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Some Great Books to Read in 2016

Dec 16, 2016

2016 was a lot. These are our picks for the best books of 2016...

What to read on the beach...

“The Thousandth Floor” by Katharine McGee. Loading SpinnerIt’s 2118. Everyone sends texts via contact lenses, takes hovercrafts to work, and all of Manhattan has been turned into one giant tower. Normally not into this type of genre, but couldn’t put this one down. Skimm’ologist: says pair with this crisp Sauvignon blanc.

“Modern Lovers” by Emma Straub. Loading SpinnerBy the lady who wrote "The Vacationers." College bandmates end up on the same Brooklyn block decades later. There are hipsters, love triangles, a shady yoga guru, and a big-time Hollywood producer. Skimm’ologist says: pair with this dry, fruity rosé.

What to read in front of your SO's parents...

“Homegoing” by Yaa Gyasi. Loading SpinnerFollows an African-American family through centuries and everything from the Civil War to the jazz clubs of Harlem. Think: “Roots” meets “Americanah.” Skimm’ologist says: pair with this hearty Portuguese red.

“The Girls” by Emma Cline. Loading SpinnerThe book you heard about all summer. Written by a 27-year-old who got a $2 million advance. It’s “The Virgin Suicides” meets “Mean Girls” but darker. Hype, met. Skimm’ologist says: pair with this full-bodied Italian red.

What to read when you want a #tbt...

“Along the Infinite Sea” by Beatriz Williams. Loading SpinnerA story about star-crossed lovers told in flashbacks. You’ll be as hooked as the first time you watched “The Bourne Identity,” and you’ll cry as much as the first time you watched “The Notebook.” Skimm’ologist says: pair with this Spanish red.

“The Swans of Fifth Avenue” by Melanie Benjamin. Loading SpinnerTake "Gossip Girl" and move it to the 50's. The true story about a famous writer that becomes BFFs with NYC socialites, and then airs their dirty laundry in a magazine article. Skimm’ologist says: pair with this cozy cab.

What to read when you want to up your heart rate...

“The Kept Woman” by Karin Slaughter. Loading SpinnerA detective is brought in to investigate a murder on the property of one of Atlanta’s most famous athletes. Part “True Detective,” part “The Girl On The Train,” all parts gripping. Skimm’ologist says: pair with this South African red blend.

“Maestra” by LS Hilton. Loading SpinnerThe European art world mixes with an underground world (hint: sex parties). Warning: it's VNSFW. That V is for very. Skimm’ologist says: pair with this French red.

What to read when you want to curl up on the couch...

“The Nest” by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney. Loading SpinnerWhen the playboy older brother of a grown fam lands himself in rehab, he puts the group trust fund at risk. Cue his dysfunctional siblings scheming to get it all back. You'll hate-love them all. Skimm’ologist says: pair with this bubbly.

“The Mothers” by Brit Bennett. Loading SpinnerAbout Nadia, a black teenager in SoCal dealing with the death of her mom...and a fling with the pastor's son that turns out to be not-so-casual. Especially when her best friend gets involved. Skimm’ologist says: pair with this Sicilian cab sav.

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