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What to Get for Guys Who Say They ‘Don’t Need Anything’

the best holiday gifts for the guys in your life
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November 1, 2021

Shopping for the guys in your life is somehow always a bit of a challenge. Especially when your request for hints yields nothing more than a blank stare and a shrug. Obviously you’re not about to get them nothing. So what now? 

Glad you asked. We’ve rounded up the gifts that your partner, your dad, or the second cousin you drew for your family’s annual white elephant exchange will love. Sigh of relief included. 

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A coffee table book

A coffee table book for the world traveler… 

This book of city guides, based on the popular New York Times series, is like their own personal travel agent. It offers restaurant and hotel recs, plus photos, maps, and insider knowledge for planning a 36-hour stay in 150 different cities worldwide. The world really is their oyster. ($37.19, Amazon

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A wallet

A wallet that marries function with design...

Because he’s probably still using that one he got all those years ago. This leather one has a curved design that fits perfectly into his front pocket. It’s a safer — and more comfortable — way to stash all that cash. It can hold up to six cards plus full-sized bills, and has an ID pocket. And if that doesn’t seal the deal: it has RFID-blocking protection (which keeps his private information, well, private). ($65, Rogue Industries)

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Athleisure he won’t ever want to take off… 

Move over, groutfit. This’ll be his new uniform. These stylish pants bring the comfort — whether he’s running errands, lounging on the couch, or playing ball. The soft tech fabric is resistant to pilling and fading, which will be highly necessary considering all the wear and tear they’re gonna get. ($84, Nordstrom)

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A comfy cap

A comfy cap he can rock on the daily dog walk...

His alma mater? Old news. Any dog parent will be proud to rock this pre-washed, 100 percent cotton cap on strolls around the neighborhood. Plus the adjustable strap will help him get the perfect fit. Hats off to him. ($25, Verishop)

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Shoes that’ll make him feel like he’s walking on clouds… 

These sneaks are super soft,  breathable, and sustainable — they’re made from renewable materials like sugarcane and tree fiber. Oh, and they’re machine washable and available in a ton of fun colors. Look good, feel good, do good. ($125, Allbirds)

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A handheld massager

A handheld massager to soothe aching muscles… 

Whether he’s sore from an intense workout or poring over a report at his at WFH setup, this deep tissue back and body massager can help. It beats at up to 3,700 revolutions per minute and comes with six interchangeable heads to provide relief where he needs it most. It’s kinda like his own personal masseuse. Except much more affordable. ($79.97, Amazon)

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A gadget that chills drinks

A gadget that chills drinks in 60 seconds or less… 

This dishwasher-safe, compact cooler will bring the temp of his coffee down in a flash. Simply fill the vessel with water and stash it in the freezer, then brew directly into it, and — bam — iced coffee less than a minute later. There’s no need for ice, so their java won’t be diluted. ($17.99+, Amazon

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A personal pizza maker

A personal pizza maker so he can have his fave meal at a moment’s notice...

This mini cast-iron gadget whips up brick oven–style pizza in less than 10 minutes. A pillowy pie with a crispy crust anywhere, any time? That’s amore. ($35, Uncommon Goods)

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Whiskey glasses

Whiskey glasses that’ll remind him of some special memories…  

These come etched with a map of his favorite city. Maybe it’s the place where you first locked eyes. Or maybe it’s the hometown he left behind years ago. Each glass is detailed down to street names and the locale's coordinates. Get ready to toast to the memories. ($18, Uncommon Goods)

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A card game

A card game that’ll get everyone belly laughing… 

A fun, meme-based game about “The Office”? It’s a match made in heaven. He’ll be in tears — the happy kind, of course — as he and up to 20 others match the show’s famous one-liners with meme-able snapshots of the Dunder Mifflin crew. It takes an advanced sense of humor — good thing that’s exactly what he has. ($29.99, Target)

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A bathroom accessory

A bathroom accessory he never knew he needed… 

With this bidet he’ll use less toilet paper (which we love for the environment) and he’ll leave the restroom with a cleaner rear. It takes less than 10 minutes to install, doesn’t require electricity or special plumbing, and is fully adjustable — plus it’s available in a handful of colors. That’s a win-win-win, if you ask us. ($129, Tushy)

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All-natural, nourishing products

All-natural, nourishing products he can use in the shower… 

Help him feel and smell his best with this after shave, mist, body butter, and essential oil soap. Packed with restorative ingredients like sunflower oil, shea butter, witch hazel, and vitamin E, they’re nice and lightweight so he’ll feel clean, not greasy. The subtle scent of essential oils is a nice bonus too. ($80, Uncommon Goods)

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A growler

A growler to keep his favorite beverage at the ready… 

Beer, cider, soda, kombucha. When housed in this 64-ounce growler, whatever he regularly reaches for will stay fresh, cold, and carbonated. It’s got an easy-to-carry handle, a protective rubber base, and is just 3.5 pounds. So he can tote the dispenser just about anywhere. Boozy winter walks, coming right up. ($111, Amazon)

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A cleverly packaged pair of socks

A cleverly packaged pair of socks for the guy who’s always got beer on his mind… 

It’s a known fact that one can never have too many socks. Especially when they’re as fun as these ones, which look like a frothy can of beer when all folded up. When unrolled, they're discreet enough to wear just about anywhere — including underneath his suit. ($16.99, Amazon)

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A pair of fur-lined slippers

A pair of fur-lined slippers to keep cozy all season long… 

Because there’s nothing worse than stepping out of a warm bed onto a freezing floor. They’re made of 100% wool (which is great for temperature regulation), but feel like genuine shearling once he throws ‘em on. They have  suede soles too, so he can step outside to grab the mail or take the dog out without damaging his new fave slides. ($79.95, Nordstrom)

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A trendy knit beanie

A trendy knit beanie to add to his winter OOTD rotation… 

This cuffed one from Carhartt comes in more than three dozen colors, so you’re sure to find something to suit his personal aesthetic. It’s stretchable, versatile, and durable, too. Aka an everyday essential. ($16.99+, Amazon)

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A MasterClass subscription

A MasterClass subscription for the guy who loves to learn...

An annual membership offers thorough video lessons and valuable tips from icons across tons of fields. Think: Aaron Sorkin on screenwriting, Stephen Curry on basketball, Bob Iger on business strategy, and so much more. He’ll be able to tap new interests and learn from experts — thanks to the on-demand videos he can access anytime he wants. Study up. ($180/year, MasterClass)

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