Cold-Weather Accessories Under $40 That'll Actually Keep You Warm All Winter

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We hate to be the bearer of bad news but...winter is, in fact, coming. Which means it’s the perfect time to get your closet prepped, before the real cold hits. Buying gloves *before* your fingers actually freeze off? We love that for you.  

That’s why we rounded up our favorite cold-weather finds that’ll help you stay warm and cozy these next few months. We searched high and low for items that’ll last season after season, that’ll actually keep the chilly temps at bay, and won’t break the bank in the process. We’ve got beanies, scarves, and gloves for your every need. And some accessories that’ll help you when you find yourself outside for tailgates, park runs, dog walks, and more. Elsa approved.


High-quality tech gloves for all your winter texting needs…

These ones have touch sensors all over — not just at the fingertips — and come with an anti-slip palm grip so your device won’t fall into a pile of slush. Whether you need to control your playlist for your winter run, or just need to update the group chat, these are the perfect, reliable gloves to have in your pocket. Plus, they’re double lined so your fingers will be warm while on the go. ($13.98, Amazon)

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Insulated, waterproof gloves for those heavy-duty snow days…

Drastic winter times call for drastic winter measures. These breathable, quilted Carhartt gloves have a microfiber lining, a stretchy fleece cuff that makes getting them on and off a breeze, and fast-dry technology that’ll keep you dry. They’ve also got a contoured rubber palm that makes gripping things (like your dog leash or shovel) easy, come the frigid temps. Yes, please. ($22.99+, Amazon)

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Transitional knit mittens that fit all your needs…

You can rock them as full-on mittens, or pull down the wool flap-cover for when you need your fingertips exposed. They’ll make ruffling through your tote bag, using your keys, and running all of your errands so much easier. Pssst: they come in four neutral colors so they’re bound to match any winter outfit you plan on rocking. 10/10 recommend. ($9.99, Amazon

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Genuine leather gloves for when you want a more refined look…

Because no one wants to wear their heavy-duty snow gloves to the fancy office holiday party. These come in a number of chic colors and will add an elegant touch to any winter outfit. The leather keeps things feeling toasty on the outside, and the cashmere-wool blend keeps the insulation party going on the inside. Plus these have touch-screen functionality too. Win-win-win. ($23.99, Amazon)

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Hats and scarves

Sporty ear-warmer headbands for those chilly park jogs…

No more ‘I can’t feel my ears when I’m with you’ moments after coming home from a workout. These premium, fleece headbands get bigger around the ear area so they’ll actually cover ‘em and won’t accidentally slide around while you’re moving. They have high elasticity too so it’ll stretch to fit your head comfortably and sit perfectly around your ponytail. No head or ear aches here, thank you very much. ($13.99/pack of three, Amazon)

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A ribbed beanie that marries fashion with function…

So you’ve got a night out with your besties and wanna look cute? Enter: this super-soft beanie that looks good and packs the heat. It has merino wool and spandex in it too so it also packs the comfort. ($26.50, J.Crew)

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And a faux-fur pom-pom beanie if that’s more your vibe…

You know what they bad days when pom-poms are involved. This cozy option comes in five neutral colors  and will make all your friends say ‘where’d ya get that?’ ($24.97, Nordstrom Rack)

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An oversized blanket scarf for when you really, really, really don’t want to go outside…

Bring the comfy couch vibes to your OOTD with this cozy scarf. It’s got pleat and fringe detailing, and runs about 84 inches long so you can really wrap yourself up in it. Lenny Kravitz, approved. ($14.97, Nordstrom Rack)

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A Carhartt beanie for the guy in your life…

Or yourself. This cult-fave, IG-friendly hat comes in every color imaginable (41 of ‘em to be exact). It’s made of acrylic rib-knit material and is super stretchy. Did we mention it has more than 110k reviews on Amazon? Because it does. Winner, winner. ($31.75, Amazon)

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And a trendy beanie for you baby…

This one from Herschel Supply Co. is perfect for a special baby occasion. The soft, knit-rib is made of 100% polyester and features the famous logo right on the cuff. Whether you’re buying it as a gift for your best friends’ little one, or shopping it for your own kiddo, you might want to size up as some reviews say it runs a lil’ small. Awww. ($19.99, Nordstrom)

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A way to cover your entire face when it’s absolutely frigid outside…

Sometimes you just need all the heat you can get. With this four-way stretch balaclava you can keep your neck, head, ears, and part of your nose covered. It’s made of soft Polartec fleece material (that’s also breathable) and is great for anyone who has to run some errands during the coldest of days (dog walkers, we’re looking at you too). It has a relaxed fit that you can easily slide right over your head and tie up with its adjustable closure. Go for it. ($15, Target)

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Super-thick, cozy socks for lounging…

Because there’s nothing worse than getting out of a warm bed and stepping onto a freezing floor. These heavyweight wool socks come in a variety of colors and will keep your toes toasty. Do it. ($18.98/pack of three, Amazon

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Machine-washable turtleneck dickies to throw on under your fave blazer…

Or cardigan. You get the warmth and look of a full turtleneck sans all the bulkiness. Plus it’s a great way to transition some of your summer clothing. Just slide it on under a tank top, or a blouse that’s low-cut for a covered up winter look. It’s perfect for office days, outdoor winter adventures, or even lounging at home. ($19.99+/pack of four, Amazon)

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Odorless, natural hand warmers for those for tailgates and dog walks…

These disposable, TSA-approved lil’ guys will warm up 5-30 minutes after you activate it. This pack comes with a variety of warmers you can use on your hands, feet, and toes. Just throw them in your bag or keep ‘em in the car for emergency use. No frostbite here, thank you very much. ($10.79+, Amazon)

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Over-the-knee leg warmers to rock to-and-fro your workout class...

Because what’s old is cool again. And making sure your muscles are warm before a workout is important. These Alo ones have four-way stretch — so you’ll never be constricted. Plus they’re made of performance fabric so you can sweat in them without breaking a sweat about ruining them. Plus, the bottoms are stirrups, so they’ll sit comfortably on your legs and provide all that warmth. ($40, Alo)

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A merino wool face mask…

Swap those summer ones out for one that’ll keep your lips and face warm this fall and winter. This one offers thermoregulation and odor control. Plus, it’s machine washable. ($15, Smartwool)

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Heated slippers you won’t be able to take off…

Just throw the insoles of these furry slippers in their heating bag in the microwave and run for 60 seconds. Then plop ‘em inside your shoes and enjoy allllll that roasty toasty goodness. ($35.99, Amazon)

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A fabric shaver to revive your knit scarves, hats, and sweaters...

Goodbye, little pill balls. Hello, closet staples that last. This tiny, battery-powered device will eat up those annoying tiny fuzzies and loose threads. So you can freshen up your items and keep everything on this list in tip-top-shape for years to come. ($12.99, Amazon)

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And a cashmere and wool comb that’ll help keep your warmest items looking good…

The comb shaver breathes new life into old items and can help make your fave sweaters, hats, and scarves look and feel better. The cedar-wood comb is easy to grip and is great for those who are a little too scared to use an automatic version (see above). ($11.95, Amazon)

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