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Relaxing Office Decor: How to Achieve Desk Zen

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January 1, 2019

Your desk is your HQ for getting sh*t done. This year, get some of this decor to declutter your desk and mind.

Desk for success.

Ain’t nobody got time for sitting at their desk all day. Oh, wait. Here are a few habits to pick up that’ll make you and your workspace zen...

Sit up straight...because mom was right. According to research, bad posture doesn’t just make you look sad, it can make you feel sad too. Craning to see your laptop? Keep your ears in line with your shoulders and place your laptop level with your eyes. Slouching? Uncross your legs and plant both feet flat on the ground. Leaning forward? Keep your back against your chair (add a lumbar pillow to help support you). Better.

Get ahead on to-do’s....as in, make tomorrow’s to-do list today. It’s hard to resist answering emails before you sit down to do your actual work. Setting your schedule the night before will save you time and help you prioritize slash dodge those distracting requests.

Breathe...being stressed causes you to hold your breath, which keeps you in a perpetual anxiety loop. Try and use the Coherent Breathing technique to control your breath. Sit upright and take a deep inhale in for five counts. Take a pause. Then breathe out for six counts. You’ll end up taking 5 long breaths per minute. Try doing it for 10.

Cool. Now, what do I put on it?

Whether you work at home or in an office. Make your desk feel as cool as your iced coffee. Here are our top picks...

For when listening to music isn’t helping you get in the zone…Turn up some white noise. This white noise sound machine is intended to help you sleep, but it can double as your new focus playlist. Give your headphones a rest, put this portable machine on your desk, and hit play.

For when you're hit with a last-minute deadline...In, out. In, out. This keychain reminds you to take deep breaths to calm yourself down. Pro tip: hook your office key FOB to it and take it with you when you need to escape the office and go for a walk.

For when your desk is an explosion of papers…Tree's company. Group them together and make them less messy. These stacking trays can help you de-clutter. Plus they come in teal, aka Skimm HQ's favorite color.

For when your boss’s expectations are unreasonably high...Don’t look down. This laptop stand is ergonomic, which means it makes working more comfortable. It raises your screen to eye level (see above) and tilts forward so you don’t have to.

For when you arrive to work at a different time every day...Consistently inconsistent. Make sure your desk isn’t when you get in. This catch-all hides the little things (think: thumbtacks, bobby pins, emergency mints, etc.) in a container that kinda sorta looks like candy. Sweet.

PS: These are partner products, which means if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return.If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published.

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