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11 Devices That’ll Turn Your Place Into a Smart Home

smart home products that'll upgrade your home
Lindsay Lange
Feb 18, 2021

Ever since the Disney Channel Original Movie “Smart Home” we’ve been dreaming of...a smart home. But can you blame us? Appliances that are voice-controlled, no annoying wires or cables, and a strong WiFi signal in every corner of the house? Sign us up. 

So we rounded up smart devices that’ll upgrade your space and your life. Okay, so this stuff isn’t super high-tech. We’re not that advanced. But everything here will have you feeling a bit more futuristic than before.

A pack of smart plugs that’ll let you voice-control what you want…

Use it for lamps, fans, humidifiers, or kitchen appliances. You can connect the plugs to your home WiFi system via the downloadable phone app. And then add the devices you want to control. The plugs are compatible with Alexa and Google Home. So you can voice-control items quickly and easily. If you’re in bed upstairs, but wanna turn the lights off downstairs, you can switch everything off via the app. Easy. ($23.79/four plugs, Amazon)

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A UV sanitizer for your phone that’ll neutralize bacteria in minutes…

Stop using disinfectant wipes on your phone. This sanitizing box kills 99.99% of germs living on the surface of your phone, all while charging your device. Just think about how much you touch your phone throughout the day. We suggest keeping the box by your bedside or in your entryway. When you walk in the door, pop your phone into the box. With bulbs on the top and bottom, you’ll get 360-degree disinfection. ($79.95, PhoneSoap)

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A wireless charging tray for your phone or earbuds…

Set your device down and forget it. No more tangled wires. It’s great for your bedside so you wake up to a fully juiced phone with your eyeglasses right beside it. Kiss fraying charging cords goodbye. ($175, Food52)

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A doorbell camera and chime so you can see who’s knocking…

When motion is detected, a photo will be sent to your phone so you can see who is visiting. When the doorbell is pressed, a chime will ring inside the house. No more peeking through the window upstairs. Now you’ll know when your package has (finally) arrived. ($19.99, Kangaroo)

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A water and climate sensor to catch home accidents before they worsen…

This little device can detect water and changes in temperature. It’s best for basements, near pipes, or in high-humidity areas. If something leaks (or there’s a spike in temp), an alert will be sent to your phone. So you can deal with the situation before disaster strikes. ($29.99, Kangaroo)

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A set of key finders so you can stop pulling apart the couch cushions once a week…

Add the trackers to your keys. And keep the base in an obvious place in your home (we suggest the kitchen counter). When the time comes and you’ve lost your keys, press the corresponding button on the base. The tracker will emit a beeping sound to help you locate what you’ve lost. The trackers can be stuck to phones, wallets, eyeglass cases, or even added to backpacks and purses. And everything is color-coded to make it easier on you. ($17.99, Amazon)

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A fourth generation Amazon Echo that’ll become your personal assistant…

It can provide daily news briefings, weather reports, and traffic updates. It can connect to your Spotify, Amazon Music, or Apple Music account to play your favorite tunes. And act as the gatekeeper for your to-do and grocery lists. You can ask it questions. Or just ask Alexa to tell you a joke. It can even replace your current alarm clock. And it can control Alexa-compatible smart devices (like lights and appliances). Thanks, Alexa. ($79.99, Amazon)

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A Google WiFi system to replace the shotty one you use now…

If you barely get coverage in some rooms of your house, it’s time to switch to Google. This system eliminates dead zones. And is compatible with major Internet service providers including Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon Fios. A set of three devices covers homes up to 4,500 square feet. It’s also pretty easy to set up. Just download the phone app and follow the instructions. It’s your WFH savior. Trust us. ($80.99+, Amazon)

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A Bluetooth shower speaker so you can belt your heart out…

While shampooing, duh. No more leaving your phone out on the sink at max volume. This speaker is 100% waterproof. And can suction to the shower wall. So you can adjust volume and skip songs with just the touch of a button. ($34.99, Amazon)

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A set of dimmable, color-changing smart light bulbs…

That’s a mouthful. These bulbs are compatible with Alexa and Google Home. So you can control them wirelessly. Just screw them into place and download the WiZ app to get started. You can choose from millions of colors and how bright you want them — you can even set up a daily schedule and hourly timers for when you want the bulbs on. ($12.97, The Home Depot)

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A smoke and carbon monoxide detector that tests itself automatically…

This device can last up to 10 years and has an industrial-grade smoke sensor. If anything suspicious is detected, it sends an alert to your phone. It will tell you the location of the problem, along with what’s causing it. It’s also got a built-in night light, so when you walk underneath it in the dark, the light will switch on. ($119, The Home Depot)

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. Thanks.

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