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17 Incredibly Useful Products That’ll Organize Your Kitchen

products that'll totally organize your kitchen
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May 13, 2021

No matter the size of your kitchen, we can all agree that nothing feels better than organizing every inch of it. Messy cabinets, a pantry with no order? Thank you, next. Here at theSkimm, we’re all about making use of space in the smartest way imaginable. 

With that in mind, we rounded up products that’ll turn your kitchen into an orderly dream. We’ve got racks for bakeware and pans, bins that’ll transform your fridge, and trays for your cutlery. BRB — we’re too busy staring at our beautifully stacked pantry. Ahhh, it feels good.

This post was originally published in May 2021 and has since been updated.

An organizer that’ll hold food container lids of all sizes…

Because otherwise they just get tossed into a cabinet. And then you can never match the right lid with the right bottom. End the mess with this organizer. The dividers are adjustable, and each compartment can fit both square and round lids. Phew. ($15.99+, Amazon)

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A set of clear bins to help you actually see what’s in your fridge…

Zero order means that things get shoved to the back and then expire. With these bins, you’ll be able to group like items (yogurts, fruits, and veggies). So you can see what you’re running low on. Making a list for grocery day just got easier. ($36.99, Amazon)

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A genius tiered tray for cutlery that’ll stack everything...

This little organizer is space-saving 101. It’ll provide more room in drawers, which is especially important in tiny kitchens. You’ll be able to add more utensils and you’ll even have space for larger knives and tools. Boom. ($28+/2 pack, Amazon)

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Storage containers that are airtight and perfect for bulk items…

Like flour, oats, rice, pasta, and cereal. Each comes with a ½ cup serving spoon that attaches to the underside of the lid. And there are visible fill lines so you know just how much you need to add. Pop on the lid, push down the button, and presto. The seal is formed and everything inside stays fresh. ($51.99/6 pack, OXO)

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A soap-dispensing sponge holder so everything you need to clean is in one place…

No more dripping bottles. The clear bottom shows you when you need a refill. Your sponge will sit up top on a ventilated tray with holes for quick drying. The compartment below catches excess water. Your sponge will have a neat little home, and you’ll only have to press down to get it soapy. Dirty dishes gone in… ($18.99, OXO)

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An under-the-sink organizer with two sliding drawers…

That black hole that exists underneath your sink? Yeah, you can make use of that space. These sliding drawers can hold cleaning supplies, trash bags, and more. It’ll fit to the side of sink pipes, and since the drawers slide out, you won’t have to get on your hands and knees to dig to the back. ($24.99, The Container Store)

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A rack that can hold all your food storage wraps and baking papers…

Like foil and parchment paper. It can even hold longer boxes of spaghetti. Really anything that’s rectangular and doesn’t fit well on your pantry shelf. This rack will act as a home base. Plus the middle and top shelves are height adjustable, so you can personalize the system to fit your items. ($19.99+, Amazon)

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An over-the-cabinet holder for cutting boards and bakeware…

If you need extra storage, might as well create it. This holder slips over your cabinet door and will give spare items a home. It can hold a variety of things, but we suggest odd-shaped items like muffin pans and oval cutting boards. The hooks can fit over standard cabinet doors and have pads to prevent knocking. ($15.97, Amazon)

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A can holder if you run out of shelf room in your pantry…

It can store up to 36 cans or jars. The plastic dividers between the cans can be adjusted to create different row sizes (depending on how big your cans are). It’s a handy piece if you’ve got some floor space and don’t want to stack items. Everything can sit face up on the rack so you can see what you have. ($27.97+, Amazon)

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A shelf that’ll finally help you see all your spices at once...

It’s time to start stacking. This shelf lines the edges of your kitchen cabinet so you can actually see what you own. It’s adjustable and can fit cabinets of different sizes. It can also hold up to 40 pounds and 64 spice bottles. Talk about an impressive before and after. ($27.99, Amazon)

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An under-shelf drawer and holder so you can make use of vertical space…

They’ll pop onto shelves, no tools required. They’re the perfect solution to store small items, when drawers are packed and you’ve got no counter space left. You can get more use of closets and cabinets. Finally a handy spot for measuring spoons. ($25, Food52)

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A coffee pod storage box, because throwing them into a drawer doesn’t count…

It can hold up to 29 pods and is clear so you can see what’s inside. Instead of digging your hand into a jar to find the right one, you’ll be able to pick and choose with ease. No more struggling in the morning to get your perfect cup. ($30.44, Amazon)

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A spinning carousel for tea bags…

Ahhh, another way to organize a kitchen item that you usually shove into the back of a drawer or cabinet. This carousel can fit up to 60 bags and revolves so you can see everything you need. It’s a nifty item to keep out on your counter for guests too. ($19.99, Amazon)

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An adjustable rack for bakeware…

So you can house all your baking sheets, cake pans, and more. The steel wires can be moved around, just in case you need to store something extra wide. Psst...stacking cookware on its side is much more effective than stacking things flat. And this organizer will solve all your baking storage woes. ($19.99, Amazon)

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A pan rack because no set of pans actually stacks well…

It’s just a fact. This rack will separate pans out. It can stand both horizontally or vertically, and the individual wires are adjustable. It can hold up to five pans, including a cast iron. It’ll turn your cabinets into the best versions of themselves. ($17.97, Amazon)

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A steel and wood magnetic rack that’ll be an asset to any kitchen…

Collect the random items that clutter the space. Like olive oil and vinegar, a paper towel roll, spices, and measuring cups. You can hang towels, your most-used spatula, and more. With more room, you’ll be able to meal prep comfortably. And have some extra space for an appliance or two. Cheers. ($52, Food52)

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A set of shelf risers to give a much-needed lift in tight spaces…

Now you’ll have an extra level to place dishes and glasses. You can also use it for pantry items, pots and pans, or bakeware. Or you could even use the second one as a laptop stand if you need a little boost. ($72/2 pack, Open Spaces)

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