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The Winter Candles We’re Burning Until Spring

winter candles
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February 13, 2024

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Even though Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring this year, we still feel it’s too soon to reach for citrus and floral scents at home. That’s why we’re rounding up our go-to winter candles that’ll add cozy vibes to your space. Time to stock up.

ValiantCandle via Etsy

A candle inspired by the smell of rain…

Petrichor is that oh-so-satisfying smell right after it’s rained. And this candle from Etsy attempts to bottle that up into a jar….so we’ll take 30 of them. It’s refreshing without being too floral, citrusy, or musky — another reason it’s ideal for this transition period. ($15+, ValiantCandle via Etsy)

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Anecdote Candles

A fig and cashmere candle that’s ideal for gifting…

For those with birthdays coming up, this is the ultimate Instagrammable gift. While the fig and cashmere fragrance is ultra-snuggly, it’s the packaging that’ll make your giftee laugh. This “Adulting” candle from Anecdote “smells like early nights and steady paychecks.” Perfect to pair alongside a meal planner or budget tracker. You’re welcome ($14+, Anecdote Candles)

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Mala the Brand

One for days when you’re feeling stir-crazy…

The worst feeling = those WFH days when you want to get out and do something, but you can’t because you’re just too busy. This cabin fever candle is made of a crackling wooden wick and smells almost like forest air (think: citrus, cedar, and golden amber). ($34, Mala the Brand)

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A mini vetiver candle loved by Monica Geller herself…

ICYMI: Courteney Cox (aka the Monica Geller) now has her own cleaning product and home fragrance line. Feels fitting, right? We’re obsessed with Homecourt’s classic “Cece” fragrance. The smell reminds us of firewood, without being too smoky and intense. We suggest getting the mini version to try before splashing out money on the full size. ($20, Homecourt)

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A vanilla candle that gets the job done…

Introducing the vanilla candle we can’t stop burning. This one isn’t your basic option in that it also has notes of incense, oud, and cacao. It’s an affordable option you can’t go wrong with. The best part? It has two wicks to ensure even burning. ($12.87, Walmart)

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An option that’ll have you inspired to hit the slopes…

If you didn’t get to crush some powder this year, check out Literie’s “Skiing Out West” candle. It has notes of sandalwood and clove, and will burn for up to 50 hours. We love this brand because the candles are made of a soy- and coconut-wax blend. If you’re sensitive to scent, their fragrances are immersive without being too strong. ($45, Literie)

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A spicy floral that’s perfect for a seasonal transition…

You’ll always find a unique scent profile from Loam (our new favorite brand) — and “Midnight Moon” has notes of rose, oud, cardamom, clove, black tea, and patchouli. Because it’s not quite winter and not quite summer, this floral scent is warm enough for this time of the year. ($33, Loam)

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The ultimate fireplace candle…

Life hack: Play the fireplace video on your TV and burn this cult-classic candle from Diptyque. It has a warm and smoky scent that smells exactly like firewood, with the slightest hint of florals to balance it out. Psst…it’s so fragrant that you can smell it without even needing to burn it. ($45+, Nordstrom)

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A candle we’re saving for our next snow day…

Or if we want to bring in the snowy vibes without an impending storm. The notes on this one from Homesick are too good to resist: crisp air, spruce, vanilla, frosted mint, juniper, brown sugar, and so much more. Plus, at just under $30 dollars and a nearly 80-hour burn time, the value here is pretty good. ($28.50, Homesick)

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Otherland’s “Moonstruck” candle…

If you love sultry scents or miss your Christmas tree, this one’s for you. It has notes of smoked birch, white mahogany, and myrrh (aka tree sap). Not to mention, it’s toxin-free. ($40, Otherland)

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Nest New York

A classic lavender one for R&R…

This time of year, we’re doing everything we can to bring the spa vibes home. Nest New York’s has scent layers of rosemary, lavender, and sage — which means that we’ll be sure to burn this one before bed. ($48+, Nest New York)

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A candle dedicated to cozy nights…

We’re not going to lie, the name of this candle inspired us to pick it up. And it was worth it because it’s just that relaxing. “Cozy Nights” smells like a mix of nutmeg, frankincense, and sandalwood, and comes in a glowy amber-colored vessel. Get the travel size to easily pack it. ($13.50+, Amazon)

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P.F. Candle Co.

One that’ll get you ready for spring…

If you’re over the winter-y scents, we got you covered. “Neroli & Eucalyptus” is P.F. Candle Co.’s recent release ahead of the spring season and we couldn’t be more excited. It has mint and eucalyptus for that classic, clean scent, but with extra notes of orange slices for that spring twist. ($24, P.F. Candle Co.)

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20MinuteCandles via Etsy

The timer candles that get us through long days…

These have saved us in the midst of all the January slumps. Think of them as an easy way to dedicate a set amount of time to yourself to step away from your phone, other people, and work. As the candle burns, do something that centers you: work out, read, stretch, or meditate. Once the candle burns out, you can step back into your daily responsibilities with a much clearer mind. ($24+, 20MinuteCandles via Etsy)

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A tuberose candle that’s budget-friendly…

Pro tip: get your candles from Target. We can always find dependable options that actually smell good and won’t suck our weekly budgets dry. This $5 option smells like tuberose — which in our eyes is the perfect musky floral for this time of year. ($5+, Target)

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Public Goods

A three-wick classic you can put anywhere…

Black currant always feels fresh and versatile enough for any space. This candle from Public Goods is calming and reminds us of this more expensive one. It’s 100% plastic-free and multiple wicks mean it’ll burn longer and evenly each time. Plus, the container has a wooden lid, so you can reuse it to store jewelry, pantry items, or any other trinkets. ($12.95, Public Goods)

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