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11 Sex Toys for Couples That'll Make the Bedroom Way More Fun

the best sex toy for couples
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Mar 17, 2022

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The time you spend alone with your partner is sacred, especially since having a healthy sex life can reduce stress and act as a brain booster. Plus having open, two-way communication about your romps can increase trust and encourage exploration. And who doesn’t love the sound of that? 

To make those minutes (ahem…or hours) last even longer and feel even better, we rounded up the best sex toys for couples. Enter: vibrators and other items built to make the entire experience and your finishing O’s so much better. Let’s dive in…

A vibrator that’ll help any couple step up their game…

One end of the vibrator can be inserted into you, while the other rests outside to massage the clitoris. As you go, all that power will be transferred to your partner during penetration. And to make sure you’re not distracted whatsoever, the vibrator is remote-controlled. You’ll both be hands-free and focused on each other. ($126.75, Lelo)

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Remote-controlled beads that rotate and vibrate at the same time…

Foreplay just got a bit spicier. To break it down, the beads can be used around the clitoris and labia, or inserted fully for deeper sensations. As you (or your partner) twist and turn, the beads will move with you. Consider it pleasure at every angle. ($141.75, Lelo)

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A hands-free prostate massager for a much bigger O…

It features two powerful motors in the base and tip for a stronger, more satisfying finish. The body is sleek and smooth, so insert it to a point that’s comfortable for you. It’s also 100% waterproof and a global bestseller. Need we say more? ($175.20, Lelo)

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A vibrator that lets you and your partner move around freely...

Say hello to a wearable clitoral vibrator that stays in place during sex. How? It tucks under your labia thanks to the two wings. Aka it’ll provide intense vibrations to the right places without getting in the way of your partner. No more holding toys in place while things are heating up. ($135, Dame)

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A vibrator you can slip onto a finger to intensify touch…

If you’re looking to bring foreplay to new heights, this one’s for you. It can sit between your middle and pointer fingers, and has a little band so it won’t slide off. You can use it on a partner as things are entering do-not-disturb mode. It’s extremely versatile, and can boost sensation on hips and inner thighs.’s not just for vulvas either — try it against a shaft too. ($85, Dame)

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A flickering-tongue vibrator that’ll turn up the dial on oral sex…

We’ll let this one sink in a minute. This clitoral vibrator has three speeds and seven patterns. It’s the perfect option to tease with, especially if you’d prefer your mouth be somewhere else. ($59.99, Lovehoney)

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A double cock ring with a textured pad for stimulation…

So both of you can get pleasure. Wearing this will make sensations during penetrative sex wayyy better, so slip it on and get going. Consider it a bonus addition, not something that’ll distract or detract. ($44.99, Lovehoney)

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A cordless Magic Wand vibrator that’ll never go out of style…

It’s a crowd favorite for a reason. Its cushy silicone head is ideal for powerful ciltoral stimulation. The device has four speeds and four vibration patterns to switch between. If it happens to run out of battery while you’re between the sheets, you can quickly plug it in, switch it back on, and get back to business. Psst…this one is not waterproof. ($139.95, Babeland)

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A discreet vibrator if you’re traveling together…

We’re talking small but mighty. It’s just under 5 inches, hums quietly, and is USB-rechargeable and waterproof. Tote it around on vacations to make memories together that’ll last. Good things come in tiny packages. ($74, Hers)

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A vibrating toy with wings that’ll encircle your partner's goods…

The velvety, ridged wings can send a powerful sensation through their shaft, making anything you do that much more pleasurable. We rec it for oral sex, but it can be used during penetration as well. Another pro tip: The ridges on the wings are great for holding a lubricant. Wink wink. ($144.99, Babeland)

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A vibrating feather tickler for full-body stimulation…

Foreplay is essential, don’t forget. This ultra-soft vibrator has 10 pattern settings so it’s the perfect accessory as you journey from ‘we’re just getting started’ to ‘close the bedroom door.’ ($67.19, Amazon)

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