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Skimm Her Life: How Cynthia Erivo Spends Her Downtime

Cynthia Erivo
Photo: Omorpho | Design: theSkimm
Dec 9, 2021

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Lights, camera, action. We’ve got a living legend, aka actress and singer extraordinaire Cynthia Erivo, here to Skimm Her Life. She recently became a minority owner in a super-cool sportswear brand called Omorpho. And today she’s here to talk about her fave gear from the co., what she always has in her dressing room, and (of course) some deets about “Wicked.” 

Fave British product Americans should know about...Digestive biscuits [like these]. Simple, sweet, and iconic, what more can I say? Once you try them you'll be hooked. 

Product I always have on hand when flying...A water bottle. Whether for work or pleasure, you likely won't find me without [one] in my hand or bag. [Skimm HQ recs this one.]

Something that’s always in my gym bag...Omorpho Gravity Sportswear’s G-Crop and G-Tight are not only beautifully designed but truly benefit me during training. The small weights attached to the product provide just enough resistance without limiting my mobility. [Psst: We rounded up all our absolute fave leggings to work out and lounge in. Check ’em out here.]

Thing I’m most looking forward to about “Wicked”...Working with some of the most amazing people. It's so inspirational to be around such a talented and positive group. The diversity of thought and backgrounds are what help bring the production to life.  

Something I always have in a trailer or dressing room to make it feel cozy...Not sure what it is about candles that just makes any space feel homey. The movement of the light helps to create a calming sensation during the busy and stressful moments. [Here are our fave ones to get lit with.]

My dream dinner party guests...Eartha Kitt, Quincy Jones, Lena Waithe. I think these three have distinct voices, would create great banter, bring a unique sense of humor, and add diversity of thought.

Psst: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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