2021 is a new year like no other. And even though a lot of us are feeling very ‘new year, same couch,’ there are some easy changes you can make to be healthier and happier. So, as part of our How to Skimm Your Life challenge, we partnered with Good Morning America and Blue Apron to help you refresh five areas of your life. This one’s all about getting some zzz’s.

Sleep is something we all need...and something lots of us need more of. Enter: wellness expert Ericka Souter. Watch her show GMA meteorologist Ginger Zee how to build better rest and relaxation habits. Think: finding balance during the week and on weekends, putting yourself back at the top of your to-do list, and using tech to figure out what your body needs – without letting it get in the way. Look out, insomnia.

Skimm'd by Rachel Klein, Elizabeth Smith, Rebecca Litt, and Jessica Kelly

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