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Smart Products That’ll Reenergize Your Sex Life

Design: Diana Chau Hu | Photo: Maude
January 13, 2023

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Let’s talk about the birds and the bees, because taking care of your sexual health is important. How to protect yourself and find pleasure are topics that can feel private — we get it. But we also believe you should be able to explore your sexuality without shame. So to pull the curtain back on a topic that has often been labeled as taboo, we rounded up sex toys and other smart products to help understand your body and what you like. There are vibrators, lubes, and more so you can find out what feels best while solo or with a partner.

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g-spot flexible vibrator made from soft and durable silicone

A vibrator that’s waterproof and made for exploration…

The squishy, flatter head of the vibe is designed for the vulva or clitoris. But the arc of the handle is designed to help you discover and stimulate your G-spot. And because of the slight curve, it won’t cause you to twist your wrist in uncomfortable positions. Reviewers rave about the different speed and pattern settings, its flexibility, and the softness of the durable silicone. It can be used with a partner, but is also the perfect toy for some alone-time fun. ($115, Dame)

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water-based lube

A water-based lube that won’t irritate or call for a ton of cleanup…

It’s made with aloe leaf juice, vanilla, and lemon. Aka it’s meant to mimic natural moisture, keeping your pH level balanced without the use of synthetics or fragrances. No more sticky hands or sheets. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and gynecologist-approved. Because the last thing you want is sudden burning and itching when you’re just trying to dive into the act. ($9.98, Walmart)

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silicone vibrator that focuses on clitoral stimulation via sonic pulses

A vibrator that uses sonic waves to focus on the clitoris…

Sonic waves and cruise control. So it doesn’t drop in intensity as you go. To break it down, it saves 20% of its power when you're holding it lightly against your body, but then uses that stored power when you push harder. So the motor stays just as powerful even under pressure. For deeper sensations that stimulate the entire clitoris, the silicone is engineered to absorb and respond to pulses, sending them back into the body. Because just touching the little external nub is not actually all there is to the clit. Yep, there’s more below the surface that can provide even more pleasure. Surprise, surprise. ($119, Lelo)

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sanitizer spray for sex toys

A vibrator sanitizing spray to keep your toys clean…

If you’re putting something down there, you should definitely make sure it’s clean. It’s made from 70% alcohol to kill germs, and can be used on your hands, too. ($10, Maude)

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massage oil

A massage oil to use with a partner during foreplay…

Jumping right into the act is not nearly as much fun as setting the scene. It can also be added to a bath if that’s more your style. Either way — its blend of jojoba, coconut, argan, and castor oil will keep skin feeling smooth and supple. ($35, Maude)

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sex journal for couples to help them communicate
Uncommon Goods

A sex journal to help you and your partner talk about a topic that may feel a bit taboo…

Making sure you’re both having the best sexual experience possible is important. Sometimes actually sharing intimate details about what you like and don’t like is tricky. Have no fear — this journal is meant for reflection. It’s got tips on how to communicate in the bedroom, along with intention-setting exercises to help the two of you share more. Open, honest communication is the first step to better sex. So write in it together to get the convo started. ($26, Uncommon Goods)

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compressive buffer to be worn externally to help relieve pelvic pressure during penetration

A compressive buffer that can help relieve some pain that comes with penetration…

The little rings can be worn stacked together or individually, depending on what feels comfortable to you. They’re used externally, and are ideal for those that experience endometriosis, are postpartum or post-operation, or just experience some pain from deeper penetration. But don’t worry — it won’t affect sensation and it’s super stretchy. So when your partner puts one of the rings on, there won’t be any uncomfortable squeezing or tightness. ($65, Amazon)

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truth or dare game to play with a partner

A truth or dare game to play with your partner…

Play it a bit safer with a truth card, or spice things up with a dare. Whichever route you take, this game is a surefire way to heat things up. ($15, Revolve)

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non-toxic and ethically made vegan condoms

A condom pack that’s free of chemicals, lightly lubricated, and thoroughly tested…

We’re talking extra strength without a loss of sensation, because you should always be protected when the time comes. And there’s no reason to solely rely on a partner to bring the right protection. A few fun facts: Glyde is the world's first certified nontoxic, ethical, and fair-trade condom maker. They use sustainable ingredients and cruelty-free practices. Since they’ve started, Glyde has also donated millions of condoms worldwide. ($36.99, Glyde)

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hot and cold packs that can be slipped into underwear to provide muscle relief or discomfort post sex
Private Packs

A hot and cold pack that can relieve vulva pain, cyst pain, or inflammation…

If you’re feeling particularly sore after sex, you can chill the pad to bring relief to tight muscles. If you’ve got a cyst that feels tender (usually caused from clogged glands), you can warm it and apply pressure. The pack can slip into underwear, so it’ll be discreet. Plus, each can be washed and reused as many times as you need. ($29.99+, Private Packs)

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birth control you can receive via online consultations with medical professionals

A birth control prescription that won’t call for an in-person visit…

Access to birth control shouldn’t be so difficult. Hers makes it easy to get the protection you need from the comfort of your home (no more long lines or pharmacy visits). Hers has licensed medical providers to guide you, a variety of pills based on your needs, and on-time refills. To get started, you’ll have an online consultation with a physician in your state. Past that, you’ll have access to providers to ask questions, especially if you need to change your prescription. And don’t worry — it’s the same type of quality care you’d receive in person. PS: You can get a prescription without a health insurance plan. (Prices vary, Hers)

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menstrual cup
Fun Factory

A menstrual cup that can hold up to six times more than a traditional tampon...

Menstrual cups have lots of benefits: You can save money on tampons and pads since the cups are reusable, they're better for the environment (less waste), and they can be worn during sex. Instead of feeling like the days of your flow = no time spent between the sheets, these menstrual cups can be worn during oral or even light penetration. The rim is thick so the cup stays in place, while the tip is tapered for readjustment purposes. The overall design is meant to be comfortable, so you won't have to think about it after inserting. ($24.99, Fun Factory)

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online sexual healthcare that's discreet

Inclusive and accessible sexual healthcare for a range of issues...

Wisp treats you virtually, so things stay discreet and you don't have to feel nervous sitting in a waiting room. There are private online consults, meds delivered to your door, and lots of care options. Whether you're dealing with common reproductive infections, STIs, or looking for birth control — you'll be covered. You can talk to US licensed physicians about your symptoms, with no insurance required. You can also chat with a pharmacist or medical professional 24/7. Get started by taking the quiz to better explain what you're experiencing. (Prices range, Wisp)

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A cleansing wipe for a quick pre- or post-sex refresh…

Let’s not forget to care for ourselves before and after sex. These handy wipes are made from ​​biodegradable organic bamboo and are formulated with soothing ingredients like chamomile and aloe (sans any soap, alcohol, or parabens) to gently cleanse. They’re hypoallergenic, gynecologist-approved, and won’t throw your pH off track. They’re also great for on-the-go use on particularly sweaty days if you haven’t had time to get in a full body shower. Been there. ($9/12 pack, Revolve)

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Fleur Marché

A CBD patch that may help you prepare for sexy time…

L-arginine increases your blood flow while maca is a natural aphrodisiac. Combined with CBD, you may feel more calm and centered so you can completely focus on your partner (or yourself). Just place it on your inner forearm, forget it’s there, then dispose when you’re done. It can last up to 12 hours. Happy exploring. ($6+, Fleur Marché)

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A carrying case for your condom so you’re always prepared…

We know, we know. But at this price point, isn’t it better than pulling out that dusty, wrinkled one from the bottom of your bag? This little silicone case is designed to fit any condom size, and it’s a cute conversation starter. Gift one to your partner for a subtle nudge to always be ready. *winky face* ($10, Jems)

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A vibrator small enough to fit in your purse for a weekend away…

Going on a romantic couple’s trip? Splurging on yourself with a fancy staycation? We’re happy for you. Stash this clitoris-stimulating vibrator in your overnight bag or suitcase and prepare to be blown away by its seven seven (“Friends” stans get it) pulsating modes. Psst…use code LOVE to take up to 80% off until February 14. ($29.95, PinkCherry)

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Fleur du Mal

A silk blindfold for the most delicate skin…

If you know the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night — shinier, less tangled hair and more hydrated, plump skin — then you’ve already figured out why you need this. Enjoy yourself without worrying the blindfold is creasing your hair or soaking up your serums. Plus, it’s gentle enough to bind wrists and comes in black and bright red. That’s hot. ($75, Fleur du Mal)

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