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Our Guide to Fuzzy Products That’ll Keep You Warm As the Temps Drop

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Oct 19, 2021

The holidays. Crisp walks in new neighborhoods. Nights gathered around a fire. Late fall and winter come with lots of feels. And thanks to a drop in temps, it doesn’t hurt to get some clothes, blankets, shoes, and accessories with feels to match. We’re talking wool, flannel, fleece, suede and other fabrics everyone loves to touch. Because, tbh, the cold does bother us sometimes. So, with help from our friends at Cariuma, we’re sharing our recs for textured stuff you’ll want in your wardrobe and home as the seasons change.

A fleece jacket that won’t ever pill…

Please and thank you. Made from recycled performance sherpa fleece, this one’s great for active adventures like hikes and bike rides. But it’s also nice enough to wear to dinner and drinks thanks to a flattering cut and slimming seams. The contrast pockets are more obvious on certain colors, but you can’t go wrong with black. You can even layer up underneath, zip it alllll the way up to your chin, and throw another jacket over it as it gets real cold. Brrrrrrilliant. ($138, Vuori)

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Ethically made suede shoes you’ll never wanna take off…

These super comfy Skimm-fave sneakers are a staple for every season thanks to their elevated design, unbeatable durability, and memory foam insoles. But the camel brown suede ones have a special place in our hearts — err, on our feet. Because they’re easy to dress up and dress down with all kinds of lewks. And they’re juuust eye-catching enough to make a (subtle) fashion statement. The best part: Skimm’rs get 15% off. What are you waiting for? Step to it. ($98, Cariuma)

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A heavenly soft, fashion-forward headband…

Because being cozy and looking cute don’t have to be mutually exclusive. A subtle twist knot at the front takes this accessory to the next level. Plus makes it more secure. Did we mention the cashmere is sustainably sourced from Mongolia? Well, it is. They’ll send pictures of the adorable goats to prove it. Pro tip: Get the scarf to match. ($65, Naadam)

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High-rise cords with literal ‘70s flare…

Repeat after us: skinny jeans are not the only option. Take your pants game to literal new heights with this pair. They’re flattering. They’re stretchy. They’re super fun to feel. They’re...exactly what you’ll wanna throw on to serve vintage vibes. Lava lamp sold separately. ($90, Levi’s)

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An oversized flannel button-down in a deep red plaid…

They call it a Sunday shirt. But we’d call it an everyday shacket. Because this easy piece takes the best parts of a shirt and mixes it with the best parts of a jacket. Before you ask...yes, there are pockets. The only thing that makes us love the textured flannel even more is knowing the brand partnered with the Better Cotton Initiative — a nonprofit that promotes better standards in cotton farming around the world — to source it. ($88, Madewell)

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A plush sherpa blanket that definitely deserves a spot on your couch…

No matter what side you snuggle up to, you’ll be happy to have this reversible throw for movie nights in or afternoons spent reading, fantasizing, and getting organized. Not only is the material wrinkle-resistant and lint- slash pet hair-deflecting, it can be tossed in the washing machine and dryer for a quick refresh. No wonder this blanket's got so many five-star reviews. Oh, and it also comes in twin, queen, and king sizes if you want a matching one for your bed. Just one choice left to make: are you team sherpa or team micromink? ($23, Amazon)

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Merino mittens that convert to fingerless gloves…

There’s nothing worse than having numb hands. But struggling to text while you’re trying to meet up with someone comes close. Enter: soft, cushiony, made-to-last hand warmers. Complete with ribbed cuffs, a suede-like palm patch, and touchscreen-friendly thumbs, they can help you have the best of both worlds. Without having to bulk up. Just flip it. ($45, Smartwool)

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A matching loungewear set you can definitely wear outside the house…

Aka the perfect look for anyone who’s really feelin' themselves. Yes, we went there. This cropped wide V-neck top and high-waisted pants are so fluffy you’re gonna die...for ‘em. And the pastel purple color is as great for showing off on video calls as it is for sporting on IRL hangs and outings. Pair with slippers or sneakers for full effect. ($35, ASOS)

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Lightweight fleece-lined leggings with stirrup cuffs…

So they always stay riiiight in place. These silky-sleek-on-the-outside, cushy-on-the-inside bottoms are a cool weather must. Doesn’t hurt that the waistband is double-layered for extra tummy support. Or that there’s a secret pocket. All those in favor of wearing leggings as pants, say “I.”  ($84, Shopbop)

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