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Food Waste: Save Your Scraps to Save the Planet

April 22, 2019

The Story

About 40 percent of food produced in the US is wasted. That adds up to around 133 billion pounds a year. Yes, that's supposed to be a 'b'.What can I do to help?

We got some tips from Joel Gamoran, host of the TV show “Scraps,” on how we can stop wasting our food.Tip 1: Get prepped

“You don’t have to be a fitness influencer to plan out your meals,” Gamoran told theSkimm. “If you plan before you shop, you are less likely to find a moldy vegetable in the back of your fridge.”Tip 2: Find out what's in store

As in, storage. Putting food in those little drawers can give you more time to spend with your favorite head of lettuce.Tip 3: Be scrappy

“Learn to cook with things that you would normally throw away. Like carrot tops, herb stems, brown avocados, and pickle juice,” Gamoran said.theSkimm

Captain Planet's giving you side-eye over your trash can. But you can turn it around and become more environmentally friendly by saving your scraps and making food waste into a food win.

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