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Candle Accessories Under $50

Candle holders candle making supplies
Design: theSkimm | Image: NPJcraftStudio via Etsy, Amazon
Mar 3, 2023

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Lighting your favorite candle might be the simplest form of self-care, and we’re fans of anything that can kick that experience up a notch. That’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite candle accessories — like a candle warmer that’ll make ’em last longer, a rechargeable candle lighter, and a candle-making kit for the dedicated DIYer. Let’s get this ambiance started.

A candle lighter that won’t leave your fingers dirty…

Nix traditional matches with this rechargeable electric lighter. It has LED lights that indicate how charged it is at any moment and an auto-stop feature that’ll close the igniting spark after seven seconds for safety. And since it’s almost 7 inches long, it’ll reach to the end of almost every candle. Wicks, we’re coming for ya. ($9.99, Amazon)

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A candle accessories bundle with all the must-haves…

Treat your candles to a little self-care day with these maintenance essentials. This kit comes with a wick trimmer, snuffer, and dipper to help your candles last longer. Use the trimmer before every use to prevent black smoke from staining your walls, the snuffer to keep wax from flying off, and the dipper to position your wick before lighting. ($15.99+, Amazon)

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A candle sconce to fit your space’s aesthetic…

If you’ve got a thing for romantic lighting, the sleek, J-shaped candle accessory was made for you. The simple design is meant to hold your tapered candles (we also love these colored ones for an extra pop) and lends a vintage vibe to the room. And if traditional, rustic decor is more your speed, take a look at this sconce that can hold a 3-inch pillar candle. ($19.99, World Market)

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A candle warmer that can be used with wax melts too…

Use the base of this one with a standard jar candle that’s 10 ounces or less, or snag some wax cubes to use on the included dish. (Reviews note that it takes about 20 minutes to fully melt them.) Pro tip: Turn on the warmer when your candle wick gets too short to light before you toss it so you can give it a little extra life. ($21.98, Amazon)

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A refillable candle wax kit that’ll help you be more sustainable…

Repurpose all those glass jars instead of tossing them in the trash. This kit comes with an all-natural and eco-friendly scented coconut blend wax that’s nontoxic and free of parabens, paraffin, and phthalates. It has notes of clove, lavender, and cedarwood and comes with a lead-free cotton wick and wick holder. Looking out for the environment never smelled this good. ($25, Brightly)

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A candle-making kit for floral-inspired designs…

This set comes with dried botanicals — like rosebuds, lilies, and jasmine — that have been handpicked at the height of the season. The 50-piece kit comes with everything you’ll need to assemble at least four candles, including 2 pounds of soy wax, four candle tins with lids, eight cotton wicks and stickers, two stirring sticks, a pouring pot, and more. Use any leftover materials to fill any extra jars or glasses you might have lying around. Give ‘em out as gifts, or experiment with different scents for your own home. Psst…want some more crafty ideas? We have plenty. ($32.85, Wayfair)

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And a pack of wicks for your next DIY wood wick candle project…

These are said to diffuse heat faster into the wax and push up to 35% more fragrance compared to cotton wicks. They also don’t need to be soaked with oil or wax, unlike their cotton counterparts. This pack comes with 50 wooden wicks (measuring 5.1 x 0.5 inches) and 50 base clips. ($11.99+, Amazon)

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Cute candle molds you can use to DIY taper ones…

These silicone molds come in seven different spiral designs that are super easy to use. We rec pairing them with the refillable candle wax from above, some candle liquid dye to add color, and essential oils for scent. ($13.14+, NPJcraftStudio via Etsy)

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And candle molds great for stacking…

Pair these with the spiral taper molds from above to create some colorful and eye-catching centerpieces for your tablescape. These stackable molds fit perfectly around the base of tapered candles and will melt as the flame follows the wick. There are nine different molds you can buy individually, or snag the whole set. ($7.40+, NPJcraftStudio via Etsy

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Basic candle jars that you can use for other purposes too…

Each order comes with 20 jars made from thick, heat-resistant glass, 20 sealable bamboo lids, 24 label sheets, and two coasters. They can hold up to 6 ounces of wax and are dishwasher- and microwave-safe to make refilling and repurposing a cinch. Choose from transparent jars or grab the set in pink, black, or brown tinted glass. ($32.99+, Amazon

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