature blanket stitching that helps the shoe mold to your foot. Ahhhmazing. ($85, Soludos)

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wine carrier

For when you’re meeting up with friends in the park…

Carry it. BYOW: bring-your-own-wine. This carrier is durable, will insulate your bottle, and will barely show stains. We love it. ($39, Goodee)

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book about best wine and cheese pairings

For when you’re looking to host a few people on the patio…

Create a charcuterie board. But don’t go about it blindly. This book helps you learn the best cheese and wine pairings. So you can really wow your guests. Chef’s kiss. ($14.95, Amazon)

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wine spray to remove stains

For when you accidentally spill a drop or two…

Spray and wash. It works on fresh or dried stains. And on things other than wine (coffee, ink, and sauces). Just spray, wait a few minutes, and then toss in the laundry. Presto. ($9.23, Amazon)

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sangria red wine make it yourself kit

For when your bartending skills aren’t the best…

Turn to a kit. This one does the work for you. One bag contains a mix of dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices and herbs. So you can make the perfect red wine sangria. But heads up, it needs to infuse for three days. So plan accordingly. ($15, InBooze on Etsy)

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wine holder for the shower

For when spa time turns into wine time…

Bring a glass to shower. The silicone backing will stick to your shower wall. So you can shampoo and sip. Time to wine down. ($18, Urban Outfitters)

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wine vacuum sealer

For when you want your favorite bottle to last all week…

Seal it. Just insert the stopper and use the vacuum pump to create an airtight seal so your bottle says fresh. When you hear a click, you know the stopper is in the right place. No wine left behind. ($29.99, Amazon)

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portable wine glass

For when you want your beverage to travel with you…

Make it to-go. This travel glass will prevent spills, is dishwasher-safe, and features a silicone cover. So it can withstand bumps and bruises. Sip, sip hooray. ($25, Uncommon Goods)

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bottle of wine

For when you’re looking to try a new bottle…

Shop around. This chardonnay has hints of pineapple and pear, paired with flavors of apple and citrus. It’ll be the perfect bottle on a warm summer day. ($16.99, McBride Sisters Collection)

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guide to wine types and tastes

For when you’re really looking to impress the fam…

Read up. With detailed taste profiles and region maps, you’ll become a wine pro. It even has serving tips and ways to identify flavors. So when you say ‘light-bodied’ or ‘dry,’ you’ll actually know what you’re talking about. Cheers. ($23, Bookshop)

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wine-themed coloring book

For when you wanna merge your favorite drink with your favorite pastime…

Color the glass half-full. Break out your red crayons. It’s coloring time. Just try to stay within the lines. ($5.99, Amazon)

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wipes for teeth stains and breath smells

For when happy hour has turned your breath smelly…

Freshen up. Instantly brighten up your smile and refresh your breath with a single wipe. They’re ideal for virtual wine tastings when you’re sipping different varieties. Plus they won’t interfere with the taste of your drink. Nothing to wine about here. ($14.20/pack of 12, Amazon)

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kitchen towel

For when your home decor could use a little update…

Add towels. Because you just can’t get enough. And you’ll get a good chuckle out of these. ($9, Kitchen Conversation on Etsy)

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