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Glow Recipe Co-founder and Co-CEO Christine Chang Talks Making the Most of Every Day

May 2, 2022

You’ve probably seen Glow Recipe’s K-beauty-inspired products on TikTok and Instagram. They’re prettyyyy popular. And we got to chat with co-founder and co-CEO Christine Chang about what it’s like running a biz that’s so influential on a very special episode of “9 to 5ish.” 

But before we recorded, our co-founders and co-CEOS Carly and Danielle took Christine for a veryyy special ride in a Macan (hint: a car designed for people who maximize their time and find joy in the journey) courtesy of our friends at Porsche. 

Watch now to hear — and see — what you won’t in the podcast. Including a BTS look at life as a leader. Aaaand *drumroll, please* the best advice Christine’s ever gotten (which Carly and Danielle definitely agree with).

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