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19 Valentine’s Day Gifts That’ll Get Use (Not Just Sit in a Box)

practical valentine's day gifts
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Eberjey, FTD, Birthdate Co.
January 29, 2024

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, getting a reasonably priced gift for your person (or yourself) that’s not just flowers and chocolate is oddly tricky. You’re not looking to buy something that gets an “awww” and then placed into a random drawer in your home. These gifts go further than that — we find them actually useful and would ask for them ourselves. Showing your love by gifting your person something that fits seamlessly into their life? Now that’s the mark of a great gift.

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anniversary candle
Birthdate Co.

A 16-ounce candle that bookmarks your anniversary date…

Made from a mix of sage, frankincense, and oakmoss, this candle can be lit on every date night spent at home. Add your and your partner’s name, the date you made it official, and Birthdate Co. will do the rest. Printed on the candle will be a bespoke reading about your anniversary date, along with a tarot card emblematic of your relationship. It’ll burn for over 50 hours and once finished, you can use the glass as decor in your shared home. ($69.99, Birthdate Co.)

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card game for conversation starters
Hella Awkward

A card game to spark conversation in new and interesting ways…

You talk to your person a lot. Which means you’ve probably heard a lot of their go-to stories. This card game helps you delve deeper without having to rack your brain about what to ask them next. Pressure = off. There are four categories, ranging from sex to “real talk.” Use it with your person or keep it on the table when friends come over. Either way, you’ll never experience a lull in conversation again. ($24.99, Hella Awkward)

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Dr. Jart+ cryo cooling rubber face mask

A Dr. Jart+ cryo rubber face mask for spa nights together…

Picture it: It’s post Valentine’s Day dinner; you’re both lounging in front of the television. What better way to end the evening than with a little spa experience? This face mask option from Dr. Jart+ is a two-step mask made with hyaluronic acid for an intense hydration boost. First, apply the included serum to your face, then place the bottom half of the mask before following up with the top. The cryo rubber is immediately cooling. Our editor is obsessed with these, claiming the aftereffect is actually shocking. Smooth, supple skin with reduced redness. It’s a yes from us. ($16, Sephora)

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atlas coffee club six month coffee subscription
Atlas Coffee Club

A six-month gift subscription that’ll provide all the coffee they need…

If your person is the type that insists on making coffee at home so they can play barista, this is your gift. This World Coffee Tour from Atlas Coffee sends them a bag of beans from a new part of the world once a month for six months. You can choose from whole or ground beans, and there’s even an option for Nespresso or Keurig machines. With each bag, they’ll get a postcard from the country and a notecard all about tasting notes and coffee history. ($109, Atlas Coffee Club)

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red velvet cupcake coffee beans
Grounds & Hounds

Or if you’re looking for a single-bag situation, a limited-edition red velvet bag…

Inventory on this one is almost out, so grab one now. It’s a medium roast, with tasting notes of milk chocolate, toasted vanilla, and graham cracker. It’s sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan, so really all of your bases are covered. ($14.99, Grounds & Hounds)

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socks with a wide opening for extra stretch
Wide Open

Socks that aren’t annoyingly restrictive…

Having something squeeze your calf all day long can be close to infuriating. Wide Open makes socks that really stretch, so no pinching or hugging is experienced. These hit right at the top of a boot or a high top, so they’re the perfect height. They’re also made from merino wool and can be worn year-round. Grab a few pairs for him and some for yourself, too. ($25, Wide Open)

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roses flower delivery service

The most classic Valentine’s Day gift there is…

We’re talking about red roses. This bouquet includes either 12 or 24 roses, and you can include a vase or not. It’ll be packed carefully within a box and comes with floral food and care instructions. Place your order today, it’s an easy slam dunk. ($60+, FTD)

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scratch-off date cards
The Adventure Challenge

A set of scratch-off date cards that require minimal planning…

Planning big, elaborate dates takes a lot of time and energy, which is why we wholeheartedly believe in making the process easier. These dates can all take place at home or extremely close to it. Categories include food, games, conversation topics, and more. Plus, each date can be completed in under 30 minutes. Supplies needed will always be minimal. Time to take the stress out of date-planning. ($27.99, The Adventure Challenge)

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chai-spiced hot chocolate mix

A container of chai-spiced hot chocolate…

Packets are a thing of the past. When your partner is craving something sweet, add two tablespoons to milk or water, simmer and strain, then whisk. If they want it even sweeter, add sugar or honey. ($14.99, Spicewalla)

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long sleece tencel modal pajama set in various colors

A long pajama set that isn’t embarrassing to wear around their family…

When you’re visiting in-laws, you don’t want to come down for breakfast in jeans. But maybe your old college T-shirt isn’t really appropriate. This set is made from tencel modal, which is temperature-regulating, machine-washable, and feels gentle on skin. We love that it’s available in a number of colors, so grab a set for him, too. ($138, Eberjey)

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checkered colorful sock slippers with padded bottoms

Fleece-lined knit sock slippers that are joy embodied…

The checkerboard print is loud and fun, so we highly suggest slipping into these when you both get home from work. They’re available in four colors and sizes, and have padding on the bottom so you don’t feel like you’re walking barefoot. The bottom also has slip-resistant patches and the toe box is wide. When you’ve both worn them for days in a row (or weeks, whoops), pop them in the wash. ($55, Verloop)

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slim card wallet for credit cards and cash

A slim card case that’ll get nonstop use…

Or a wallet, depending on the needs of your partner. We lean card case because it’s so handy and fits in every jeans pocket we have. This one is made from German leather and has four credit card slots, a center pocket for cash, and a double-sided thumb opening for quick access. There’s also a RFID-blocking option, which means their data will be safe from unwanted scanning. ($50+, Leatherology)

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dog dad baseball cap in navy
Uncommon Goods

An embroidered baseball cap that is, quite literally, the best…

How can you resist this? “The Dog Father” embroidered on the front is the perfect mix of funny and cute. He’ll get a handful of compliments on your next park visit. ($35, Uncommon Goods)

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tech touch fingertip cashmere gloves
Mack Weldon

Tech cashmere gloves if you’re tired of his ratty ones…

These are the elevated pair you’ve been looking for. They’re water-resistant, with ribbed cuffs, touch-friendly tips on the pointers and thumbs, and suede pull tabs. Whether he’s going to work, out with friends, or on date night with you, these will become his go-to winter accessory. ($68, Mack Weldon)

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valentine's day truffle box
Vosges Chocolate

A gorgeous truffle collection…

If you both have a sweet tooth, this gift is technically for you too. You’ll get 17 truffles, with four bespoke Valentine’s Day love notes. Flavors include bourbon and vanilla, cherry and olive oil, hazelnuts and cacao, and more. PS: We’ve had chocolate from this brand and can confirm it’s delicious. Flavor combinations feel unique and overall presentation is A+. Plus, the brand is woman-founded. ($70, Vosges Chocolate)

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acrylic small storage containers
Open Spaces

Acrylic storage containers for their bedside table…

This set is a four-piece, but we really adore them because you can see inside. Even the tops act as a trinket holder since they have a small dip in the center. They’re stackable and available in three color combos. If they don’t have that much to store, go with the two-piece set. ($64, Open Spaces)

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stanley 40 ounce tumbler in pastel colors

A 40-ounce Stanley tumbler for the partner who avoids hydration…

Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s them. Either way, it seems like everyone we know could use some help in the hydration department and clearly Stanley is having a moment. The double-wall insulation keeps water cold for up to 48 hours, and the slim base actually fits into a car cupholder. But really, we appreciate this tumbler for the lid. It can rotate into three positions: one with a straw hole, a drink opening, and then fully closed. ($45, Stanley)

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taper candles with blue chinoiserie pattern

Chinoiserie taper candles if they’re a candle person…

You both love burning candles in the evening, but maybe you want something that fits your home’s decor. These 10-inch chinoiserie taper candles are an easy way to tie together your living room’s aesthetic and are sold in sets of four. ($25/set of four, PreetyTeaPartee on Etsy)

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colorblock crew neck sweatshirt for guys
American Eagle

A fleece colorblock sweatshirt that’ll become his more stylish lounge option…

We love colorblock clothing. With contrasting cuffs, hem, and neck, it can instantly be elevated with a button-up underneath, but the crew neck gives it an overall relaxed vibe. Grab it for lazy Sundays and pick this up for yourself. ($35, American Eagle)

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