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Got Holiday Gift Cards? Here’s What to Spend Them On…

self-care products
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Jan 23, 2023

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The best part of the post-holiday season? Figuring out just what you’re gonna do with all those gift cards. To help you narrow down your choices, we rounded up the best self-care products to use them on. So you can kick off the year with some relaxing vibes without having to worry about spending a penny. We’ve got face masks, candles, beauty faves, and more. Thank us later.

A candle with a decorative glass container…

You can’t go wrong with Voluspa candles. And this one smells as good as it looks. Choose from one of six scents including lychee and huckleberry. When you’re done you can upcycle the stunning vessel and use it as a small vase or a container for tchotchkes. It even comes with a helpful tin lid, which makes it ultra functional for future uses. ($32, Anthropologie)

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Fan-fave Dr. Jart face masks…

Not to be dramatic but we would trust these sheet masks with our life. There’s a hydrating version for dewy “glazed donut” skin and a brightening one for a serious glow. They’re great for all skin types and the price isn’t too shabby considering they work wonders. And you’ll be feeling refreshed in just half an hour. Pop one on, camera off. No one will know. ($15, Sephora)

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A soothing lip balm with hyaluronic acid…

Let’s face it. You can never have too many lip treatments. This one from Kosas is hydrating, plumping, and cruelty-free. And the stick has an oval shape for the perfect application. Not to mention, it comes in tinted versions too. ($18, Amazon)

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An updated take on an ice roller…

Start your day with this soothing, cooling beauty tool. All you have to do is fill the silicone mold with water and pop it in the freezer. After a few hours, you’ll have a smooth piece of ice you can roll across your face. It’ll help with puffiness, stimulate blood circulation, and more. It’s also great post-cry (we’ve all been there). ($15.99+, Amazon)

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A handheld massage gun to help relieve all those muscle aches…

If working from home means working hunched over on the couch, your back is probably feeling it. This massage gun works via percussive therapy. So it repeatedly massages muscles to release tension and stimulate blood flow. It can reduce lactic acid buildup, so you’ll have a faster recovery for aches and pains. Along with the massage gun, this set includes six heads so you can reach every muscle all by yourself. Sweet relief. ($129.99, Amazon)

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A smart mug that’ll keep your drinks warm for hours…

Yep, you read that right. This Ember mug has an app so you can control the temperature of your coffee, matcha, hot chocolate, and more. On its own, it’ll stay warm for up to 1.5 hours. But with the corresponding warming/charging coaster it comes with, your bevs will stay warm all day. On the app, you can choose from a range of temperatures. And it’s able to sense when it should turn on and off on its own. Sip, sip hooray. ($124.95+, Amazon)

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A checkered bath mat…

This one is made of organic cotton and will add a playful flair to your space. Plus, it’s soft, plush, and machine-washable. Your bathroom? It’s about to get trendy. ($80, Nordstrom)

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An extra-long robe that feels like a wearable blanket…

You’re never gonna wanna take this one off. Covered in Barefoot Dreams’ cult-fave knit, this robe is so chic. It comes in three neutral colors and is made of yarn that shouldn’t shrink or pill. So if you get a couple stains on it from eating on the couch (IYKYK) you can easily throw it in the wash worry-free. So snuggly. ($148, Nordstrom)

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The silkiest hand and nail cream…

Trust. Your at-home manis just got a huge upgrade. This product from Caudalie is hydrating enough to use during winter, but lightweight enough to use during the warmer months. It has avocado and grape-seed oils that’ll nourish, moisturize, and protect your skin. It’s fast-absorbing and isn’t sticky or greasy. Aka, you need it ASAP. Treat yourself. ($16, Amazon)

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Mini bath bombs that’ll bring in the calm…

Just pop one in and chill. These jasmine- and rose-scented ones are as equally relaxing as they are moisturizing. They have jojoba seed oil to hydrate and support your skin barrier, safflower seed oil to help with skin texture, and hemp seed oil for calming properties. Because bath time isn’t just for kids. ($30, Amazon)

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A clarifying mask you can use all over your body…

One do-it-all product, courtesy of Megababe, coming right up. This lavender and eucalyptus mask is made for your butt, but you can also use it on your face, chest, arms, or anywhere else you want some glow. It’ll chemically and physically exfoliate your skin thanks to glycolic acid and sustainable beads. Plus, it contains willow bark, witch hazel, and squalene to calm your skin. The brand recommends using it about two to three times a week. Just apply it all over dry skin for up to three minutes and rinse off in a circular motion. Glow get it. ($22, Ulta)

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An acupuncture pillow…

Add this foam pillow to your five minute work break to kick any afternoon slumps to the curb. You can place it on your neck, back, thighs, or abdomen and it has plastic nails that carefully press into your skin. It’ll help to improve circulation, increase energy, alleviate headaches, and more. Add to cart. ($50, Urban Outfitters)

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A rechargeable mini humidifier…

Keep this cutie on your nightstand to soothe dry skin and combat those pesky morning sniffles. It’s wireless, but comes with a USB cord to charge it with. It’ll last up to eight hours on a single charge and is ultra-quiet. Plus, it has a soft glow for cozy, spa vibes at home. ($59.95, Amazon)

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