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Barack Obama Skimms His Book 'A Promised Land'

March 10, 2021

We sat down with former President Barack Obama to talk about his memoir, “A Promised Land” – which covers his childhood, marriage to Michelle Obama, road to the White House, and first term in office. And we challenged him to Skimm it for us because it’s over 700 pages...and time.

Highlights include: The "profoundly" unglamorous life of campaigning on the road. And how he balanced his passion for change with the needs of his family.

Obama also gave us some insights on everything from the policy he’s most proud of to which world leaders he’d want in a group chat. (Hint: it has us feeling holy). Plus, how he made his mental health a priority in the midst of a pretty stressful gig.


We hit a lot of topics with the former president but if you’re craving more, check out his book here.

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