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22 Unique Gifts for the Friend Who Has Everything

Unique Gifts for the Friend Who Has Everything
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October 21, 2022

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You’ve made your list and checked it twice…but if you’re still finding yourself stumped over what to get that friend who has everything — we gotchu. We rounded up a collection of unique gifts for the ones who truly already have it all. We curated everything from delicious treats and DIY kits to items that’ll liven up their space, and more.Want more holiday gifting ideas? Check out The Shoppes at Skimm Ave. for our recs for everyone on your list.

Urban Outfitters

Aromatherapy steamers that’ll bring a calming vibe to their bathroom…

Fact: No one’s ever complained about having a self-care shower routine. All they’ll have to do is drop one of these little cubes in their shower. It’ll leave behind a relaxing scent. Pick from lavender for relaxation and focus or eucalyptus for breath and release. Bringing the spa to them = priceless. ($12/3 pack, Urban Outfitters)

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A cookbook so beautiful that they’ll want to display it…

This one from Margarita Carrillo Arronte is an essential guide to Mexican, vegetarian home cooking. It even includes vegan, dairy-and gluten-free dishes that everyone can enjoy. The photos and the recipes are equally vibrant. So much so that they’ll definitely want to leave this one out on their coffee table. Whether they’re looking to grow their collection or want to elevate Taco Tuesday with some new recipes, a cookbook is always a dependable gift option. Chef’s kiss. ($48.42, Amazon)

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dame vibrator

The perfect vibrator for someone who’s never owned a vibrator…

Or could really use a new one. Dame’s latest drop, the Dip, makes the big O come easy. Thanks to its one-button control and intuitive (read: no-instructions-needed type of) design. It’s made with waterproof, medical-grade silicone. And features a whisper-quiet motor with five unique intensity settings. So your giftee can find juuuuust what they’re into. PS: Skimm’rs can snag 15% off. ($49, Dame)*

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Van Woof via Etsy

A custom dog portrait that’ll turn their pet into the royalty they unquestionably are…

Send in a picture of their dog or cat and pick an outfit. The artist will do the rest. There are countless options, including a Renaissance royal, Sherlock Holmes, and a Star Wars Jedi. Choose from digital, canvas, or poster options. Totally pawesome. ($29.76+, Van Woof via Etsy)

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Uncommon Goods

A dessert-of-the-month subscription for your favorite home baker…

The holiday season always calls for delicious homemade treats. This yummy membership will give ’em everything they need each month to make some amazing desserts like cinnamon buns or hand pies. Lucky for them: The subscription kicks off with easy-to-make bubble waffles. Waffle you waiting for? And for more great holiday gifts from Uncommon Goods, shop here. ($125+, Uncommon Goods)

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Lightbox studs

A classic and classy pair of earrings to match their ~ sparkling ~ personality…

You know where this is going. This pair of lab-grown diamond earrings will have your giftee feeling allll the razzle-dazzle feels. They’re not only perfect for every holiday event on their cal. They’re also (practically) customizable. Think: five carat sizes, three stone colors, and two different gold settings. Plus, they ship free. Oh hot glam. (Prices vary, Lightbox)*

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Our Place

A Shabbat set from a cult-fave brand…

So they can kick off their weekend ritual feeling extra special. They’ll get an oven pan and corresponding baking mat, a handwoven challah cover, and beeswax twisted candlesticks. Time to light the candles. ($150, Our Place)

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An electric pour-over kettle for their hot chocolate and tea obsession…

You know how the saying goes — a watched pot never boils. Which is why they need this aesthetically pleasing appliance that gets water boiling ASAP (no major waiting time, here). The pointed spout is ultra-precise and its sleek LCD screen displays the water’s real-time temperature. There’s also a 60 minute hold option, so it’ll maintain their desired temp for a whole hour. Plus, there’s a built-in stopwatch option so they can get the perfect brew. ‘Tis the season for endless warm bev refills. And for more great holiday gifts from Amazon, check out our storefront. ($165+, Amazon)

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A weighted stuffed animal they can snuggle up with on the couch…

If they’re obsessed with their weighted blanket, this adorable gift is calling their name. The pressure can help with focus, concentration, and stress and anxiety relief. Plus, the fabric is ultra soft and easy to clean. It’s a self-care gift they’d never expect — in the best way possible. Not just for kiddos. ($64, Amazon)

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Uncommon Goods

A chic wine holder for your bathroom…

Let’s face it. Shower drinks hit different. This design-forward holder features two hand-picked beach stones so their bathroom will really feel like a spa. The holder easily suctions to their shower wall and it even comes with a BPA-free plastic wine glass to keep everything safe and shatter free. It’s 5 pm somewhere right? ($38, Uncommon Goods)

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A cauliflower plush toy just because…

Whether their kiddo loves to help them cook or their babe just can’t resist something soft and squishy, this stuffed toy from Jellycat is bound to put a smile on any child’s face. Caul us obsessed. ($28.50, Nordstrom)

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Birthdate Co.

A personalized book that anyone into astrology will adore…

This made-to-order book features 70+ pages of custom horoscope readings and interpretations based on their birth chart. They can learn about their sun and moon signs as well as which celebs share a similar reading. You’ll just need to find a way to get their astrological deets without spoiling the surprise. Or consider the Birthdate Candle, which consults the stars for a fragrance specific to their birthday. Just input the month and day, and they'll get a fully customized scent and label. ($95, Birthdate Co.)

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Kate McLeod

A moisturizing body stone that’ll soothe any winter dry patches…

This time of the year = saying ‘hello’ to tight, dehydrated skin. Enter: a waterless body stone that softens when it comes into contact with warm, dry skin. If your bestie’s a beauty junkie, it’s probably unlike anything they’ve ever tried. Think of it as a replacement for body lotions and creams (aka goodbye, stickiness and oily remnants). After using it, they’ll feel glowy, soft, and oh-so supple. It’s perfect for anyone who dreads putting on lotion or cream at the end of the day. Psst…this is a gift you might wanna buy for yourself too. ($12+, Kate McLeod)

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Doyourgin via Etsy

A make-your-own whiskey kit if they love heading to happy hour…

All they need is a bottle of their favorite neutral alcohol. They’ll be able to create their own whiskey flavors by mixing liquor with the included wood chip blends, herbs, and spices. It even comes with two empty bottles and labels so they can properly store what they’ve made. And because a warm glass is not where it’s at, the kit even comes with six stainless steel ice cubes. A holiday cocktail party where they can make their own bev? Sip, sip hooray. And for more great holiday gifts from Etsy, shop here. ($58.41, Doyourgin via Etsy)

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A high-tech device that’ll help them get in touch with how they’re feeling…

The Reflect Orb works to control stress and regulate your giftee’s nervous system by using biofeedback (aka the self-monitoring of our own physiology through the use of another device). All they have to do is hold the soft orb in their hands and connect it to the corresponding app. It’ll collect physiological signals from the tip of their fingers, process them, and then recap their mental state back to them. They also can pair it with soothing music or their favorite meditation. Ahh… ($199, Reflect)

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Molly J.

Holiday gumdrops with a twist…

The holidays can be stressful. That’s why they’ll need a confection that’ll give them the actual chill vibes they’ll want this winter. Molly J. handcrafts small-batch CBD gummies with natural fruit flavors. They have zero THC, so they’re non-psychoactive. This sampler includes sparkling pomegranate, elderflower grapefruit, and pear ginger. PS: You can select your dosage before checking out. Delish. ($45+, Molly J.)

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Here For The Burn

A scented candle with an empowering message…

Because they’re in their Main Character Era and you should commemorate that. This one burns for 60 hours and comes in a glass jar they can reuse later as a constant reminder of their star power. All you have to do is pick from the four available scents: mango guava, moroccan amber, spices and evergreen, and musky amber and rose. A gift that just makes scents. ($36, Here For The Burn)

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A kit so they can grow their own microgreens at home…

Giving the gift of a green thumb — it’s a yes from us. They’ll get seed packets, compostable grow trays, expanding soil disks, tray covers, and instructions. The USDA-certified organic and non-GMO seedlings will grow in about a week. They can put them in salads, on sandwiches, in soups — you name it. It’s a present that can spark a new hobby or interest, which means you’ll get bonus points in their eyes. And eating the food they grew definitely feels like an accomplishment. ($29.60, Amazon)

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A prompted journal for your friend who loves to reflect…

Forget gratitude logs and bullet journaling. This “A Million Things to Do Before You Die” diary will have them thinking — deep. (Wild, we know). If they’re obsessed with list making, they’ll enjoy sitting down, having a laugh, and completing this journal out. It has 200 pages of fun, random things to do. Each activity has a corresponding box that they can then fill with memories, thoughts or reflections. If you’re stumped on what to bring to your next white elephant party or what to give to your work wife, stock up on this. It’s the write choice. ($15, Amazon)

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A trendy feeding mat for their favorite furry friend…

Because their pet deserves its very own place mat too. It’s a gift for them…but it’s also a gift for their babe. This one's super soft, so it’ll be a comfy resting spot for their messy little eater while they wait for dinner. And it’ll keep their bowls in place while protecting their floors from any scratches or spills. Pick the bone-shaped one if they’re a dog person. Plus, you can throw it in the wash for the easiest clean up. It’s a dinner paw-ty. ($20, Redbubble)

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TheCherryBlossomUS via Etsy

A beginner embroidery kit so they can get their craft on…

With this, they can unwind on the couch with something other than their phone. This set comes with everything they’ll need to work on their own floral needlepoint project. They’ll get an illustrated piece of linen fabric, two needles, cotton embroidery threads, and instructions. All you have to do is pick their color scheme and which embroidery hoop they’ll want. Sew sweet. ($17.09+, TheCherryBlossomUS via Etsy)

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Edible cookie dough they can eat straight from the jar…

If they have a sweet tooth or love to lick the bowl, they’ll definitely be excited about this yummy treat from Deux. They can pop it in the oven to bake or eat it straight from the jar. It’s plant-based, so there’s no raw egg to worry about, plus it’s gluten-free. This set comes with four mouthwatering treats: their edible brownie batter, enhanced hazelnut butter (Nutella lovers unite), edible birthday cake cookie dough, and classic chocolate chip. Psst: The chocolate chip option has zinc and elderberry in it for immune strengthening, while the birthday cake one is enhanced with ashwagandha for mood support. Tastes good, feels amazing. Cue the squeals of joy. ($64/4 pack, Deux)

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Uncommon Goods

A personalized children’s book all about their favorite pet…

Every pet owner wonders what their dog or cat would say if they could talk. This funny book tells kids what those barks and meows might mean. You can personalize the book with their child’s name and their pet’s name — and the rest of the book writes itself. Trust us, they’ll ruff this. ($35, Uncommon Goods)

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