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Chelsea Handler Texts With theSkimm

April 24, 2019

The Story

It’s Handlered.

I think I know what that means...

It means we sat down with comedian, activist and author Chelsea Handler to text about everything from her AM cappuccino to her cure for writer’s block. Hint: it’s not what you think.

What else did she say?

Chelsea chatted about her current read, her new book, “Life Will Be the Death of Me...and you too!” This is her first book in five years and it’s not just another standup routine.

So what is it then?

It goes into everything from her family loss to mindfulness meditation, Chelsea’s not afraid to admit she jumped on the self-awareness bandwagon. Oh and if you think words like "gratitude" and "mindfulness" are just a bunch of buzzwords, it’s OK. Chelsea says she was once a skeptic too. She also gets into her love of skiing, and her favorite person to interview (psst: it rhymes with Bill Carrell).


Treat yourself to a vodka soda and Chelsea's “year-long therapy session” here.

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