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How to Quiet the Chatter

Meditation: How to Quiet the Chatter
Apr 16, 2019

Ever found yourself trying to manage all of the thoughts running through your head? Makes sense, considering you have about 50,000 a day.

There may be a solution. Meet meditation.

“Meditation is the practice of being quiet with yourself and learning to be with the mind,” meditation instructor Jessica Angima at MNDFL told theSkimm.

The good thing is you can meditate anywhere. Think: from bed, in the shower, during a conference call, or while you're waiting for that pizza to get delivered.

But before you dive into that deep breathing, you want to find the style of meditation that works best for you. You can repeat phrases to yourself for a mantra-based meditation, use a singing bowl for sound meditation, or try one of the most popular types of meditation: mindfulness meditation.

“Mindfulness meditation is bringing our awareness to a single point of focus,” Jessica said. “And in the case of mindful meditation, we use the breath.”

The breath will bring you back to that point of calm. But don’t expect to try this once and be at a new level of constant zen. With any new skill, practice makes perfect.

Studies also suggest that meditation can also help with anxiety, memory, pain, focus and depression.

So breathe, just breathe.

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