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Watch Our Career Workshop About How to Network and Find Mentors

August 19, 2022

In this special edition of SkimmU, career and leadership expert Kimberly Brown guides you through a networking workshop on how to build stronger professional relationships. Time to move up the career ladder. 

Here are the key takeaways: 

Why is networking important to my career growth?

If you want to be somewhere different in your career, you have to do things differently. And having colleagues, mentors, and other connections in your workplace (and outside of it) can help boost your industry knowledge, skill sets, and opportunities.

Who should I reach out to when building professional relationships?

There are five key types of relationships you should have — ranging from peers to sponsors. Chances are, you already have one or more of these contacts. Explore where you need more support and start your search there. Pro tip: We made a cheat sheet to help.

How should I prepare for a networking meeting? 

It’s similar to an interview. Take stock of your personal and professional brand (like your actions or skills) that influence how you show up and build relationships. Plus, do your research and come with questions already prepped.

How and where do I find new connections in my existing network?

Joining social media platforms (hi, LinkedIn), alumni networks, and professional groups are easy ways to explore new industries and find potential connections. Plus, you can easily find common ground — like alma mater, industry, or other interests.

How can I make myself more memorable and stay relevant in my network, especially with new connections?

A little thank you can go a long way. Send a quick thanks after meeting and continue to engage with your new connection periodically (think: comment on a LinkedIn post or email a relevant article). You don’t want to have to restart from scratch. In short, be the person who doesn't just show up but follows up.

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