Food Waste: Save Your Scraps to Save the Planet

Published on: Apr 22, 2019fb-roundtwitter-roundemail-round

The Story

About 40 percent of food produced in the US is wasted. That adds up to around 133 billion pounds a year. Yes, that's supposed to be a 'b'.

What can I do to help?

We got some tips from Joel Gamoran, host of the TV show “Scraps,” on how we can stop wasting our food.

Tip 1: Get prepped

“You don’t have to be a fitness influencer to plan out your meals,” Gamoran told theSkimm. “If you plan before you shop, you are less likely to find a moldy vegetable in the back of your fridge.”

Tip 2: Find out what's in store

As in, storage. Putting food in those little drawers can give you more time to spend with your favorite head of lettuce.

Tip 3: Be scrappy

“Learn to cook with things that you would normally throw away. Like carrot tops, herb stems, brown avocados, and pickle juice,” Gamoran said.


Captain Planet's giving you side-eye over your trash can. But you can turn it around and become more environmentally friendly by saving your scraps and making food waste into a food win.

live smarter.

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