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Fresh Prime Day picks for Your Kitchen and Bath

Prime Day Hero Kitchen Bath
Jul 15, 2019

The Story 

The hardest-working rooms in your home are your kitchen and bathroom. Time to give them the TLC they deserve.

But I don’t want to clean house...

Not yours, Amazon’s. We picked our favorite Prime Day deals to upgrade your kitchen and bath. PS: we’ll be adding more until Prime Day is done, so check back for more. 

PPS: Prime Day deals don’t last all day, so act fast. (The following items were on sale at time of publish.)

For when you drink a lot of tea…

A brew-tiful kettle

now 24% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Boils water faster than a watched pot.  Why it’s smart: Kettles aren’t the easiest things to store, so this one will look good sitting on your counter. Safety first: has an automatic shut off feature and spout designed for controlled pours. 

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For when the same recipe uses different measurements…

A scale for good measure

now 32% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Converts units (think: lb to oz, or mL to fl) quickly and clearly.  Why it’s smart: Tip the scale if you want. The Etekcity scale comes with a detachable bowl for easy storage.

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For when you don’t want to spend a lot on cookware...

A Le Creuset look-a-like

now 30% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Amazon’s enameled cast iron pot works as well more expensive alternatives. Braise a glass.  Why it’s smart: Designed to distribute heat evenly and is oven-safe up to 400 degrees. FYI, it’s not non-stick.

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For when you’re craving something crunchy...

A best-selling air fryer

now 33% off.Amazon

theSkimm: The COSORI Air Fryer uses little fans to cook your food, sans oil overload.  Why it’s smart: It’s bigger than most (at 5.8 quarts), but it’s still super easy to clean. It comes with 11 presets to cook anything from chicken to bacon, and veggies. So you can have your fries and eat them, too.

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For when your apartment is too small for fancy gadgets…

A compact toaster oven

now 28% off.Amazon

theSkimm: No one wants to turn their oven on in 100-degree heat. The Breville Smart Oven heats up (and cools off) fast. Why it’s Smart: This small appliance has 10 presets so you can cook more than just Bagel Bites. And the sides are non-stick, so clean up is as easy as cooking.

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For when something important was left off the registry…

A fancy cookware set

now 30% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Feel like a top chef with this 7-piece stainless steel cookware set.  Why it’s smart: All-Clad is a trusted name in the kitchen for a reason. Their premium pots and pans are made in the USA. It’s an investment that will last you a lifetime. Cue sweeping music. 

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For when your hair is everywhere...

A drain detangler

now 20%.Amazon

theSkimm: The TubShroom will catch all the hair that would otherwise go down the drain and need to be pulled out. It's a revolution in tub technology. Why it's smart: Fits every standard tub, is easy af to use, and saves you time on a seriously gross task.

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For when everyone got a certain kitchen gadget last year but you…

A next-level Instant Pot

now 55% off.Amazon

theSkimm: The now-ubiquitous kitchen gadget has been upgraded to work even harder, with WiFi and a smart little side dish (read: Echo Dot). Why it’s smart: A first-of-its-kind programmable cooker. You can control it from your phone or smart home device. As in, ‘Alexa, make dinner.’ Except it actually works.

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For when you want every meal to be chef’s kiss-worthy…

A small sous vide

now 30% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Equal parts tiny and strong, this Joule Sous Vide will make you feel like a Michelin star chef. Or, at least, someone who uses the same tools.  Why it’s smart: Doesn’t take up room in your kitchen drawer, but has a big impact on your recipe repertoire.

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For when you can’t stop dropping crumbs...

A robot to pick up after you

now 39% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Meet the gift that keeps on cleaning. It can detect dirt and works harder on areas that need extra attention (hint: your kitchen and bathroom).  Why it’s smart:  Comes with an app and connects to your Alexa so you can schedule the IRL R2-D2 to start cleaning from anywhere. PS: Roombas can have a mind of their own, but you can set wall barrier controls to this one to keep it in check.

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For when you need to (but hate to) floss…

Something for picky flossers

now 56% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Raise your hand if you saw Jonathan Van Ness recommend a water pick on Queer Eye and you can’t stop thinking about it. Ditto.  Why it’s smart: The Waterpik Aquarius has different pressure and water stream settings. And it’s a lot smaller than other water flosser options. Leaves you feeling like you just went to the dentist without, you know, having to go.

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For when eggs are your protein of choice…

An (over) easy cooker

now 37% off.Amazon

theSkimm: An adorable contraption that makes the perfect eggs (however you want ‘em) every time.  Why it’s smart: Boil, poach, or make them into an omelet. The world is your eggshell.

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For when your friend sneezes as soon as they enter your home…

A heavy-duty duster

now 30% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Home is where the Swiffer is. Only, this one is heavy-duty and ideal for people with pets. Why it’s smart: Not a glamorous Prime Day buy, but a smart one. Comes with an extender handle to reach tough spots and special fluffy fabric that locks in three-times more dust and allergens.

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For when water is the essence of wetness…

A longer lasting Brita

now 30% off.Amazon

theSkimm: A not-too-big Brita with a filter that lasts for six months.  Why it’s smart: Filters out lead, water impurities, and odor. So you can sip clean. Bonus: reminds you when it’s time to change the filter.

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For when you have a very specific coffee order…

A cup for one

now 37% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Some things are sacred. Like how you take your coffee. This Keurig machine gets you.  Why it’s smart: Single-serve machine takes up no space on your counter. Bonus: for Prime Day, it’s bundled with twelve Columbia Medium Roast pods.

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For when you want to take meal prep to the next level...

A snacks-from-scratch maker

now 34% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Make batches of jerky, fruit leather, or dried herbs and chiles. Because why eat now what you can eat later.  Why it’s smart: Cuts back on food waste and lets you control what ‘healthy snack’ means to you. Easy to operate and comes with 5 trays.

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For when you’re ready for Mary Berry-level baking skills...

A dream mixer

now 48% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Three iconic Kitchenaid mixers are on sale for almost 50% off. You knead to hurry. Why it’s smart: The 10-speed mixer comes with a 5-quart glass measuring bowl and the potential for an endless supply of chocolate chip cookies.

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. Thanks.

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