Taxes, Texas, and College Football Rankings | Skimm This | theSkimm

It’s August 20th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • France is introducing a 3 percent ‘digital tax’ on revenue big tech companies make off their citizens. The companies aren’t very impressed, and President Trump has reportedly threatened to retaliate with tariffs on French wine. 
  • Texas authorities are figuring out how to respond to a cyberattack that targeted 23 towns. Texas is one of a number of states that have been targeted in recent months.
  • The Clemson Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide are the hot favorites to reach the college football playoffs. We have the lowdown on what to expect this season.
  • Scientists say they’ve found a way to mass produce eco-friendly plastic… from food and other waste

theSkimm: France wants big tech firms to pay a 3 percent tax on profits they make in the country. We’ll explain why the companies are siding with President Trump to push back. Then: authorities in Texas reported a coordinated cyberattack on computer systems in 23 towns. We’ll tell you what we know – and why this is becoming a thing across the US. Also on the show: your warm-up for the new college football season, and scientists are turning apple peels into eco-friendly plastics.