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8 Apps That’ll Make You (and Your Phone) Happier in 2022

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January 6, 2022

We’re told that happiness comes with less, not more, screen time. Unless you’re using apps that make your screen (metaphorically) brighter. Here are some apps to make your phone a better place to hangout this year. 

For the person with an REI membership…

Get up and get out. AllTrails is an app that will paradoxically get you off your phone. It offers deets about walking and running trails — more than 200,000 all over the world! — including difficulty, length, elevation gain, and whether the trails are kid and dog-friendly. It also lets you post pics of trails and read reviews from other users. Because pics or it didn’t ‘appen.  

For the person who likes their coffee with a side of sass…

Take your weather reports with a chance of sarcasm, too. Carrot Weather makes weather chat more than small talk, by giving app users a bunch of personalities to choose from — everything from a hilarious, sarcastic grump to a happy-go-lucky friend who’s always a ray of sunshine. 

For the dreamer…

Sky’s the limit for making your phone happier. SkyView Lite lets you point and shoot at the sky and get info about constellations, stars, satellites, and more. 

For the environmentally-conscious…

This one sounds too good to be true. Too Good to Go helps end food waste by partnering with local restaurants and businesses so they can sell their unused food. Because every year, one-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or thrown away. The app allows you to “rescue” bags filled with unsold food for a small fee. Think of it like the new way to delivery: all the yum, none of the guilt.  

For the leaf peeping enthusiast…

Become an amateur botanist. iNaturalist is like the SkyView app, but for the ground. It lets you take pics of nature — animals, plants, etc. — and helps you identify what you’re seeing. Dog pics, meet your match. 

For the person who always has headphones in…

Stay noisy (in a good way) with A Soft Murmur. It provides a whole library of ambient noises for studying, sleeping, and more. So you can tap in when you want to tap out from distractions. 

For the person who puts “make to-do list” on their to-do list…

Make crossing things off even more exciting. Things 3 is an award-winning productivity app with a clear interface and features for getting you in shape on everything from personal errands to long-term work projects. To do: Download this app. 

For the meditation-curious…

It’s all about being Happy Not Perfect. This app’s name says it all. Amongst a sea of mindfulness app offerings, it’s notable for its variety. Think: “mind workouts,” meditations, daily affirmations, and more. Go get your ommm on.


Your phone doesn’t need to be your HQ for stress and anxiety. Fresh new apps may bring a fresh new perspective. 

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